There is usually a second television set that is owned by many Americans nowadays, and oftentimes it can be found in the bedroom. The reason for this is that majority of Americans have a habit of watching TV before retiring off to sleep. Unfortunately, there are bedrooms which are not big enough to have extra space for a television. Nor do some usual bedroom furniture able to properly accommodate the weight of a TV set in a secure manner.

We all know that TVs are not immune to damage when they fall to the floor. They have a delicateness about them that should be protected, and this can be done by breakage prevention through having a sturdy TV stand that is designed specifically to securely hold television screens. Another cause of concern with regard to electronic equipments is the wires which are unsightly and irritating to see. It gives your bedroom a cluttered appearance and does not contribute to a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere. Instead of having additional bedroom furniture, why not opt for a bedroom TV stand to best serve the purpose?  There are great bedroom TV stand designs that look elegant as well and can therefore enhance the beauty of your bedroom to help you unwind while viewing television programs from your bed. They are highly practical because aside from complimenting your room design, they also save a lot of valuable space.

modern tv stand Modern TV stand for the bedroom

Bedroom TV Stands

The typical bedroom TV stand is normally less in size compared to a usual TV stand. Bedrooms normally have limited space than other parts of the house such as the living room, so these TV stands are specifically made to match the space constraints of a bedroom where there is less legroom. As such they are fabulous at maximizing space and this can be attributed to their modest and compact size. An added value of this bedroom fixture is the inclusion of features for compact storage and display capacity. Hence apart from your TV, they can also house other entertainment equipment that you may have such as a game console, a DVD player, etc.

One important consideration that must not be left out is the height of your television. This is due to the fact that most of the time people are lying in their beds while watching TV in their bedroom. You could experience having neck pains and discomfort while viewing your favorite TV programs if the height of your TV is incorrect. But this can be avoided if your television is held by a bedroom TV stand because the said stand is particularly made with your viewing satisfaction in mind, whether it is in a lying or sitting position.

highboy tv stand Highboy TV stand

Another feature and which happens to protect the TV as well as other entertainment equipment from dust and dirt are glass doors. You have the option to browse with the glass doors remaining closed. The shelves are usually adjustable and there is ample storage space. Miscellaneous items can go to the storage drawers, while wires can be neatly tucked through back openings for effortless wire management and accessibility to chords. However, the features mentioned may differ from one TV stand to another depending on the style and type.

Types of Bedroom TV Stand

There is bound to be a bedroom TV stand to suit your personal taste and need. Some factors that you need to account for are the viewing angle from your bed that you consider to be most comfortable for you, what style will match your bedrooms interiors the most, and the manner by which you will be personally utilizing the area. Based on the preceding factors, you will be able to choose the best bedroom TV stand for yourself.

black_stand Black swivel stand

A likewise important factor is determining the amount of storage space that you need. Doing this will require you to get the height, depth, and width dimensions of your TV set. The style that you want to go with, the sturdiness of your bedroom TV table, and last but not the least, the spot in which you intend to place the TV stand is factors that also need to be considered in to determine the storage space you need.

Martha Stewart TV Stand

The style of your TV set should blend with the bedroom TV stand that you select. A contemporary bedroom TV stand will suit an LCD or Plasma television best. There is one for every budget and design preference, as they are available in a large array of styles, designs, materials, and finishes. They are made from a range of a single material all the way to multiple combinations of various materials namely rattan, aluminum, metal, wood, and glass. Design-wise or theme-wise, bedroom TV stands range from traditional to modern to ultra modern.

Bedroom TV stands are available in different types and include the following:

Basic Bedroom TV Stand

Basic bedroom TV stands normally have only one (1) or two (2) storage shelves and a space for the TV.  They are very compact since they have little storage space apart from the provision for housing the TV, making them perfect for small bedrooms. A small bedroom can appear smaller and over-stuffed by having big furnitures and fixtures in it. The smallness of the basic bedroom TV stand makes it ideal for small-sized bedrooms.

Basic & chic TV stand

Cabinet Bedroom TV Stand

A bedroom TV cabinet is perfect if you have numerous electronic equipments but prefer them to be hidden when unused. An LCD TV, gaming consoles, a DVD player, and stereo components are examples that can properly be accommodated by the larger storage space this type of bedroom TV stand offers. There are likewise numerous styles, designs, materials, and finishes from which to choose from.

tv stand with cabinet TV stand with cabinet

Corner Bedroom TV Stand

Corner bedroom TV stands are particularly great for maximizing space. Corners are normally unused and therefore free portions of a room. Instead of eating up or consuming space elsewhere in the room, these type of bedroom TV stand can be smartly placed in a free corner, leaving more space for other uses. The floor space in your bedroom is rendered more accessible, at the same time you will be able to watch TV from any part of the room.

corner tv stand TV stand located at the corner of the room

Swivel Bedroom TV Stand

The name of this type of bedroom TV stand alone describes this bedroom fixture. It has a provision that will allow your TV to be swiveled, even adding greater flexibility than the corner bedroom TV stand. It can accommodate whatever your viewing angle is, allowing you to watch TV from any part of your room but with increased comfort.

swivel tv stand Swivel TV Stand

Apart from your budget, other things that need to be thought out prior to purchasing a bedroom TV stand are the location where you intend to situate it as well as the large array of options available. It is equally important to determine for which room you intend to place this bedroom fixture in – would it be the kids’ bedroom, the master’s bedroom, or perhaps the guestroom?  The choice of bedroom TV stand that you eventually make can be influenced by the kind of room you are getting it for. This consideration can assure you of the best results, and that means matching your needs just as much as the room interiors.