Keeping your house in good shape is always a dream for owners of the house. This may not always be possible if we look into the real situation. Lack of funds mostly is the main reason why renovation and refurbishing a house becomes impossible. Whether it be an old house or a new one you need to take care of the bathroom well. A bathroom is a place for recharging yourself after a hard day. Ensuring a well-kept bathroom is important. Since there are limitation of space, bathrooms are made smaller to make way for other more essential space. Therefore, some other means can be seen to give your bathroom more space. There are numerous ways you can do this. You can utilize the space of your bathroom most efficiently.

small bathroom design ideas Design ideas to help make a small bathroom bigger

10 Tips To Help You Make Your Bathroom Looks Bigger

1. Select a relaxing color

Color is what gives the look of a room. Choosing the right color will display the appeal of your bathroom. Use soft tone colors that will visually make the room larger. Light colors are necessary for the walls and backgrounds of the bathroom. Dark and strong shades can be used when selecting fabrics for the bathroom.

small bathroom design color Relaxing color for a small bathroom

2. Enliven the area

If there is proper lighting the room will look bigger. Light reaching every corner of the room is important in this case. Light up every corner of the bathroom. Make sure there are no spots unlighted. For this you can install various lighting systems. Wall scones or ceiling lights can be a good choice. You can also install skylight which will give more vertical space as well as bring in natural sunlight. If there are bathroom mirrors installed, then put some light source along it so that it is reflected back and illuminates the room.

bright small bathroom Brighten up a small bathroom to make it look bigger

3. Install large vanities

A vanity cabinet can be installed in the space below the sink. This can be used as storage but it will occupy a lot of space especially in small bathroom layout. To save this, mount your sink on the wall to give a free space below. A wall mounted sink can be easily procured from many bathroom stores around you.

wall mounted sink Use wall-mounted sink

4. Uninstall the unnecessary items

Bathroom has lots of appliances, if you think some of them are useless and unimportant then you should take them out. This will make way for some extra space that you can use. The extra space generated will also make your room feel bigger and organized. You don’t need a lot of storage space in your bathroom. Wall mounted hooks and rods to hang your towels and clothes will do. So, remove those cabinets that is occupying space and cluttering your bathroom. Anything that is sticking out of the wall as an extra arrangement will make us feel crunched in space. Removing those unwanted clutters will make the room much spacy.

bathroom without too may stuff Bathroom without unnecessary items

5. Add Mirrors

Mirrors makes a room larger by its reflection. Install a panel of small mirrors that are arranged in an artistic manner to give the appearance of a larger room.

lots of mirrors bathroom Lots of mirrors in the bathroom

6. Light reflecting floorings

Like the walls, the floors plays a big role in making the room appear bigger. If you install a light colored floor then there will be more reflection of light so that the space seems to open up. Buy some rugs which are light colored floor the floor.

bathroom flooring tiles Light reflecting bathroom flooring tiles

7. Remove visual obstacles

Transparent shower doors will be a good choice in a small bathroom. An opaque door will appear as if it have occupied a large space. Transparent one will make a visual appeal of a large room. You can search for other such fittings that looks like it is cluttering your bathroom.

simple modern small bathroom Simple modern small bathroom design

8. Use Smaller Tiles

Big tiles are for large floor space. Use smaller and medium sized tiles to make it appear as if the room is spacious. Think of a size of the tile, whether it be small or medium but never a big one. It is not only the size that matters, the color and the materials plays a major role in it. There are a number of varieties to choose from for your bathroom. You may choose tiles which are made of ceramic, Glass, Marble, Porcelain or Slate. For small bathrooms, the small slate ones are the best choice. Slate gives an artistic design and a sense of being in luxury. If your choice is being a humble and homely one then choose ceramic. The summary here is that if your bathroom is small then you can choose from a wide range of tiles but the size is a limitation which you should consider. Always choose small tiles.

small and reflective tiles Use small and reflective tiles for your bathroom

9. For the ceiling

If the bathroom space is really small on the floor then it is time to look up. Install clear glass ceiling on the top to invite natural light to specific area of the bathroom. If you have some money to spend then it is a good choice to place the ceiling higher than what you designed earlier. A ceiling which is placed at a higher position will certainly let you feel a lot spacious than a low ceiling.

high ceiling bathroom Bathroom with high ceiling

10. Use Smart Cabinets

bathroom cabinets Small bathroom cabinets

A single cabinet with multiple function can be chosen for a small bathroom. It should be decorative and also serve the purpose. Don’t go for short and stubby cabinets, choose a slender and long one to create a visual illusion of empty space. Give space to the wall by keeping a tall cabinet rather than a wide one.