Custom designed bathroom vanities are a spectacular way to imprint a personal statement in your bathroom. You will not find these vanities at any local home improvement shops nor in the homes of your neighbors. The reason is that being customized, they are uniquely yours alone. They are produced according to your own specifications, instructions, and directions. The design is tailor-fit to the detailed requirements you have presented. Although it is not entirely impossible to find something similar or exactly like your custom-made bathroom vanity elsewhere, it is most likely that you will not find the same one anywhere.

Why Bathroom Vanities Should Be Considered

One of the best reasons for having a custom vanity in your home bathroom is the fact that it will play an important role as a selling point, should you consider placing your house in the market in the future. Buyers tend to look for big bargains and oftentimes are excited or willing to purchase homes which include customized cabinetry in bathrooms and kitchens. This alone will enable you to get back a sizeable part of the money you spent for it through a higher selling price.

Unique design for your bathroom

Different people have different reasons for wanting or appreciating custom cabinetry. But the most common thing they love about it is the quality of workmanship as well as craftsmanship that go into it. They not only love the finished product created by workers’ hands, they also value the high skill level that went into each artwork. Having well-maintained custom cabinets will reflect back to you as buyers will realize that you took pride in these possessions and took good care of them. They will see you as a reliable and trustworthy seller who will not give them any reason to feel apprehensive. And this undoubtedly will work to your favor.

Custom bathroom cabinets

But investing in custom vanities for your simple pleasure is still the best reason for making that decision. We spend a lot of time in our own bathrooms as we begin our day in preparation of what’s ahead. It only seems fitting for us to want to be around things that are beautiful and great in the security of our own bathrooms. Because once we leave the confines of our homes, the world out there oftentimes may not be as beautiful and great.

Simple and modern vanity design

It is important to remember that a custom made bathroom vanity should not only be an aesthetic delight, it should be equally functional as well. Balance is achieved when there is a rightful place for each thing, and each thing is placed right back into its place after being used. The mark of a good bathroom vanity is that it should have a place for your routine morning bathroom needs.

Modern bathroom

Where You Can Find Custom Designed Bathroom Vanities


Vanity cabinets

Lack of knowledge about where to purchase custom made vanities is the problem that most people have. Since you won’t find them in your local home improvement shops, where can you actually look for these beautiful carpentry pieces?  You can start with any carpenter, but it is highly advised to look for one who specializes in custom cabinetry. Needless to say, you will spend more for their specialty. However, it will be worth the price to have someone with specialized knowledge because you can be provided with more information that can assist you in forming practical decisions regarding your vanity.


A lot of us have a pretty good grasp of what we prefer with regards to design details and appearance but have little or no knowledge with regard to the actual physics required for creating the look as well as the functionality that we want. A good professional cabinet maker will be upfront or honest about the good as well as the bad news involved in creating your custom designed vanities. A solid and reliable cost estimate for the item will also be included. For reference purposes, you should likewise request for copies of photos and reference letters from past works or projects from happy customers.


Custom design for unique look

This should not be a problem for you as most of the custom cabinet makers maintain an extensive portfolio as they are highly proud of their work. Good and reliable references also abound since they usually encourage good relationships with their clients even after the completion of a project or order for the purpose of future work or connections with future clients. If along this process you discover that there are one or more issues with past clients, it is better to let go and look for someone better. After all, you don’t want to spend all that money for your custom vanity only to find out too late that it didn’t live up to your expectations.