Bunk beds are fun for children as they can experience a bit of a playground environment in their bedrooms. Parents too prefer them as it occupies lesser space than the regular beds do. But as many things it also has some disadvantages in difficulties tidying up the bed and while folding the blankets and straightening the bed-sheets. Still bunk beds are a preferred choice among people and there are several reasons why.

Types Of Bunk Bed Bedding


comfy-bunk-bed-bedding Comfortable bedding

Comforters on bunk beds tend to fall off on the floor and are rather disturbing for the child to wake up in between sleep and pick it up back in place. The activity also might accidentally hurt your child while moving up and down the ladder. This is the common issue faced by most parents when the comforters meant for regular beddings are used on bunk beds.

bunk-bed-bedding-set Comforter

Bunk bed caps

Bunk bed caps will be the answer to your worries, which are specially designed comforters meant for bunk beds only. The caps are fastened with an elastic band sideways that will be securely fitted to the mattress and avoid staying out of place. Your child will be tightly tucked all night for a good sleep and your concerns will fade away. You can choose from a variety of colors from the market and it comes with similar pillow shams that will make for a perfect and wonderful bedding. And one thing to be considered is the cloth material which should be effortlessly washable and tough enough to bear the occasional stretching and pulling of your children.

bunk-bed-caps Bunk bed caps

After a night’s sleep the regular bed sheets on your child’s bunk bed will definitely look untidy and it is really troublesome to fold the sheets in place as the bunk beds are directly against the walls. As there is no other option for placing the bunk beds other than against the wall, you need to climb up and make the bed which is tiresome sometimes.

Attached sheets

The perfect solution is to buy attached sheets on your bunk beds. Attached sheets are specially tailored for bunk beds with a top sheet and a fitted sheet darned along at the middle foot or sideways. The sideways attachment is usually preferred for bunk bed. Half the job is done when you put the attached sheets on the bed and you need not worry about making the bed every day. Simply pull the flat sheet and tug it across the bed. Your child will no more throw tantrums on making beds and the bed will always look clean with the attached sheets fitted tightly.


Add these two essentials for your child’s bunk bed and you will love bunk beds all the more. The bunk bed caps will save the comforters constantly falling off and the attached bed sheets will give an end to the troubles you face in flattening the sheets every day. Your child’s bed will never have looked neater and tidier with the cap and the attached sheet serving the purposes.