Candle chandeliers are a major part of a room’s interior and can fit different room styles and themes. A room with one looks charming when the flames play shadows on the walls which create a beautiful atmosphere for an intimate dinner. People also usually want one for the antique look it represents.

eal candles can be used in place of those which can add to your electric bill. Traditionally, this type of lighting was used for chandeliers, but some people still prefer it even in this modern age. It is more dramatic because soft glows can be seen flickering on the walls. However, it is only advisable to use them on pillar chandeliers which usually have large surfaces that can catch the wax drippings.

Nowadays, glass jars are used to serve as shades and to contain the flame of the candles which cannot be positioned very close to the ceiling for obvious reasons. They are available in a variety of designs and colors, and add to the attractiveness of a chandelier. You may also opt for antique glass for a vintage look.

Most chandeliers come in at least 4 pillars of candle-style lights on a circle base of wrought iron that is hand-worked. They are available in different heights for a more modern appearance. Most of them can be purchased in furniture shops and home depots, as well as on the internet which also allows for versatility in styling complimenting your home design.

Because the old-fashioned chandelier using real candles is a fire hazard, modifications have been done in consideration of safety. The tiny candelabra light bulbs are a good substitute. These imitation candles provide an illusion of real flame from candles which is enabled by thick glass diffusers. There is a wide variety of choices to choose from in terms of style and shape as well as wattage, providing you with a range of intensity from a dim glow to a bright flaming light. As many as twenty 60-watt light bulbs can be held by this type of chandelier which can approximately weigh around 50 pounds.

It continues to be popular because people still value timelessness in a design.

Handling Candle Chandeliers

This type of chandeliers have undergone a facelift, so to speak. Although many still find them old and irrelevant, designers and homeowners alike have put their creative energies into coming up with different models in many sizes using various materials, styles, and designs. The internet is an easy way to check images of these. The new designs provide options to use real candles, imitation candles, or both.

Imitation candles are designed to imitate the flickering glow of real candles. As already mentioned, they are available in an array of styles, shapes, and wattage that provide a range of light intensity. There are sockets on the chandelier where these bulbs are plugged, and some models have innovative technology that allow for a dimmer or brighter glow using some settings.

The chandelier type that uses real candles has pointed sharp fixtures to hold the candles in place and keep them from moving or falling off. They are designed to hold wax drippings from the burning candles. Homeowners who are economically and ecologically aware prefer this type. They also do not have the added burden of worrying about the electrical wiring for their chandeliers.

If you do patronize the more traditional real candle chandelier, make sure to practice safety measures when using it. Keep the fixture low to avoid the flames from affecting the ceiling. Use non-drip candles to avoid untoward accidents resulting from hot wax drippings. Clear the area below the chandelier of any items that could burn, and most importantly do not leave the candles burning with no one around or if you cease needing them. Another safety measure you can implement is to cover the candles with pretty lamps so the flames can be safely contained. They can be fixtures made of antique glass, or they can be decorative homemade jars.

Choose this type of chandelier if you want to achieve a warm, domesticated, and relaxing ambience for your home or business establishment. You have the option to use real or imitation candles on special occasions like family reunions and dinner parties.