Curtain room dividers are very light and easy to manage. Many of the traditional room dividers available to consumers are so much more heavier. They may not necessarily be portable or easy to carry around, even though they may be movable. The advantage that curtain room dividers have over the traditional alternative is that they are easy to set aside when you don’t need them for the meantime. They can be easily folded and minimal storage space is required, and you can take them with you wherever you may go.

Curtain as Room Dividers

Mobility is a key word in people’s lives nowadays. Because of this fact, so is practicality. It counts to have or invest in things that are portable or easy to carry around. And anyway, most of the people who prefer curtain room dividers are those whose lifestyle or life situation may call for being mobile every once in a while. These people are the ones who face the possibility of having to move to a different home a few times.

White curtain room dividers

White Curtain Room Dividers

A very important advantage of curtain room dividers is that they are safe to have. Unlike other types of dividers, they are not in danger of crashing down or falling to the floor due to accidents or nature itself such as a strong gush of wind. Although traditional dividers can be sturdy, there is no guarantee of being damage-free. And trying to set it up right again or stand properly will require much effort and will cause you inconvenience.


Hanging Dividers

In contrast, curtain room dividers will just return to their original position after being poked, pushed, or blown by strong winds. This provides practicality and convenience for a busy person.

Another reason why curtain room dividers are preferred by many people is the fact that it is easy to open if you need the space cleared. Just pull them aside and your room will open up and appear bigger. It only requires minimal effort to pull them across again to reinstall it as a divider.


Beautiful Bedroom Separator

Still another advantage for this kind of divider is the cheap cost of having one. You are basically purchasing an amount of fabric or cloth plus some string or wire. In fact, they don’t necessarily have to be bought. You can search among your things for something that can possibly be transformed into a curtain room divider with a bit of innovation and creativity. This will even save you the time and trouble of actually shopping at a store or even online for this small piece of item.


Divide bedroom from living room

There is one (1) disadvantage though, at least initially. You may have to install provisions for hanging these curtain dividers. But this little inconvenience will surely make it worthwhile in the long term.

Five (5) Most Popular Hanging Curtain Room Dividers

Chain Reaction Curtain

This type of curtain room divider is made up of metal chains that hang from the ceiling, above a door, or on a wall. They cascade downwards, and the metal chains that shimmer can provide some amount of privacy. They diffuse the view but not the light. You can find this curtain type in lofts, condominiums, churches, apartments, hospital rooms and fitting rooms being suspended on any interior doorway. You might be surprised to learn that the wall color will show through if they are used as a wall hanging. Aside from wall hangings, metal chain curtains can serve the purpose of being window treatments and partitions.


Birds of Paradise Bamboo Curtain

There are ninety (90) strands composing this handcrafted bamboo curtain. Using it as a patio door, a room divider, a window treatment, an interior door, or as a wall hanging are perfect options for the birds of paradise bamboo curtain. It is a good choice to use it as a door because it provides shade and permits breezes to pass through, while keeping critters and other insects outside. Every side of these curtains are hand-painted. They are available in thirty-four (34) and one half (1/2) inches by seventy-nine (79) inches dimensions.


Star Light Curtain

This is a beaded curtain that is available in so many colors and styles. It provides flexibility of use since it can serve as a window treatment or a room divider. There are five (5) strands and forty (40) star lights that make up a star light curtain. The dimensions are three (3) feet in width by five (5) feet and one half (1/2) inches in length.


Cameo Space Divider

Cameo-Space-Divider This type of curtain room divider which is a unique room or wall divider, creates lightness and elegance in a room. It cascades down from the ceiling and is made of full-grain leather. This modular screen also comes in top-grain leather in dimensions of twenty-eight (28) centimeters in height by twenty-three (23) centimeters in width. Steel rings with chromed steel support tie together nine (9) standard pieces in four (4) columns. These curtains provide applications for commercial as well as residential establishments. There are numerous color selections for the partition wall version of this cameo space divider which are available in standard measurements  having a height of two hundred sixty-two (262) centimeters and a width of one hundred one and one half (101.5) centimeters.