In creating a design for your bedroom be it from scratch or for renovation, there are certainly bedroom interior design ideas which can be of use. Consider your personal preferences regarding what you would want for your bedroom before even searching for ideas so as to narrow down your choices and avoid wasting precious time. Considering what the different needs and functions are with regards to your bedroom is as essential as the actual design.

Top Bedroom Interior Design Themes

There are top five (5) themes that you can choose from which actually correspond to the different architectural design periods or eras. It is a good starting point on which you can base your initial research into interior bedroom design ideas.


Oriental Bedroom Design

Country, rustic, elegant, vintage, and others are examples of niche design themes for the oriental bedroom design that are still drilled down.


One of the basic characteristics of this design theme is that they showcase nature or are closer to nature at the very least. As expected, these themes accentuate the natural beauty of any material.

You will rarely find these design in city dwellings, they are rather popular in countryside houses. As it is, the theme blends well with the external surroundings which it intends to copy.

Flowers, leaves, and plants are patterns that are prevalent in this theme as the designer makes an effort to make them a part of the design. They can be seen in decorative features such as wallpaper patterns, curtains, decorative lamps, wall paintings, furniture upholstery, and others.


In contrast to urban houses where space is a perennial problem, countryside houses are larger. But although there is much available space, this in itself could also create a different dilemma.

There are functional needs for all bedrooms, regardless of how big or small they may be. These so-called needs can be met by some basic furniture elements examples of which are a double bed, wardrobes, dressing table, a bookshelf, study tables, etc.

One problem with a big bedroom space is that it can appear lacking even if the complete furniture has been installed or arranged. These are the times when “decoration” acquires significant importance. Extensive usage of decoration was the technique implemented by castles and palaces during ancient times. Their vast spaces were filled with paintings, decorative floor patterns, carvings, and moldings as decorative architectural elements.

The oriental design theme’s most glaring mark it its utilization of different accessories to fill up or decorate a space.

Modern Bedroom Theme

Ideas for the modern bedroom theme abound and are very popular as presently everybody wants their bedrooms to be special. Especially nowadays, there is a consistent call to move forward with the current times. In this regard, we tend to choose something more modern instead of having Egyptian or Roman themes. There is nothing wrong in preferring a modern design.


On the contrary, cubist bedroom designs are currently enjoying a large market. Everybody aspires to find peace in their bedrooms which these are said to deliver.

Modern bedroom ideas are not limited to adhering to a particular pattern in painting your walls. This particular style applies to other aspects of bedroom design such as furniture and furnishings. Highly simple and straight in design are descriptions for modern furniture, hence if you have an inclination towards adopting a modern style for your bedroom you should know that a minimalist outlook is needed. It cannot be emphasized enough that ornateness or intricacy are not part of this design.


Can you picture this? Flat cubic structures or even twisted but simplistic designs that stand out by themselves are perfect examples. For instance, you could have a chair without legs at all but can actually stand on its own and become just as functional and sturdy by having a really wide S shape.

You can create your modern bedroom ideas based on the pointers mentioned. Furniture should have simple outlines and solid colors. To complement the bed, the bed spread or beddings has to have the same modern theme as your bedroom. Your pillows for instance have to be with basic geometric shapes instead of simply being sacks of fluff. They cannot be pillows that are more suitable for water beds.


There should likewise be utmost care in choosing your shades and curtains. Apart from simple geometric patterns, solid colors are also a must for modern bedroom designs.

French Boudoir Bedroom

Every woman’s bedroom is considered to be her personal space and private haven. It is a place where she can have intimate time and be away from her stressful life. It follows therefore that it should reflect womanhood and graciousness. One of the better ways to achieve this is by creating a French boudoir bedroom which showcases class and elegance. A woman who is comfortable in showing her girly nature will find that having a French boudoir is one of the most refined choices to take. The single woman or even her female roommates will find it perfect.


The bed should remain as the focal point of a boudoir, although it may look more like a sitting room rather than a bedroom.

To reiterate what was just mentioned, care should be taken to ensure that the bed remains to be the room’s main focal point. That being said, you should also include one form of traditional bedroom seating at the minimum. This could be in the form of either a settee or a padded lounge chair. To incorporate that sense of refinement and style that women usually aspire for, additions showcasing elegant style such as a wingback chair or chaise can be included. The bedroom starts to acquire the look of a beautiful boudoir after having installed comfortable seating pieces and a beautiful bed. This signifies applying the finishing touches.

You absolutely do not have to hang French flags on the bedposts or undergo similar tactics!  You can provide the room with a hint of French atmosphere through other means.

Whatever you put into the bedroom from this moment on does not have to be anything strictly representing France. Something representing the French vibe is all that is needed. A perfect example of this is the Mardi Gras in New Orleans. You can imbibe a cheerful aura into the room without having to implement too much energetic shades. On the same note, an exaggerated use of pink shades is not the only way to emphasize femininity. Mardi Gras beads, framed prints of the Eiffel Tower, jester masks, harlequin masks, and similar motifs are good examples that you can use as focal points in your boudoir.

Colors to use for this theme can be diverse and believe it or not, they do not necessarily have to include pink.


That a woman’s boudoir is in pink or even includes a little amount of it is not just a popular misconception, but an obsolete one at that. You can create a design that looks feminine or feels womanly by utilizing shades of brown, green, yellow, red, white, purple, black and more. This is proven by the French technique, as well as many other beautiful and trendy design styles. To do a French boudoir bedroom without the pink in it, simply create the wanted effect through fabric choices and accessory options.

Creating a beautiful and elegant master bedroom is a breeze with French boudoir fabrics that are easy to get and coordinate.

Fabrics such as satin, silk, lace, damask, velvet, and other elegant choices can be included to provide the room with a French and feminine aura. Cotton and other comfortable fabrics are great as well, provided they have a feminine design or pattern such as those with rose or other flower embroideries. There are other patterns apart from flowers that still considered womanly. You have the option to combine these cotton or other comfortable fabrics with the more pricey ones mentioned above. And what will you get?  A room that is feminine but comfortable, refined but not over-indulgent!


Beach Theme Bedroom Ideas

Getting beach style beds, beddings, and similar décor is an easy starting point in designing your beach themed bedroom. The result will be achieved by simply blending them all together.


Wrought iron or wood are what beach beds usually are made from, and they usually come in white, egg shell, or off white. Still some come in a soft coral shade. Cottage-style bedroom furniture or wicker pieces can also pass as beach furniture or can be used in combination with beach furniture. Often, a lot of white furniture is installed. An excellent choice for beach-style beds are canopy beds as they exude a breezy and romantic aura. In adding to the outdoor atmosphere within the room, canopies made of either sheer or mosquito netting is also recommended. Other highly creative options are beds with engraved ornate shell designs.

What absolutely add to your bedroom vibe of being at the beach for the day are the bedroom beddings with the beach theme. It is highly recommended that combinations of light blues, corals, pinks, and sandy shades are used, although there are a lot of designs or prints that you can select from. Also great options are decorative beddings bearing patterns of seahorses, shells, tropical fish, or merely elegant sand-colored beddings. Your choices also depend on whether you are doing a room for an adult, a teen, or a child.


Finally, seal the beach theme with lots of beach themed decorative items such as wall art, lamps in beach shades, walls in soft blue, a trim in a sandy white shade, sea shells, and other décor with the beach theme. All of these will definitely contribute to the beauty of the room, not to mention successfully create a beach theme for your bedroom. To include a personal touch in the room, you have the option to include sea shells you have gotten from the beach while on vacation for a more creative and sentimental approach. The said technique will not only contribute to the overall theme of your bedroom, it will also exude of memories that you want to keep alive.

shells, pictures for beach theme

Tuscany Theme Bedrooms

For many years, the elegant styles of Tuscany décor themes in interior designing have continued to be popular. Having this theme in your home is not as complicated as it may initially seem to you. It is connected to rich colors, scrolled iron work, architecture, and the use of marble and other organic elements. Tuscan themed bedroom are just as great to have although it may not be as often used as in kitchens and dining areas. It is after all a manner to bring the old world charm into your home, and that includes your bedroom.


Warm yellow undertone shades are the usual signature colors basically encompassing the Tuscan décor styles. Colors usually representative of the fall season examples of which are pumpkin, rich burgundy, olive green, browns, or a deep golden shade. A burnt terra cotta orange or a textured brown is a wonderful place to begin if you intend to initiate your bedroom renovation with changing the color of your wall. For this theme, the point of interest in Tuscan themed rooms is basically the painting style which is textured. That being said, you can go ahead and not be worried to try it. This theme also uses red as a wonderful accent color.

Very simple all the way to very elegant is the range of style characteristic of Tuscan furniture. They are also usually made of iron or fine hardwoods. If you prefer wood, then it should be polished and sophisticated while at the same time giving off a rustic look. It should be “aged” and polished in contrast to worn down like shabby-chic furniture styles. As leather is another great and acceptable option, a chaise made of leather would definitely be an asset for a Tuscan bedroom.


What really binds or blends the Tuscany décor together are the accent pieces. A commanding presence is exuded by the wall décor of this design theme which happens to be larger significantly as compared to other themes. Look for scenes depicting rolling hills, tapestries or artworks depicting wine vineyards, or even other themes showing nature. They should also contain common colors representative of the Tuscan theme. Elegance can be significantly added simply by adding sconces in wrought iron, standing water fountains, and other pieces showing off influences of dramatic old world arch designs.