There are two (2) kinds of gazebos. The first one is a permanent structure, while the second kind is the pop up gazebo. But for both kinds of gazebos, you are going to need lighting for when it gets too dark. There are factors to take into consideration when looking for the right lighting. The first factor is knowing what kind of gazebo you have. The other is knowing what the lights are for.

Gazebo Chandelier

For a pop up gazebo, you have a choice between an outdoor chandelier and outdoor string lights. Patio gazebos are portable and are therefore not intended to support a traditional heavy chandelier. A traditional chandelier can be made of wrought iron, a material that has a lot of weight. They can have a maximum weight of sixty pounds or even more and are not safe to hang in a non-permanent structure. Because of this, you can say that weight is an important consideration in choosing an outdoor chandelier for an outdoor portable gazebo. In addition, there are outdoor chandeliers that need to be attached to a solid structure using a hardwire. It is advisable to select or opt for an outdoor chandelier that has a lighter weight for this purpose. One that has only a number of lights with a cord and plug is a smart choice.


Outdoor string lights

The other kind of light fit for a movable or pop up gazebo are outdoor string lights. If you are wondering how or what they look like, just think of your Christmas lights that are used to decorate or light up your Christmas tree by hanging them around it. They are characterized by a string of bulbs that are small. Instead of giving a bright light, these give out diffused brightness.  They serve the purpose of accentuating an object or a place, rather than being the center of a design. These can be attached to the structure of your portable gazebo by using tiny plastic ties.


Unlike pop up gazebos, non-portable or fixed gazebos have more lighting options that are available. Because fixed gazebos can accommodate wiring, an outdoor chandelier or one that weighs a little heavier can be used.  As an added protection, outdoor weather covers can be utilized for the chandelier outlets.  If a chandelier is not your type of lighting fixture for your outdoor permanent gazebo, you can opt for a flush mount ceiling kind of lighting. Together with this, railing lights and sconces that can be mounted on walls can make your gazebo brighter. Relaxation is usually the purpose of a gazebo, but some people consider reading or solving crossword puzzles as relaxation activities. Depending on what the users of the gazebo prefer, it is better to have more than one lighting option to suit your mood. So, you might want to consider having lighting provisions that can be turned dimmer or brighter.


Both the pop up and the permanent gazebos can be decorated with or lighted with small outdoor lights. Just a word of caution, should you opt for them, make sure to check that the wire insulation or wiring is in good condition. You can choose to entwine them around the posts and railings of the gazebo, or they can be neatly and securely attached wherever you wish by tiny brackets and screws.

Remember that you have a lighting type whatever your gazebo kind is. There are outdoor chandeliers, lighting fixtures meant to be mounted on walls, and of course the string lights. All of these can bring life and functionality to your gazebo.


There are numerous gazebo lighting options. As with anything, it is best that you plan ahead then narrow down your smart choices to the ones that meet the requirements of your gazebo. Outdoor chandeliers that can be used for gazebos are definitely a classy alternative.