The usual material used for decking is still wood. It is attractive, fits in with the nature of the backyard and is often cheaper than other alternatives out there right now. But as beautiful as good wood decking can be there are some disadvantages and the top one is the cost of maintenance. Wood decking cannot just be put up and then ignored, if you want it to last and look good for years to come it takes care. One way to limit how much your decking needs is to choose a timber that needs less care than other kinds. A lot of professional deck builders are suggesting cedar decking as the best low maintenance wood option.

Cedar Decks Pros

A lot of people who have opted for Cedar decking boards have praised them not just for being durable and attractive but also for the low maintenance it takes to keep them for years. So lets look at the cedar decking advantages and see why cedar decking boards are a great choice.

Cedar Decks Pros

  1. Cedar decking boards come from the cedar tree’s heart. This wood is very moisture resistant and unlike some other woods when used as decking will not twist or crack out in the elements over the years. This resistance means it is almost resistant to issues that come with damp like mildew and mold.
  2. The Cedar tree has its own insect repellent! It secretes an oil that insects do not like which means when used as decking you are going to have less issues with wood rot caused by insects like termites. The older a Cedar tree is the better its oil is so decks made from more mature trees are also more repellent.
  3. The Cedar wood starts out with a reddish brown look that is attractive but then weathers to a beautiful silver gray look. So it ages into something very lovely.
  4. Cedar does not have pitch or resin. This means penetrating stains work really well on it should you want a fun project and it also means deck bonding is a lot easier as it clings more to adhesive.
  5. It can hold on to bindings for longer and it is less likely to split, distort or peel.
  6. Because it has a lower density it is not going to shrink like some other woods so you can count on it to be longer lasting.
  7. As well as being resistant to the rain it is good too in high winds and strong sun rays so can be used in most climates. There is a lot of air space in this wood giving it a high R value rating i.e better insulation so it can handle extreme temperatures.
  8. Cedar is the best choice for the environment as it is a renewable wood and it is monitored for sustainability.
  9. It is not a heavy wood and there are no special tools needed to renovate it or modify it so it is easy to put in and look after.
  10. Because it can handle the impact guests and yourself do not have to worry about damaging the decking when you are using it!

Red Cedar Decks

Cedar is definitely a lower maintenance option for your decking but that does not mean no maintenance. It is still a wood and will need some looking after to keep it in peek condition but those duties are not needed as frequently as with other wood decking materials. Just a little love and care can mean you have a decking that lasts and can be enjoyed for longer.