The chair market nowadays is abundant with so many makes and models of chairs that is has become saturated. But this situation is advantageous to creative people who are in one way or another connected to the chair market because there are so many choices available. Philippe Starck is the inventor and maker of one of the best chairs in the market today also known by the name “ghost chair”. They are highly durable, weigh lightly, and conveniently movable.

Philippe Starck Louis Ghost Chair

Philippe Starck Ghost Chair The year was 2002 when these particular chairs were introduced into the market by a company known as Starck & Kartel. Even prior to the “ghost chair”, this outfit had a reputation for creating chair brands with a flair for innovation such as utilizing polycarbonate. Since then, Starck & Kartel has incorporated enhancements to match current trends. It has also used old designs but included more materials into the prototype. The “ghost chair” of Philippe Starck is available in various designs and is being sold by most furniture stores. The colors that you can choose from are crystal, straw, pale orange, straw yellow, opaque, ice green and even glossy white. They also come in colors other than the ones just mentioned and one of them is a type of black that is opaque and is also glossy. These chairs oftentimes weigh lightly and their physical appearance suggests this as well. They have a beautiful color that looks very natural upon closer scrutiny. They are a clear indication that filling a single type of mould with polycarbonate successfully produces beautiful and durable chairs. In fact, this technique increased chair quality more than older models such as the La Marie variety.  Maximum comfort and support were the considerations that were given attention in the design of the “ghost chairs” which resulted to great back support for every unit.

ghost chair desk Ghost chair & desk

Philippe Starck’s body of work as a top designer has become famous all around the world. The introduction of the elongated stool that comes with a rounded appearance has been credited to him. He has become a figure who is celebrated among furniture and interior design circles as a result of the great appreciation by the same group of people for his contribution to their field. Strong artistic and designing skills are intrinsic to this icon. Among his contributions to the furniture industry is a fresh technology which he himself pioneered, one that can make stools that are almost see-through. These specific stools are available in many colors and in three (3) distinct heights. With innovation, his work was further developed by creating matching chairs. Philippe Starck became even more famous due to this, and the chairs became equally famous as “ghost chairs” for their ghostly appeal.

clear ghost chair Clear ghost chair

The dimensions of a classic type of chair are 36.2″, 18.7″, 21″ deep and 21″ wide, and 26.25″ arm. A $35 charge for pre-shipments and pre-orders for shipping within the United States is accepted by Starck & Kartel. A customer can avail of a single shipping fee for a minimum order of a chair set consisting of at least four (4) units. The company is enforcing this shipping policy in order to maintain their profitability.

ghost chair fur Accessorize ghost chair with fur for that luxurious look

Innovation has become the cornerstone or mark of Philippe Starck chairs. One of the techniques used to make this possible is using the age range of the specific target market as a basis for design and composition which are meticulously incorporated into every chair. The clear Louis chair as an example is made for children. Kids love them as they are imbued with colorful and various exciting designs that are unique. You can have custom-made chairs done only for you provided your ordering size is at least fifty (50) units.

ghost chairs for dining room Ghost chairs for the dining room

Ghost chairs which are available in IKEA stores as well as other furniture stores around the globe are regarded in the world of furniture design as a rare invention and a revolutionary product. It paved the way for the creation of additional fresh designs by serving as a jump-off point, more specifically in the use of polycarbonate for added durability. Ghost chairs offer a significant level of relaxation as well as a high degree of comfort because they are big and durable. Those who have tested them are living proof of their exceptional quality. They are very practical to have as they serve many uses and are adaptable to a wide range of places from private homes to hotels to offices, and more.