The use of corner shower units is one of the best ways to maximize the space of a small bathroom. They are ideal for when you have a very limited space to work with because they fit perfectly in small corners. But wait, that is not all there is to them.

Corner Shower Units

You might want to ask yourself what things should be considered in choosing the right corner shower unit for your bathroom. You are guaranteed to find the best one that will suit your need and taste because there are many different varieties and styles available in the market.


The first thing to consider when looking for the right corner shower unit is determining the right size which your bathroom can accommodate, and the one which will look best in it. You will have a wide array of options available if your bathroom is large because the size range could be from 32 inches to 42 inches, or even larger. Additionally, a large bathroom can also accommodate some pieces of furniture which will definitely give it an air of luxury and grandness.

brick-corner-shower You will not be disappointed with the range of colors in the available selections because there are many shades to choose from. One option is frosted glass for glass block shower designs which can also be mixed with transparent glass.

What are ideal for use in small bathrooms are the quadrant type enclosure units. On the other hand, round units or even quadrant units are best for larger bathrooms. You can also use 5-sided stalls which will snugly fit in the corners and create a bigger space for showering.

Corner Shower Unit Features To Look For

modern-shower-corner Stalls don’t have to make your bathroom look less luxurious or grand than it should be. They have been rising in popularity recently; hence manufacturers have been creative in launching different designs with many features for different customers or markets.

As an alternative to the regular or plain units, you can avail of the steam corner shower units. An additional item you can have with this is a showerhead that has many shower nozzles for body sprays.

Decorative panels plus fixtures that are already attached comprise the shower stalls. Your bathroom experience can be enhanced simply by adding seats.

It is also possible for you to customize your shower enclosure. Doing this will allow you to engage in the freedom of creating your own design and specifications for your bathroom. You can add any item you wish to have in it.


There are fixtures depending on your requirements that can be added. Examples of these are fixtures for acupuncture massage, aromatherapy, temperature settings, color therapy, steam sauna, computerized control panel with times, and many more.

Feel free to add anything you want in your corner shower units. They can highlight the appearance of your bathroom and are therefore a big asset in this regard. They are functional in the sense that they allow you to save on space, or cater to your whim for something different.


How to Acquire Corner Shower Units Under $100

Corner shower units for under $100 are very cheap indeed! You might be dead curious right now to know how you can get your hands on something as great as this. Well, you have to begin with choosing the color of the frames for these corner shower units. Stainless steel, white, and black trims are the most common ones available in the market. Depending on the brand you choose, there will be various styles for the glass doors. You can even have frameless selections. You need to choose either a white-colored frame of one made of stainless steel to avail of a cheap price. This is because they happen to be the most popular choices currently, which make manufacturers compete against each other by lowering their prices.


Black and silver-colored corner shower unit frames are most definitely tempting because they are not so common-looking and can give your bathroom a more unique look. But remember that if you go for these colors, you will also definitely be spending a lot more. This might defeat the main benefit of having corner shower units, which is being cost effective. They offer you the provision of having a shower space out of a small space that may not have been possible in the first place were it not for this type of bathroom hardware. Some bathrooms were not built to allow the luxury of having this bathroom feature. If you have lots of money to throw and want to impress by having a truly great-looking bathroom, then it might be better for you to invest or build a beautiful full-scale bathroom with a shower and bathtub duo in your main or master bedroom.

The brands Kohler, American Standard, and Maax, Inc. have enclosure kits that cost less compared to other brands in the market. For less than one hundred dollars ($100), these specific brands can give you the whole unit including all the parts. You don’t have to worry about installing them yourself. If the average person can do it, then so can you. They are not only easy to install, they also offer a great deal of bargain that is hard to beat in the industry. Because of all these things, it is definitely worth checking at the very least!