A deck railing is an attractive asset that enhances the beauty of your home. Regardless of the climate in the location of your home, whether it is a rainy or humid place having a deck railing is a good idea.

Deck Railing Designs

There are many deck railing ideas that so beautiful, and they can provide you with an adventure-like experience. Usually, there is a wonderful view where there is a room with a deck. It is exactly the reason why a homeowner constructs a deck railing – to enjoy the view. This view from the top of a home is an important consideration for some people in buying a house and in having a porch. The water, skyline and/or the woods make a spectacular view, but these alone are not enough to provide you with a good view. A clear line of sight is needed to allow complete relaxation and enjoyment of the view, be it from inside the home looking out through patio doors or on the deck while lounging. Squinting from too much sunlight should not be a problem. Homeowners should not have a feeling of dissatisfaction or regret and wish to redesign the space just after it was constructed. In general, the safety as well as the appearance of the decking areas is ensured or provided by the posts and railings. But you have to make sure that they are the ideal deck railing that will match the design or style of your home. The right ones can serve as architectural accents that will definitely add beauty to your home. It is also important that they do not block the view from where people will usually be lounging or relaxing on the deck.


Whatever the size or style of your deck is, you are sure to have a wide choice of decorative and structural ideas for deck railing. Among these are three (3) main kinds or varieties made of different materials and designs. These include the balustrade on the roof deck or the area surrounding the perimeter of a multilayer structure, around a pool/spa, and around a balcony. They are the places in a home where deck railings are used for both the safety as well as the design component that improves or adds to the beauty of a home’s exterior appearance. You don’t have to limit yourself to deck railings made of wood, composite, or aluminum that are a match to your fencing. There is a wide array of choices in terms of features and appearance from which you can select.


Materials for Custom Designs

The material/s used in constructing your deck does not necessarily have to be matched with the design for your deck railing. As an example, let’s a composite wood material was used for the base of your deck because of its durability. You do not need to use the same material for your deck railing. But it is understandable if you wish for all the components used for your deck to match altogether or blend in totality. Moreover, you may want to the colors and materials of your home in general to match with your deck railings.


There are many kinds of designs for deck railing. One is the cable railing made of stainless steel. There is a solid stainless top rail, but other than these cables instead of balusters are used. More security and visibility from the deck are the known benefits from this design option. Glass balusters are another design option. It lends an air of sophistication and elegance to the deck space and as you have guessed, added visibility since one can see through glass. Iron considered as a metal with ornamental properties, is yet another design option. It is highly durable and beautiful. In contrast with the other options however, iron is not resistant to rust as a result of being exposed to weather conditions.


Some deck railings are detached from the main house. They may lead to a totally separate area such as a swimming pool. You can avail of this option if your backyard has a large space which you can utilize for activities.

Add an Extra Function

You can definitely enjoy your patio in the evenings, but you may not be able to do so if it is not properly lighted such that you can move around and see the people you may be enjoying the space with. For this purpose, you have to install the right amount of lighting for your convenience and enjoyment.



There is another design type for your deck railing. There are certain ornaments which can enhance the deck railing. An ambience connecting you with nature can be accomplished by installing flower boxes on your deck. A very classy look can be achieved by giving your balusters centerpiece accessories that come in numerous deck plans. If you prefer an ornamental look, then use post caps which are post top accessories simply by screwing them directly into the post top.


Design ideas for deck railings abound so it is hard to arrive at the right decision by yourself. Seek the services of a professional contractor about this as well as about lighting ideas for your deck. Be aware that the installation of lights on the exterior of your home or on your deck doesn’t come cheap. It is advisable to get the opinion of your partner should you have one, and then arrive at a mutual decision.

Be sure that you are paying someone who is good enough so you can get your money’s worth. Ensure that the person you eventually choose to do this job for you has enough experience in this field. Include your family and friends in the decision process; remember more minds are better than one (1). Do some research about the prospective contractors by visiting their website if they have any, so you can learn more about them. Since you are paying, it is necessary that the contractor of your choice is able to complete the work to your satisfaction.


Practicality will save you money. You should therefore ensure  that the project will last for years so that you will not faced with the problem of having to spend on retouching or repairing the deck railing annually.

Resist the temptation to go cheap on your deck railing designs. This is not beneficial to you in the long term because damages can turn out to be more expensive. Choosing materials with good quality but may cost more will ensure a level of durability that can last for a lifetime.


Should you find the need or the desire to put your home in the market, you will be pleased to discover that your investment in deck railings will have paid off. These increase the resale value of any home monetarily and aesthetically.