The contemporary style and themes of a living room means an area where there is space with minimal décor and functional set up. Designing a room based on a contemporary theme doesn’t mean that the room should be a dull one which is not lively and uninviting. With proper planning and good creative ideas you will be able to design a contemporary living room that is modern, inviting and entertaining. You need not run around an interior designer for the job and in the way save some extra cash.

Designing That Contemporary Look

First of all you need to derive a functional idea of the room that you want to design. You need not be an interior designer to do this. You can refer a lot of websites and interior designing magazines with photos of furniture and internal decors. Choose all those furniture and designs and decors that you like and keep it. When you are ready for a brain storming session to collect ideas from various pieces that you have been collecting, place all the clippings on a table and select out matching and suiting designs. This exercise will definitely ease the process of imagining a room with décor in thin air. Categorize your photos into different aspects like furniture, floor, textiles, draperies etc. which will help you in buying the things from nearby stores.

Contemporary living room Contemporary living room design

Choosing the color

Contemporary rooms may not necessarily be painted in dull colors of black and white or red and chrome. Normally, lighter shades of blue, green etc. and other airy colors will bring in a sense of calmness and serenity in the living room. If there is a beautiful wood floor in your living room then you can choose a color that will even more augment the beauty of the floor. Bringing in the ambience of fresh breezy air is a good option for a relaxing living room. If you are not sure of a color to choose then ask for samples of shades that you want to paint and try it on poster boards before actually going in for a wall paint.

living room contemporary color Contemporary living room design – calm colors

For the Furniture

Sofas and couches with natural tones suits well in a contemporary themed living room. Shades of coffee are a good choice when painting natural wood. Patterned and geometric print fabrics can be used. Shades of bright tones for the fabrics are a good choice with those pattern prints. Choose fabrics which are easily cleaned and maintained, like false leather or suede. The advantage of having sectional couches are that you can add different component or add whenever you desire, it allows customization of space utilization and a lot of cushioning can be done for added comfort.

Contemporary design living room furniture Furniture & seating ideas

You can bring in more color by putting in more accessories like throw pillows, lamps, lamp shades, table top decors and wall paintings that will reflect a stylish theme. Don’t keep the corner of the room empty, you can keep a vase with some healthy bamboo reeds to enliven the dull and empty corner.

contemporary apartment living room Contemporary apartment living room

Put rugs around the sitting area or to add an appealing look to the hardwood floor. While selecting a rug, opt for geometric and pattern prints, or block print ones. For a comfortable and warm feel beneath your feet a sisal rug is best around the sitting area.

Try the Wall Hangings

Like the fabrics patterns, geometrical patterns in wall accessories will suit the layout of a contemporary themed room. A large mirror can be placed above the fireplace to give a sense of open space and reflect a lot of light entering the room.

wall accessories contemporary design Wall accessories contemporary design

Paintings of contemporary themes and framed prints can give a grand and formidable look when placed above a grand outlay of furniture. Another option to accessorize the wall is to arrange a range of floral print décor along the wall in a gallery style. While choosing wall hangings and arts select one which reflects your personality and style.

The window “treatments,” as decorators call it, will be simple and elegant, in the contemporary style.

The Windows

Windows can form the focal point of a room if designed and decorated well. No matter what size or design it comes it can be sure made a point of focus. First look at your window and see to which direction it faces and how big or small it is. See whether sunlight comes through the window in the morning or the afternoon. Does your window face a beautiful scenic view or is it blocked by your neighbor’s house? These factors will help you determine how to decorate your window in such a way that you control the incoming light and make it attractive too. Treating your window in a contemporary theme will definitely make it elegant yet simple.

windows contemporary Window treatment

For the Walls

It is a usual choice that walls looks best when painted with light and solid colors. Making a room look bigger and brighter depends on the type of paint you used. Moreover, your wall decors can look its best with the right background. White as usual and beige are the best colors that will take in any décor and seamlessly blend with the materials in a room.

contemporary-design-big-living-room Big living room with contemporary decor

The Light Source

In a contemporary themed room it is best to have the light source from independent lamps rather than projected from a ceiling. The lamps are best if made from metals, are colored bright which will add a glow to your room.

lighting contemporary decor Metal lighting


organized living room Organize the living room

It is always good to have plenty of space in a room to walk around. Make sure you don’t overdo the decor and accessories to look over crowded. Contemporary design demands a simple yet effective arrangement.