A great way to get more living space in your house is by renovating your attic. You know it is the right time for you to apply some smart renovation guidelines to your attic when it is overwhelmed with boxes or trunks of junk.

Your attic does not have to remain dark, unsightly, and poorly renovated. They can be transformed into a space that looks beautiful, bright, and contemporary. Your neighbors might just envy your beautifully renovated attic which can serve as a useful loft.

As in almost everything, planning is also important in carrying out the task of transforming your attic. You must ask yourself the question of what it is that you want to do with the room. Is it a playroom or an extra bedroom that you actually need it for?  It is essential for you to have a definite vision for this space because there are different course requirements for each type of room. The costs for each course requirement also differ from one another so it is important for you to decide which one would fit your budget as well.

attic renovation study room Turn your attic into a study room

A common problem encountered with attics is that there are low ceilings and naturally the areas underneath these parts have limited usefulness. But there are ways to ensure that these so-called zones can be maximized in a way that every spot in your attic will be in full useful condition while looking great at the same time. All you need to do is familiarize yourself with great renovating strategies and principles of design so you can apply them to complete the task on your hands.

attic idea bedroom Attic bedroom

9 Attic Renovation Ideas To Help You Make the Most of Your Attic

1. Built-in Storage

One of the major design strategies is to install drawers, nooks or cupboards, and shelves collectively known as built-in storage, along low walls. The benefits of doing this are enumerated below:

  • Your home acquires more value as a result of this sort of customization.
  • You are equipped more by these storage facilities to organize your space and ensure it remains clutter-free.
  • Low areas may be a cause for people to bump their heads, but having these storages installed in these parts of your attic will avoid people from entering these spaces and acquiring head injuries.
  • Following this strategy erases the need for bookcases and dressers that are free-standing.
  • The spaces in dead zones are maximized and given use.

attic as storage area Attic as storage room

Another attic storage picture Another attic as storage room idea

2. Furniture Placement

Another design strategy is installing furniture under low ceilings. This likewise maximizes space and makes full use of the areas along low attic walls. Below are some alternatives on doing this:

  • The low part of the ceiling should have the head of the bed.
  • A chair or couch may be placed in low spaces.
  • Entertainment units, desks, and bookcases can go along low walls.

great attic furniture placement Great attic furniture placement idea

People are physically blocked by this form of furniture positioning along low zones that lack sufficient head clearance. You only need to make sure that there is sufficient height clearance for sitting for these strategies to work.

3. Move the Stairs

There are instances when the stairs to your attic has to be built in a manner that will take up much valued floor space in your attic. This undertaking may entail a more complex work plan for a contractor, but the outcome of a great floor plan that may indicate more space is definitely worth every penny you need to shell out.

attic staircase design Attic staircase design

Some strategies are enumerated below:

  • Your stairs can have a landing and two (2) half flights by breaking them up.
  • Your stairs can descend to a landing before changing direction, in effect working the slope of your roof line.
  • The stairwell can have a skylight.

4. Dormers

Your attic can have a surge of added function as well as a curb appeal by having dormers. They are extremely essential if you want to achieve both objectives that have just been mentioned. While you are working on the dormers, you have to ensure that you are both strategic and technically knowledgeable. The issues concerning height and light efficiency have to be tackled. They can really liven up a home’s attic space. Below are some of their uses:

  • A kitchen or bathroom can acquire added space.
  • Areas for sitting.
  • Desks can have nooks.

You will most definitely derive additional space toward the middle part of your attic, as a result of the extra space created by the dormer that you have installed. You can increase the capacity for circulation and movement in your attic by using the perimeters of the said room hence leaving more open space in the mid-section.

attic-renovation-idea-bedroom-1024 Attic bedroom

5. Skylights

Attics which are usually dark greatly benefit from having skylights as these are great in adding light. Homes having neighbors who are close to each other such as those found in the cities have perfect use for them as there is generally an issue with regard to the view in these places. It is much harder to install a dormer compared to a skylight. An illusion of increased vertical space is achieved when such “windows” are created on sloped roofs. The following places are recommended to have skylights and skylight wells:

  • Above sinks of bathrooms.
  • For desks or beds above built-in nooks.
  • In shower stalls of built-in bathrooms.
  • In stairwells.
  • In kitchens located in the attic.
  • In areas considered as main living spaces.

attic skylight direct Direct attic skylight

6. Windows

A feeling of having more space is provided by windows. In addition to this, they also permit natural light to enter a room. These two (2) aspects are important, so make sure that you maximize the potential of your windows!  Check if they are in good condition. If they are not, replace them and pay attention to the tips below:

  • Height can be added to some windows.
  • Your view through your windows can be improved by making them lower and bigger.
  • Your windows can be widened.

attic window design Attic with ample windows

Even though all the strategies mentioned above are all employable, you do not necessarily have to follow all of them. You may find that only one (1) or two (2) of them are actually needed to be done after a detailed assessment of what a room actually requires. Suppose your window cannot be widened further due to lack of available space, then you can opt to give it added height which will allow deep light to enter the room.

7. Reflect Light

Ceilings, floors, walls, or objects in a room have the ability to absorb or reflect light. You can help natural light or sunlight to move around the room thereby making it brighter by natural means with the use of white and other light hues to paint walls and ceilings that are adjacent to windows. Light will also be bounced back and spread all throughout the room by having reflective surfaces such as mirrors and hardwood floors. In summary:

  • Use white paint for ceilings.
  • Make use of light carpets and hardwood flooring.
  • Use light reflecting colors on walls that are across from as well as beside windows.
  • Utilize mirrors and other reflective surfaces.

cosy attic design Cosy attic design

8. Add Sufficient Lighting

Unfortunately, there isn’t always sufficient natural light to go by that can liven up small areas and open them up. In cases like these, electric light becomes the option. Hire the services of a professional electrician after giving a thought to what kind of lighting you prefer and need, then have the following installed:

  • Sufficient plugs for lamps
  • Pot lights or overhead lighting
  • Task lighting
  • Lights and scones that are wall-mounted

attic design skylight Sufficient lighting in attic

9. Renovation for Small Bathrooms

Your attic space can be put to good use by building a small bathroom in it. It will certainly be required if your intention is to transform it into an apartment. Codes however have to be followed to ensure that you meet the minimum head clearance. A shower, sink, or toilet can be positioned under the sloped roof lines. Below are some strategies for small bathrooms in attics:

  • Under a sloped roof ceiling is the ideal location for your toilet.
  • Against a low wall is where your vanity should be installed.
  • For more light, add a skylight above the sink.
  • Along the low wall of the shower, a bench may be added.
  • To attain a bit more head room, install a skylight well above the shower.

modern attic bathroom design idea Attic as bathroom

To check if your attic is in need of remodeling, have it assessed by remodeling contractors.  You will be able to get a big picture from them with regard to the project cost and the scope that you must contend with. Don’t delay, begin making plans to have a much better attic now!