Feng Shui works in such a way that a balance is maintained in a living and working environment. When you learn ways that can arrange your surroundings in a proper way then your life can improve with Feng Shui. When you decorate according to the principles of Feng Shui then it’s about balanced flow of energy in the surrounding. Things that are used for this purpose include fragrance, colors, and mirrors.

Feng Shui Color

There is a strong impact of colors on people according to practitioner’s belief. In other words, every color/shade has a different impact on the mental behavior of every individual. We are sharing here some ways in which these colors can influence our mind. You can attract good luck with the red color. The ideal location for this color is main doorway. Some colors are good for changing mood like yellow and purple. The color green represents freshness, growth and peace.

The use of darker colors can relax or depress on the other hand, the lighter shades are uplifting in nature. Also decorative orange and brown represents relationships, health and knowledge. For sexual healing and restoring sleep the favorable color is the human skin color. The color of the human skin range from strong pale white to dark chocolate brown. When you select the color scheme for your décor then see that they are in harmony with all the decorative items with warm earthy shaded.


Mirrors in Feng Shui

The sue of mirrors is not only for decoration but in Feng Shui it is believed that mirrors are good for attracting,  moving or changing the energy flow. With the use of mirrors the spaces can look big, usually in Feng Shui the round shape or octagon shape mirrors are used. Keep in mind that the mirrors must not be in pieces like tiles etc. The best locations for placing mirrors include main doors and are considered best for harmonizing the energy in your home.

feng-shui-mirror Use of too many wall lighting must be avoided and use full spectrum lighting in its place. Use of candle for decoration purpose is a good idea as it is beneficial too. When you opt for candles then make sure that your toxin free ones. The placement and designs should be in a direction that is free flowing.


In Feng Shui the clocks, like any other clocks are used to measure time. These clocks can be displayed at many suitable locations in your home. You can display it in your living room, the kitchen, or in your home office. You must have one clock in your bedroom as well. The batter clocks are highly recommended as these are safe for health.


As per this practice use of various types of paintings is considered good for enhancing the environment with knowledge, good health, love, family, career, money and fame. Addition of some pictures in your home can help in promoting longevity as well as good health. The pictures of peaches, deer, pine trees or bamboo are ideal for the east side of the living room. If you want to enhance the sections of knowledge and wisdom then make use of yellow or beige color. The crystals, mountains as well as dragon carp represent the spiritual awareness. If you want to be successful in your career then north is considered as the best location for your home office. You can choose paintings of fish, flower and open fields for hanging it in your home office.


In Feng Shui, the white color helps strengthen the family bond. Only hang such images that inspire, boost confidence and portray courage. Look for imaginative and fanciful images as they are suitable. Opt for art work spreading vibration of love as this will attract true love. The dragons, mandarin ducks and love birds are considered best as they convey romance. Fame is referred to the self respect as well as inner light. Look for artifacts such as butterflies, snakes and horses. All these symbolize endurance, new opportunities and diplomacy. In order to portray wealth choose art pieces in which victory is shown. Fish symbolize endurance and prosperity.

As you start applying the principles of Feng Shui to the living or working space you will be surprised that the small alterations in color, placement and arrangement can make big difference.