For people who have houses with a basement, when your family gets bigger and you need more room, a great option is to add a bedroom off the basement. It costs less to do this than to go through adding an extension and is a lot quicker to complete too. Putting in an Egress window to a new build would cost around a thousand dollars, the build itself from $2000 to $4000 or more depending on your property, size and so on. This guide offers you ten steps to follow to get a basement bedroom to be proud of.

It is very important whatever sized project you are starting, to do all the planning necessary before beginning. The planning will ensure less or no mistakes or made, unnecessary costs are avoided and you get a bedroom that meets your expectations. While this is the quicker way to get an additional bedroom in the house it still takes some time so make sure you have it.

Basement Bedroom Design Ideas

Step One

amazing-basement-bedroom Cozy design

Egress windows are necessary in any bedroom or living room and will therefore be needed in the basement since it will now be part of the living space. An Egress window is one that can also act as an emergency exit should there be a fire or other emergency and you are unable to leave by the door. They are an important safety feature and are now actually a requirement when constructing new homes. Usually windows in the basement are small and let in a very small amount of light. They are certainly not ones that can be used as an emergency exit. When you start planning the bedroom make sure you include an Egress window to be put in.

Step Two

Do you get a lot of damp in your basement? It is a problem many homeowners have with their basements, but if you want it to become a living area it is something that needs to be dealt with before proceeding any further. It can cause problems not just with your house but also with your health and is something that needs to be taken seriously. Treat any damp, take care of its cause and dry out the basement before moving on.

modern-bedroom-basement Modern design to make the basement look pleasant

Step Three

Clean up time! If you have been using the area to store random items it is time to clear it out, find a new storage place or use this opportunity to throw it things, have a garage sale, recycle and re-purpose. If you have to just move things over make sure you have enough space to work in.

Step Four

Take care of the current flooring, sweep and then clean it thoroughly using a strong cleaner like a consumer or commercial floor cleaner.

Step Five

Decide what you are doing about the walls. One option is to use the walls already there and put up panelling but they will likely feel thin and less sturdy than regular bedroom walls. Another option, which is probably a better one, is to use drywall. Once the drywall is up you can plan what it will be covered with i.e. wallpaper or paint to decorate them however you want them. Make sure you choose a style that suits the person that will be using the room! If you like panelling you could put in drywall and then put panelling over it for a more sturdy option. This way you can put up shelving and accessories on the wall and they will hold.

bedroom-with-study-table Have a study table in the room if space permits

Step Six

Lighting may still be an issue even once the Egress window is put in as you are still in the basement. Think about the lighting carefully and consider getting additional lighting options as well as a ceiling fixture, such as lamps.

Step Seven

If you are painting the walls apply a primer coat first and then apply two coats of your chosen color/colors. Make sure you let each coat dry ideally overnight, before you paint the next.

white-color Paint with bright color to make the room brighter

Step Eight

If you had already converted your basement into a living space then you more than likely already have flooring. Otherwise you have a concrete floor. While you can leave it like that it does get cold in the winter and is not fun to walk on first thing in the morning! Carpeting would be the warmer choice but that is your personal preference.

If you do opt for carpeting an easy to install selection would be carpet squares. They also have the bonus of already having padding and a barrier for moisture. Work out how you are going to lay the squares to minimize having to cut them and ending up with thin strips at the walls. Make sure the carpet panels are close together and fibres are not trapped in between them. After the carpet is put in be sure to vacuum well to remove any loose fibres and to help remove the lines between each panel.

Step Nine

You need to think about how the room is going to be heated. Usually in the ceiling of basements you can find the heating ducts. Heating ducts can be extended from the ceiling to the floor to help heat the floors. If you need to put in cold air returns you can have them coming from above or down the walls. Some people can hook up to one of the basement heats and use that to heat living quarters down there.

bright-airy Bright with Earth colors

Step Ten

Now all you need to do is furnish the room and move in!