Of all the windows in a home, bay windows are the ones that need more care. Their vertical corners are at an acute angle, making it appear as if there are three (3) windows placed together which are actually sections or partitions. This type of windows are very attractive-looking both from inside and outside.

Window Treatments for Bay Windows

Bay windows are not easily replaceable due to their awkward angles. Ready-made bay window treatments are not always available. For this reason, you will have to turn to custom made ones. The first step in doing this is to get the measurements of each window accurately prior to choosing any units, because you will be needing this information for the materials needed to complete this task. If the measurements are not exact, you may have a problem with how the end product functions after they are installed.

Using the right window coverings that match your bay windows and at times even changing the structure of the window may be required by different treatments.


Blinds are one of the most basic window treatments for bay windows. They are the perfect choice if it is just a simple window treatment you are looking for.

It is important for you to select the right color of blinds for the room. White or any mild shade is advisable because these colors allow better lighting for the room.

Aside from better lighting, another benefit of blinds is that they provide privacy. Blinds are very common hence there are so many choices to select from. Check out the various styles and colors that are available in many places before reaching a decision.

Their prices are reasonable and you can get them from local shops as well as from online shops.

In using curtains or draperies to decorate a bay window, sheers can also be used for combination. Light will still enter the room and a certain level of privacy can also be maintained when the curtains or drapes are open. All you need are two (2) or double curtain rods installed next to each other so that you can hang together side by side the sheers and the curtains or drapes. The outer rod or the rod considered closer to the window is where the sheers are hung, while the inner rod or the rod closer to the interior of the room but farther from the window is where the curtains should be hung. The features provided by the two (2) layers consisting of sheers and curtains adjust the level of lighting and privacy for the room, depending on the time of day. Usually during daytime, you would like natural light to illuminate the room. Because there is no need to protect your privacy as much during these hours, you can opt to open the curtain and let light in through the sheers. But come evening when there is no sunlight anymore, you need to turn on your electric lights and these diminish your privacy to a great extent because your home interior will be visible from outside. During these times, you can close the curtains to achieve complete privacy. Additionally, cornices and swags at the top can be incorporated for variety. You can experiment with the treatment of your windows by covering and uncovering the middle and side portions.

Roman Blinds

Window Glass

Classy stained glass paintings are another treatment option. They can be placed on some or all sections of the bay windows glasses. The result is magical to the room. As expected, dancing lights of fabulous colors are reflected on the walls when light goes through the colorful stained glass paintings. This by itself can serve as an alternative to wall décor or artwork that traditionally lines the walls.

window-treatments-for-bay-windows Shades

Another window treatment for bay windows is shades. These let you enjoy or maximize the use of your large bay windows. When the shades are up during daytime, sunlight can fully enter the room, compared to other treatments which diffuse or lessen it.

It is safer to choose shades that are light-colored, or Roman shades. For Roman shades, they usually are available in designer colors and are used commonly for bay windows. For more information on what will best fit your needs, you may look for tips on shades and window blinds.


Drapes are the right choice for you if it is drama or a strong statement that you want to achieve for your home.


These provide a powerful appearance or look for your window and they are very elegant as well. This method also lends a sophisticated touch not only to your windows, but to your home too. They are available in so many styles, colors, and materials.

You can choose among these many choices according to your needs and taste preference.


One treatment method that is considered an excellent option is shutters. They look very classy, so if you prefer your home to have a classy look to it, then these are the thing for you.

Shutters however, require more space to install. Therefore you need to consider this factor before deciding on shutters for your window treatment. It is advisable to have either white or brown-colored shutters. Keep in mind that all of the house must appear unified together with them, or in other words they must blend with the rest of the house.


Bay windows are built in such a way that one can add a provision for a seating space. Alternatively, it can also hold decorative items such as ornate crystal ware or flowery plants. These provisions which also happen to be built-in are called shelves. They look very attractive especially when the seating space offered is big enough such that you can place cushions from a selection of different colors and patterns. It is also good if you can match them with the curtains or blinds of the bay window. When the shelf and the bay window are dressed-up like this, it will look picture-perfect. You can enjoy this area while you are reading a book at daytime, or in the evening you can relax and gaze at the stars and the moon.

As already mentioned above, aside from seating purposes the shelves can also be used to hold décor depending on the occasion. In planning for a romantic evening, you can place roses and candles on them. Make sure however that it is safe to do so, remove or get inflammable items such as curtains out of the way to avoid accidents.

Valances or an additional shelf can be installed at the bay windows. These are yet another design or treatment option, apart from those already mentioned previously. This kind of design will surely also make your bay windows very attractive. You can also dress the different parts of the window in varied styles. The result will be a combination of matching and tasteful effects and colors which will transform the window into a stylish and beautiful one. One way to do this is to have curtains on both sides of the bay window, while the middle portion can have horizontal blinds.

Since window treatments are not an easy thing to undertake, it is still highly recommended that you seek the services of a professional interior decorator to ensure the project turns out as you intended it to in the first place.

The designer should be able to successfully interpret what you imagine your bay window to be, or what you hope to accomplish with the treatments. For best results, do take your time. There is no sense in rushing this undertaking if you want to achieve your objectives and get your money’s worth.