Batman Bed Covers

Batman starred in cartoons, books, movies, radio shows, and comic books. He is a wealthy and good-looking character and physically fit character in daylight, and come nighttime he is a creative crime fighter. The Dark Knight which has been a favorite among fans since the 1930’s. It  is still very popular among the young people today, making Batman bedsheets an exciting gift for boys.

If your son in into Batman, delight him with a new set of beddings for his room. His senses will respond to the new sheets, a comforter, and pillow cases decorated with the Batman character. There are sets that come with additional accessories to add to the theme of his bedroom.

Batman-bedding To complete the overall appearance of his room, add vinyl Batman stickers that are easily removable and don’t leave stains on the walls. Your son can explore his creativity by changing the positions of the stickers for variety, or to show a story in Gotham City.

There are different kinds of Batman stickers. The popular are the giant silhouettes that are several feet long and will look great on your son’s bedroom wall as a focal point of the room. There are also smaller ones for his door and dresser. For the total look, you may opt to add translucent  window clings to their windows and mirrors. Every design detail of his favorite superhero will surely be appreciated by your son.

Batman-bed-sheet These stickers are very economical in that they cost much less than the traditional framed paintings or pictures normally used to decorate walls. They can also fill up a larger portion of a wall compared to frames.

Only some stores sell Batman bedding sets and vinyl stickers. Fortunately, there are several online stores that have a great selection. Make sure to check what comes with the sets as some have extra accessories. It will be a great bonding time for you and your son when you help each other decorate his room.