There are many advantages to having a children’s playroom at home. For starters, your precious little one or ones will have a healthy and pleasant environment in which to spend a lot of time in. It is important for you to develop your child’s mind and creativity and what better way to do this than in the children’s playroom. It represents your child’s personal space that is soothing and has a positive atmosphere where he/she/they can express themselves. This room also represents convenience for you the parent, because this is a place where you can store all your child’s toys in an organized way instead of being scattered in places all over the house.

Top Playroom Design Ideas

1. Sports Theme

Any member of your family can enjoy sports one way or the other, whether it be playing it or simply watching it. Sport memories provide both motivation and inspiration because it gives people a sense of pride and team spirit, be it the winning home run in the World Series or the winning touchdown in the Super Bowl. This makes it all the more perfect as a theme for a children’s playroom. If it should be unfortunate that you do not have ample space in your home to allot as a whole room for a child’s playroom, do not despair. You can still have your wish by looking for any unused space even if this means your child’s playroom will be smaller. The more important thing is that he/she shall have a corner or a special space that can be aptly decorated and serve one and only one purpose only – that is to play in the midst of a sports themed playroom space. Surrounded by sports decors, your child will be imbued with a sense pride and loyalty, and will feel like a champ!


Having a sports theme for your child’s playroom will give you the freedom to use your child’s favorite team color, whether it is a professional sports team or a mere college team. Have no qualms in applying the authentic team colors on the floors and walls even if they are bright. Keep in mind that this special room needs to exude an atmosphere of fun for enjoyment and stimulation.

There is a wide array of sports themed memorabilia or décor items that you can use to decorate your child’s playroom. Examples of these items are rugs, furniture, and bean bag chairs. You can also utilize sports decals, wall art, and pictures and tailor-fit them to your child’s own personality. This will truly personalize the room, making it truly his/hers. The shape of your child’s favorite sport or the logo and name of the favorite team can be incorporated into the room. Do not be afraid to experiment and encourage your child to be creative by including him/her in the design process. By all means, go all the way to achieve your goal.

football themed playroom

The lighting for your child’s playroom is just as essential as all other aspects of design. Lighting accessories such as light switch colors, night lights, and lamps can bear the brand or mark of the specific sports theme that you are trying to create. Your child is sure to enjoy and be motivated by the lighting items showing his/her favorite team’s logos and colors in the playroom. All these will create a stimulating effect that is necessary for every child’s development. More on how to setup a playroom.

Even though having a playroom with a sports theme can be enjoyable for the whole family, bear in mind that it belongs first and foremost to your child. In this regard, do not fail to solicit inputs from your little one as it is his/her special place for play while showing team spirit for all to enjoy.

football sofa in playroom

2. Jungle Safari Theme

Creating a safari-themed playroom for children provides limitless possibilities. Mostly it is the little boys who wish to have this theme, but it is also applicable to young girls and even teens. Begin with an initial centerpiece in the form of safari-inspired bedding set. Safari scenes and animals such as lions, giraffes, zebras, and tigers are featured in numerous quilt and comforter sets which are available in the market today. You have a choice among designs with either loud and vibrant hues or the more laidback earth tone hues. Still another alternative are beddings with animal prints in the form of zebras, leopards, and giraffes. In designing a safari-inspired room for a teener, I initially use a crème color or solid tan comforter, and then apply the animal print theme for the bed in the form of animal patterns on cushions. Larger cushions with the same similar prints and in groups of three (3) are also distributed on the floor.


Depending on the outcome that you are aspiring to achieve, the wall color can be the same as that of the bedding, or a tad bit different. It can be more subdued or it could also be more vibrant than the one on the bedding. Generally speaking, tan, green, and ivory are the signature colors of a safari theme. The Savannahs can also be incorporated in the safari room by utilizing tans, ivories, and golds. Blue can be applied to the ceiling to imitate the sky. Soft hues of brown are also great for older kids. Another creative style is to use the dominant color of the bedding which in some cases could be bright orange.

There are numerous decorative items or objects which can be included or added to a safari bedroom all of which contribute to helping create that total safari look.

safari themed learning room

1. There are wall murals, borders, and wallpapers with safari-inspired designs and animal prints that you can add to the room. Having a safari-themed design on a wall done by an artist will definitely look good and authentic. For murals, you can choose among tropical plants, trees and flowers, monkeys, zebras, toucans, lions, parrots, giraffes, and cockatoos as featured elements.

2. Another method to employ in decorating a room safari-style is by the use of wall art. Prints showing safari scenes and animals can be bought. Or cut-outs from magazines and books featuring the same can be framed to hang on walls. The internet is a rich and vast source of safari photos where for as low as two dollars ($2.00), one can have a single safari photo from numerous websites that sell stock print photography. This is normally the course of action I take because it allows for more flexibility. The photos for example, can be printed in sizes to fit standard size frames. These can then either be hung on the wall or become part of a group that forms into a cluster of photos on dressers or built-in storage cubicles. You likewise have the option to come up with your own work of art if you are good at Adobe Photoshop or a similar program. As an example, I used one (1) photo featuring a zebra but erased the stripes to incorporate other unique colors which my daughter picked for the emptied space.

3. Stuffed lions, zebras, and elephants can be added to the room. These can inhabit a chair or the bed, while placing a large giraffe in a corner will do wonders. Add safari accessories like binoculars, pillows bearing animal prints, and a netting. An older child will appreciate having twisting branches placed in large, weathered African vases. Numerous home décor shops carry in their inventory these branches which look best when they are in black. A thing to keep in mind is that odd numbers work best when putting or grouping objects together. For example, instead of placing two (2) animal cushions on the bed, place three (3). More balance appears to be achieved by odd rather than even numbers.

4. To create a visual of being tucked or enclosed in a safari or jungle, simply have large leafy plants border the room. You can choose to have them real or fake, or even painted on the walls.

5. Lighting, rugs, and curtains are some other elements that cannot be taken from granted as they likewise help in sealing that safari or jungle look. The options available are thick earth tone or green rugs or floor mats. There is usually a coordinating rug that can be bought together with a safari bedding set. An area rug with an animal design is good for an older child. Curtains are another accessory and they can share the same solid color as that on the bedding for better coordination. For a uniform appearance, the valence can also have the same print as the one for the bedding. A good tip in searching for window treatments or paint color is to bring the bedding with you to the shop. Earth tones or picking a color from the bedding can be the choice of color for lampshades. I sometimes prefer to add a dozen of color by opting for orange or blue.

6. If you can do the painting, you can opt to use a soft blue shade for the walls after which you can proceed to paint giraffes, lions, and tigers in cartoon style practically everywhere.


3. Sesame Street Theme

If your child is past the infant stage and is into the toddler years, then he/she must be curious of their environment and exploring it. You must be familiar by now with interactive shows such as those of Sesame Street. It is necessary for you to encourage learning experiences that are positive at this phase. These can be taken from interactive role models that are appropriate for their age. The right atmosphere can be created by having a theme of their favorite TV shows. Avail of these useful tips that will help you in getting your child into the design process.

Sesame Street Playroom

It is so important for you to make it a point to include in your toddler child’s playroom the standard essentials of learning as these will give them the right tools within their reach as well as reinforce the notion of their playroom being their own world. Sesame Street remains to be a favorite among this age group which just goes to prove that learning is more fun and more effective when undertaken with a friend. The word lessons in Spanish, the ABC’s, and the 123’s are the basic concepts that certainly stimulate a developing mind but learning is further enhanced when this process is made enjoyable.

The initial step is to familiarize yourself with the famous characters of Sesame Street:  Grover, Elmo, Bert, Ernie, Big Bird, and Cookie Monster. You can use all the characters but you also have the option to use only one, or depict one scene only. You know you should shift your attention to step two (2) if you have finally decided what to focus on.

Developing the character details or scene is the whole point of step two (2). Get the opinion of your child in terms of what they think and feel makes the scene or character become what it is. The initial idea your child will most probably have are the props or colors that are stimulating to their consciousness. A perfect way to sustain their interest is by the use of these said tools with a creative touch and finally blending them with new learning experiences.

simple sesame street theme

Some creative and practical ideas that you can pick up around your home are utilizing a tin garbage can or bin to serve as a container of toys while at the same time imitating the house of the character Oscar. Another inexpensive idea is a homemade Sesame Street sign that will greatly contribute to the overall theme. A decorating activity which can give your child’s playroom that brand new look while at the same time providing bonding moments for you and your child is to paint the walls. This admittedly is more time consuming, but if you have time to spare it could be a rewarding period for parent-child interactions. To complete your wall mural, turn to a color book scene for guidance. Most importantly, maintain open communication lines between you and your little one, and have lots of fun!  This undertaking will not only promote learning and creativity, but more significantly, it will build a bridge that can last for a lifetime.

4. Noah’s Ark Theme

You probably do not have the least idea that in the puritanist era of England, there was a severe system of morality that permitted only one (1) toy to exist. This toy was Noah’s Ark, and being a part of a Bible story it was considered to be a toy that “taught good character”. Believe it or not, laughter and frivolity were two (2) things that were not approved of in those times. Giving children too many toys was looked upon as “indulgent”.

Noah's Ark design playroom

Thank goodness that age is behind mankind, and nowadays a blissful and sound kid is someone who laughs and plays. Still, the old-fashioned Noah’s Ark remains relevant and remains interesting for kids today. This even as there is such a vast selection of toys available in the market that can catch a kid’s attention. Aside from hope and faith which are represented by the story behind Noah’s Ark, kids also find the animals lining up in pairs very cute, or the blissful rainbow arched over the popular ship. Or it could simply be the fact of having an elephant right in your backyard!

Besides being one of the more basic themes to undertake, the Noah’s Ark Theme Kid Furniture is also popular among nurseries. Looking for animal details and stencils in furniture is quite effortless. They are available from clothe stands to cabinets, beds to bookcases, and art easels and tents.

You do not need anything much to acquire a Noah’s Ark Theme for your kid’s playroom. The furniture with animal designs alone does much already in terms of creating it. This is most convenient for a parent with a hectic schedule or limited free time as you do not have to concern yourself with getting too many accessories to complete the look, nor do you need to pay for the services of an interior decorator. However, if you are one who is inclined artistically, then by all means go ahead and throw some basic touches that are guaranteed to convert this personal and special place of your child into a beautiful work of “Ark”.


Create a sky wall by using a sponge and dabbing a pale blue color on the wall. Next on a piece of cardboard, cut out cloud stencils and paint them with white. Another option would be to purchase ready-made stencils or wall stickers which are available in craft stores.  If you should finally opt for the latter, just ensure that the walls have been wiped clean prior to posting or sticking them on otherwise they could peel off.

An animal mobile can be hung near the window. The best choice is the ones in colored glass, thus reflecting light. But you can also get small stuffed animals and get a frame made of wood in which to attach them, as well as some string in a color that coordinates well with the overall theme.

Large stuffed animals such as a giraffe, an elephant, and a tiger are great accessories. Another decorative idea is to wrap many empty boxes using a wrapper that blends with the overall look. The boxes cannot be in the same sizes, but rather they should have various heights. Place the large stuffed animals on top of these boxes after you have grouped them in a corner.

Have your kid’s name printed on a piece of paper, then get a thick cardboard to paste this on. Next get some animal stickers to decorate the cardboard with, and by the way your local store for scrapbooking is the place to shop. This should make up the Welcome Sign that should hang on your kid’s door.


Have a bookcase with an animal theme, and utilize real stuffed animals at the end of the books to enhance the theme. Purchase a rug for the floor with an animal design.

Noah’s Ark is a boat. An object in the playroom that is shaped like a boat is very attractive and will delight your child. One that is made of wood is more authentic, hence hires a carpenter to create a little, basic makeshift boat-shaped box for little toys and stuffed animals that your child wants to put on display.

A hidden benefit of using the Noah’s Ark theme for your child’s playroom is that your child becomes more receptive to the teachings and values related to this Bible story. Because they can enjoy the learning it follows that the lessons are more reinforced in a natural way that does not require much effort from neither parent nor child. Learning may be on a subconscious level for your child. The furnishings and décor engages your child’s interest out of simple observation which in turn breeds curiosity and questioning , thereby providing both of you a platform on which to employ more learning for your very interested little one. A furniture item bearing the Noah’s Ark design is an excellent sample of how greatly significant a furniture item is represented in a child’s mind.

This kind of kid furniture piece is an excellent decorative item of any room, from the viewpoint of any parent. There are a lot of children’s rooms which have animals for decorations. A Noah’s Ark kid furniture item can definitely enhance or improve the overall look. More importantly, it permits a parent to emphasize a very beautiful and significant story without the learner or the child even being consciously aware of the learning process, thereby making learning more effective. Allow me to reiterate the fact that kids learn better from observation as opposed to instruction. It is more beneficial for both parent and child if there is a platform for learning that caters to the level of the child. The Noah’s Ark theme kid’s room is just what you need to achieve this!

5. Underwater Theme

You can opt for the underwater wonderland theme for your child’s playroom if your child is into living “under the sea” fantasies. This will surely transform the room and make him/her swoon over the ocean and its depths.

superb underwater theme playroom

Painting Ideas for Completing the Underwater Fantasy

It is certainly obvious that you are going to have to begin paying attention to the walls by using a blue base. For a more exciting feel, you can add texture and depth to the watery wall design by trying various hues of blue.

underwater decals in playroom

After getting the desired wall color, you can turn your attention to adding wall decors in the form of animals that live in the water such as starfishes, sea turtles, whales, sea urchins, dolphins, and others. There are a number of ways to do this, examples are by painting, hanging pictures, or stenciling. You can go further by including sunken ships, mermaids, buried treasure, plus other underwater elements that are just as great through pictures to hang on the wall, stenciling and painting. This would surely create a magical atmosphere.

As an alternative, you can apply a base layer of magnetic paint to the walls of your child’s playroom. From here, proceed to adding a coat of your desired blue paint or combination of various blue shades. You can then go on to decorate the walls with fish magnets and other magnets with other underwater elements. This set-up will encourage creativity in your child because the arrangements of the magnets can be switched to have various underwater scenes as your child wishes and as often as he/she likes.

The Accessory That Adds Life to an Underwater Themed Playroom

An aquarium needless to say, is the most important accessory that contributes the most to completing any underwater themed playroom. The live fish, coral, and underwater plant life give an authentic aura that makes your child experience a sense of real underwater life and makes kids feel as if they are communing with their own private Atlantis. Teach them to care for the fish and the other living elements in it.  In the end, the best benefit of all in putting an aquarium in the playroom is that it instills a sense of responsibility and a loving nature in your child at an early age which will be carried over in later years.

underwater murals ceiling

Fun on the Ocean Floor

As décor treatment for the floor of your child’s playroom, many bath mats having fish shapes can be bought and distributed on various areas of the floor. Besides obviously being a perfect safety measure that makes the playroom floor resistant to skidding, it makes the underwater theme more real by including an ocean floor in the design.

Completing the Underwater Scene

The underwater fantasy scene can be completed by following these tips:

Instead of using one (1) or two (2) bright lights, go for many lighting fixtures that are not so bright but rather subdued. This will help you attain the real lighting condition in the depths of the ocean that is equivalent to soothing and subdued hues.

Furniture should have cloth or paints that picture water elements like seaweed, coral, or friendly dolphins and whales.

underwater themed design

Installing leafy green plants in the playroom will give a sense of added ocean life.

Your child is guaranteed to enjoy to the fullest this playroom with an underwater fantasy theme if you do all the suggested tips above. He/she will not want to leave this room but instead remain in it be it night or day, submerged in this fabulous underwater adventure!

6. Beach Theme

In accenting your child’s playroom with a beach theme, you will find it enjoyable to utilize accessories do so. A dramatic effect is easy to achieve by the basic technique of applying little changes to the accents. You do not need to spend a lot to have a designer beach theme look for your playroom. Read on to learn how easy this could be done.

beach-themed decal

Even if you are not entirely certain of what kind of beach theme you prefer for your child’s playroom, you can still achieve the best results. Just turn to decorating magazines and books to gather ideas regarding accessorizing for a beach themed playroom.  You have to ensure uniformity with the beach look, hence limit your purchases to accessories that strictly add to the value of your theme.

Picture a beach when searching for hues to use for beach décor. Remember a beach signifies a light and breezy, sunny feel, so pick accessories in blues plus some yellow shades. If you are into neutral hues, then choose those in beiges as they represent the color of the beach sand as well as that of seashells.

beach inspired playroom

To really bring out the beach appeal, use seashells, ocean prints, and other accents symbolizing seaside elements. As a rule, group your accessories in odd numbers. As an added tip, groupings look better when they are made up of a combination of short and tall accessories. For example, a great group of accessories may be a few shells with a beautiful frame showing a beach element plus a taller lamp.

For wall treatment, you can utilize pictures and prints bearing the beach theme to expand the said theme all throughout the playroom. How an item of art is hung can have a big impact on the visual appeal of a room, but a lot of people unfortunately are not knowledgeable about the right way to hang one. An important standard that should be followed in this regard is to make sure that the midsection of the artwork hanging on a wall is at eye level, regardless if it is a big oil painting or just a little print. On the other hand, ensure that there are seven (7) to ten (10) inches between the prints and/or photos and the table if you want to hang these accessories behind a table. To create a more unique and therefore interesting look, consider having groupings of pictures in triangular, circular, or rectangular geometric patterns.

The lighting is not to be taken for granted, so do not make the mistake of giving less attention to it. Lamps need to have the same beach theme for a coordinated look in your child’s playroom. Beach style lighting include lamps made of clear glass and are filled with shells. Lamps in figural light houses are great accessories too.

beach and sea

Area rugs can help give your playroom a unified look in addition to defining space. To achieve a warmer effect, have playroom furniture resting fully on the said rug. And remember not to get rugs that do not blend with your beach accessories.

7. Music Theme

Some children may have musical inclinations and interests. If your child happens to be one, know that there are many ways to provide him/her with complete enjoyment in the playroom. Simply create one where the specific musical preferences of your child are mirrored. To arouse the musician or singer in him/her, follow the tips below.

music themed playroom

Start with creating a border of wallpaper bearing a musical theme. Stencils are readily available in stores and you can pick the ones with musical themes and then trace these along the walls of the playroom. Musical shapes may include trebles or G clefs as musical notes. To make the stenciled images pop out more and become emphasized, just fill the trace lines on the walls from the stencils with interior wall paint in black. But you will have the best results only if the walls are painted with a light color that could contrast with black. An alternative motif to music notes are piano keys which are just as effective.

Where window dressings are concerned, you are allowed more flexibility such that you can utilize your imagination and play around. For starters, old CDs and vinyl records can be put together with a strong type of string or rope and hang them up to serve as a valance. This can be supported on each side of your curtain box with hooks. Another way is to draw music notes on felt paper or a solid black cloth then cut them out and sticks them with glue onto a solid white valance for contrast and a bolder effect. You can also go for printed black and white, solid black, or solid white curtains if you prefer the more traditional way.

music themed playroom for older kids

There are many kinds of music, and if your child prefers classical music then there are design options for it too. You can use his/her favorite Mozart symphony or Pachelbe music by getting a copy of the music sheets and frame them to hang on the walls. As an additional accent, consider painting a G clef or a treble clef staff on the front part of a cupboard.

Put a shag area rug on the floor as this is a fabulous item that will compliment your music-inspired playroom. Stick to the black and white color combination that you have, hence you have a choice among solid black, solid white, or patterns in a mixture of both black and white. To embody a more creative air, have two (2) shag area rugs of the same pile, one in solid black and the other in solid white. Furthermore, you can cut out from the said rugs music notes of the same size and replace them with the same pattern from a rug with a different color. Secure the music notes in a different color with either rug or duct tape, and fluff the rug for a seamless look. Since this is easy to accomplish, perform it with your child’s help. He/she will be beaming with pride from the accomplished task and this feeling will last for a long time.

musical instruments in playroom

After you have completed the task of creating a playroom with a music theme, you will be pleased to know that your child will be able to let out his/her musical creativity owing to the right and conducive ambience that nurtures it. You would have created a path for your child to possibly become the music virtuoso that he/she aspires to be.