In a world where space is money, it is such a waste when it is left as open space without a thought to how else it can be utilized. Garage space is one such area of the house that is often overlooked by homeowners. So if you happen to have a big garage with lots of available space and wondering what you can do about it, then you have come to the right place and this article is perfect for you. Here you will learn some storage ideas for your garage which can help you plan on converting the said space into something of use. The question remains on who owns the garage?

Garage Storage Ideas

Garage storage solutions for home

You may think it is a simple question, but it’s not. Since the garage will undergo some alterations, there has to be consent from those who will be affected by this. The question actually refers to who has a say in the undertaking and more importantly, who should be responsible for the project. Although both the man and the woman in most families drive cars, many homeowners naturally assign the garage concerns to the man. The woman in contrast and by tradition, takes care of the kitchen. Speaking of garages, it can have uses or purposes other than housing your cars. You just have to be aware and learn how this can be done.

Garage storage solutions

What Can a Garage Store?

So what are the things that your garage can help store for you?  First and foremost, what are stored in your garage are the things that are related to it such as car tools, kits, vehicles, etc. But other things related to your home may also be stored in your garage. These could be things that you seldom use and therefore have no need to be placed inside the house. Cleaning materials may likewise be stored in the garage. As these include solutions that could be harmful or dangerous to family members especially children, it would be best to keep them out of sight and out of reach. The garage is the perfect place for this purpose. All that is needed is a storage cabinet with a lock for added security.

garage-storage-cabinets Storage cabinets are available in the market in numerous kinds and designs. You can also choose among the many sizes and colors that manufacturers offer.

Garden equipments can also benefit from the storage properties of a garage. Other items such as lawnmowers and shovels need not be kept inside your home to avoid dirt from these items from being deposited in the house. Bicycles and motorcycles are also welcome in the garage.

If you have a small kitchen, you can store some kitchen utensils and equipment in this place. If you don’t have a washing area in your home then install your washing machine and/or dryer in this part of the house as well.

You don’t really have to worry about water supply for washing clothes and other things because the connection for a water outlet can be easily done, with water logging chances quite low. Incidentally you can also store your kids’ toys and unused stuff here. This need usually arises when the children leave the nest when they are grown up.


Instead of using their vacated rooms as a storage area for the stuff they have left behind, you have the option to convert it or them into guestrooms. If at some point in the future your kids feel the need to pull these out, all they need to do is go to the garage.

There is one area in a house that most people are unaware could be converted into a storage space. It is the ceiling. With some provisions, it can hold things that you and your family only have seasonal use for.


For this purpose seasonal clothes or wardrobes can be stored up above in your garage ceiling. Just get bins in which to put this kind of stuff in, and with some effort you will be able to put them up there. The only time you may need access to these bins annually will probably be only twice, one when you have to store them up and two when it is time to use them again when there is a change of seasons. Or vice-versa. This also means that when you return the last season’s stuff up there, you can simultaneously bring down the current season’s stuff. Doing it this way will save you some effort.

Your garage ceiling can also hold another kind of household item – your outdoor furniture. Wintertime does not call for any need for these since people spend their time at home indoors. Leaving out this furniture to weather the weather at these times is not wise, as doing so will cause damage to them eventually. The signs may not be immediately evident, but sooner or later if you continue on this same practice then your outdoor pieces will show evidence of wear and tear from being exposed to less than ideal weather conditions. You can definitely preserve the life of these items simply by installing shelves in your garage ceiling to securely hold these pieces during weather conditions other than sunny.


The Garage Has Other Purposes

Believe it or not, your garage can be an ideal place for family bonding. There are activities usually done only in garages that allow family members to help one another and interact. For example, some minor repair jobs or projects can occur here and surprisingly it could even turn out to be a lot of fun.


On afternoons, doting fathers and their kids can talk with each other about the latter’s favorite ideas while mothers take a short nap. If you are the type who allows their children to conduct minor and safe experiments and do not panic when it creates some mess, then bonding moments in this area of your home can be meaningful. It could even be related to your kids’ school assignment or their science projects.  A few inexpensive but practical storage ideas can provide much function as well as bonding moments for the whole family.