Are you experiencing a problem with your garage already? Does it have too much clutter because of the general junk accumulated by your family there? Has it gotten to the point where you cannot find anything anymore and have a difficult time making your way through all the mess?

Organizing Your Garage

Garage tool organization ideas organized garage Wonderfully Organized Garage!

Well, seek comfort in the fact that there are others in the same situation! After all, most of the garages in the country are in the same condition. But don’t despair, for this predicament is not a complete disaster yet. No matter how hopeless it may appear, this problem has a solution. All you need to know is how to convert your cluttered garage into a useful and effective space.

Garage Storage System Organizations Ideas Garage Storage System Organizations Ideas

1. Make a Plan

This statement sounds so simple, but believe it or not, most people begin a project of re-organization with barely an idea of what they want to accomplish and how. You should take time to think about how you will go about doing the project so you will have enough motivation to finish the job. Measure your space and intently assess it and ask yourself what you really want to do with it or how you want it to work for you. Then and only should you begin planning the garage storage that would fit in it.

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2. De-clutter

Schedule one (1) whole day for the task. Seek the help of your family. But if they are more likely to be in the way rather than of help, then contract someone who can entertain and take them out so you can focus on this project. Then be ruthless with cleaning the clutter. The ideal way to do this is to empty out the whole garage and then sort out everything as you put the items back into it. Segregate the items into four (4) groups as follows:  1) Sell, 2) Keep, 3) Donate, 4) Toss or Throw. Do not give in to second thoughts!  Stick to the four (4) categories. For example, if there is an item under “sell” or “donate” but it did not sell or you were unable to dispose of it within one (1) month, do not hang on to it. Instead, throw it in the trash. If you have an item that for two (2) years has remained unused and does not represent any sentimental value, put it in the trash as well. Trash too for those that are no longer useful, those broken, or simply not needed!

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3. Organize

Once the ordeal of cleaning up the mess is over, you will have a lot less to store and only those which are really important and relevant will remain. It is time to store them efficiently. Find out what matches your space from the various garage storage ideas available in the market, and use them for your garage.

spotlessly clean garage Spotlessly Clean and Well Maintained

There should be a system for storing things in your garage. Items should be grouped together or accordingly. This kind of approach to organization will allow you to easily and more conveniently find the items as well as return them to their proper storage when you are done using them. Another way to classify or group the items is by how often they are being used. Doing this will help you determine how much estimated space is needed, and store specific items in strategic locations.

Tips To Help You Get Started

Begin with the large items by getting them off the floor first. A mezzanine storage floor or installing some ceiling hoists for a bike or some large sports equipment is some storage options.

garage shelves ideas picture 6511 Garage Shelves Ideas

Next, install garage shelves on the walls, making sure that there are different depths of shelf to accommodate all kinds of things. There must be a garbage bin near the exit. Taking it a step further, you might want to consider getting one with wheels. After all, oftentimes you will find all that trash that stays in it until the garbage collector comes around weighs heavily. The wheels will certainly give you an easier time when bringing out the garbage bin and moving it around as needed.

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To store as well as to protect items from some elements, be sure to get many storage bins made of plastic.

Don’t forget labels! It is hateful to try looking for your Christmas lights while rummaging through ten (10) different boxes.

Store things according to the frequency with which you need to access them. A box containing your kid’s things from his childhood and are thus valuable souvenirs for you should be placed higher up. It may be more difficult to bring down but you will seldom have the need to. On the contrary, a box containing household tools should be kept or located nearby for the convenience of easy access since you will most likely have more need for them.

  • Install a tool board over your workbench for the tools to be handy.
  • Use an old plastic bin to store garden tools with long handles, but first weigh it down with rocks.
  • Having a cheap set of drawers underneath your workbench is a wonderful idea to keep small bits such as screws.

In storing sporting goods, placing them near the door of your garage is the best way for you to have the most convenient access to them. But it is not advisable to set them up against the wall. This wastes floor as well as wall space, while exposing them to possible damage. Accidents can happen such as the door slamming, a ski board being run over by the car, or your car being scratched by a bike. Place off-season sports gear in marked plastic bins.

Place gardening tools near the side door of the garage leading to the yard. If there is no side door, then they must be placed in a location near the garage door. Keep fertilizers, herbicides, and other hazardous gardening supplies locked in cabinets or in high shelves to keep them out of reach.

Garage_Remodel122 Good Organization

You should also group together holiday decorations. Mixing them together is a bad idea. Doing this will give you a hard time pulling out Halloween decorations that are mixed with Christmas decorations. One of the many garage storage ideas that foster organization is having color-coded storage bins or containers for storing the above.

Another great storage idea is storage cabinets. You can move them around if you plan or need to maximize your space. They can lock away more hazardous materials like paint and sharp gardening equipment, both for safety as well as for compliance in your own storage system.

4. Maintain

Having completed your garage make-over with flying colors, exert all your effort to maintain it. It was not an easy task to say the very least, so don’t let all that hard work go to waste. Ensure that your garage which has been transformed into a fantastically organized, multi-functional space stays that way by maintaining it on a quarterly basis year after year. Avoid letting it slip back to the previous chaos that it was!

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There is a wonderful feeling after having done a great job. Your garage can be transformed from a dumping ground into a workshop, a den, a playroom, or heck – whatever your heart desires. It’s yours and you can have a blast enjoying it now!