Bathrooms are usually white and depressing, especially for those living in apartments. People living on a rental basis cannot make changes as they will. Apartment bathroom decorations are not limited to just painting and installing new fixtures. You can improve your bathroom and make it look colorful, clean and fresh by implementing some of our bathroom decorating ideas.

14 Tips To Help You Decorate Your Apartment’s Bathroom

apartment-bathroom-design Simple modern apartment bathroom decoration

1. If you are thinking of starting from scratch, first carefully plan a layout for maximum space. Aim for an uncomplicated, functional look, with sharp, straight edges contrasted with sleek curves. You may consider doing away with a bath in favor of a spacious showering area and a folding seat.

2. Place towel racks behind the door, if your bathroom is small. If you have a fixed towel rack, you could use colorful printed towels or ones with patterns to add a dash of color to your bathroom. There are no hard and fast rules about having white or cream colored shower curtains. Go for a bright colored one to give that colorful edge to your bathroom. Just remember to have the right combination of colors so that the overall color scheme of the bathroom doesn’t look like a melee of colors with little sense of art or style. Give an element of space to the bathroom by incorporating plenty of mirrors.

3. Vinyl appliqués are setting a trend as bathrooms accessories. Go for a design that best suits your bathroom and apply it on the mirror or shelves or use it to design tiles. If you get bored of them simply heat it for a while and it will peel off by itself.

vinyl-appliques vinyl appliques can transform a boring bathroom

4. Keep your bathroom stylish yet functional. Utilize a nice soap dispenser or soap tray. You could try colorful soaps shaped like fruits or shells which add charisma to your bathroom. Use other accessories for your bathroom like rugs, potted plants or maybe a painting.

stylish-apartment-bathroom Stylish & modern bathroom

5. Breaking down the walls of your apartment bathroom may not be permitted – in which case you could consider painting it over, if your landlord approves. Pale and soft color schemes have a tendency to make your bathroom look spacious. Consider setting aside strong, bright and exciting colors (for instance red and orange) for accessories and towels; this will help the neutral, pale or soft background to stand out.

6. A light, pale color doesn’t only enhance the walls but works just fine even on the floor. Bathroom flooring of a rental apartment cannot be replaced– consider throwing a big, light-colored rug contrasting with the dark and unappealing tiles of your bathroom.

pale-soft-bathroom-color Earth tone color

7. By using mirrors you can create the impression of having a bigger space without actually increasing the area of your bathroom. Artistically arrange small sized mirrors on the walls of the bathroom to really give the look of expansion. Discover more ways to make your apartment bathroom looks bigger.

big-mirror-bathroom Utilize big mirrors in a small bathroom

8. Bathroom walls are best either tiled or painted in a flat vinyl latex or eggshell finish. Colored or plain white ceramic tiles are economical and match the look perfectly, so do small mosaic tiles. Use plain tiles in an unusual color, for a bolder look – perhaps lilac or lemon. Set up a pleasing contrast against shiny steel and fluffy soft towels with marble, sandstone, granite, or slate tiles which have a suitably apartment-style look.

9. Cover the bath panel or cupboard doors in galvanized tin or aluminum, for a serious industrial look. You could experiment with metallic paint on woodwork for a similar look – gunmetal, bronze, or silvery color would transform the look of built-in louvered cupboards or an existing vanity unit.

10. Cluttered bathrooms always appear less spacious than a clean, neat bathroom. You should consider investing time to keep your stuff organized, and keep your bathroom clean. Also rental apartment bathrooms have a small space, so get creative with your storage and enhance what is provided to you.

clean-neat-bathroom Make your bathroom clean & neat

11. You could pack away the stuff which are not required every day. With the shortage of space, drawers and cupboards are the best solutions to store supplies that aren’t frequently used. Also consider cutting down on the number of towels, rugs, decorative accessories and pieces of art.

12. You don’t have to conceal everything away. Go for a good-looking smaller storage option, like suction-cup-mounted trays and over-the-door racks, which will both display and keep your items in the right place.

13. Frames of door and window are ideally plain and boxy, with a flush door and sleek fittings. For a bathroom window avoid the necessity for an extra window treatment and simply choose a frosted glass fitting.

14. The most effortless way to increase the total space of your bathroom is to always remember to keep the shower curtain open after use. The curtains cover the area behind them, limiting your view of the back wall, making the room look even smaller than it really is.


Beautifying the bathroom of a rental apartment can be very challenging. Make the most of what you have. It’s not a brilliant idea to shred everything down and begin afresh. All you have to do is plan ahead and you can without doubt make your apartment bathroom appear roomier than it actually is by using some creative organizational skills and clever use of color.