Gazebos are addition to a yard that instantly needs a transformation. It not only works as a place where you can have a nice relaxing time in the evening or any part of the day but ca also serve as a center of attraction of a garden landscape. Gazebos are easy to build and can be done if you have a detailed diagram of the design.

You can always associate gazebos as a place where you have your own private moment with yourself or a place where you can have your guests around. Traditionally the structures are made of wood but it can be made from different materials like cement, stone or glass. In case you need a wooden one the choice of wood matters in giving you the final look. Cedar or Redwood suits best for such structures.

DIY Gazebo Plans

Gazebo-Plans-Hexagonal Gazebo plan – Hexagonal blueprint

As with any designs, having a proper plan is best before executing the work and it goes with a gazebo plan. There are simple ways to build your own gazebo like ordering a kit where you get everything, all the materials that are required and ready to be fixed. Whereas the hard and rewarding way is building it from scratch all by yourself by referring to a blueprint.

If you want to go the hard way then you should have some carpentry skills along with the required equipment. Choose a spot that is just perfect. No low lying areas should be selected since there are chances of water inundation during rainy season. Before building your own gazebo ensure that the codes of the locality are followed and you have permit for carrying out the foundation work. This is to avoid unnecessary attention and hindrance in your work.

garden-gazebo Garden gazebo

After the foundation is set you may plan for putting the flooring material. Start by joining the posts with planks with the help of deck screws. While doing so level the planks properly and make it more durable by joining it with the center posts. For the final setting you may attach the planks with the frame.

Roofing is the part where you will spend most of your time. As the job looks daunting, many people prefer hiring professionals but it can be done easily. What you all need is a perfect plan as you will realize that roofing of a gazebo requires cuts that are angled. Select the best weather resistant material for durability.

gazebo_design Building gazebo

As with the deck, start off the roof with a frame that will hold the roofing materials in place. Attach the frames with galvanized screws firmly and in place so that the roof do not move. Place the top ridges in position and then proceed to the hip rafters. Fixing the hip rafters is the task where you need extra attention as it involves angles that need to be placed perfectly to have a sturdy roof.

After the hip rafters the intermediate rafters need to be fixed in place. Intermediate rafters should be cut at right angles and placed with equal distance from each other. The roofing sheet comes next which are covered by tar paper. Shingles are fixed on the tar paper using roofing tacks so that it is fixed in place.


Finally the railings are installed in between the roof and the floor. Always refer to the blueprint as you carry out your task. Installing the railing makes your gazebo look complete and decorated. As said before a plan of work is always desirable before executing the task. It helps you be on track and focused to the idea.