Hanging room dividers are a good substitute for doors. When placed in small rooms, they look especially sophisticated-looking. Privacy is not the only thing they provide, the design of your home is likewise enhanced.

In the event that you are constrained to set up concrete walls in the middle of your room, then these hanging room dividers become handy. They blend very well with the interior of your home, as well as being creative and distinctive. A lot of people go for these because of this reason. You may incorporate a few original ideas such as placing panels, divider screens, or colored curtains.

Room Divider Ideas

Curtains are considered to be the best alternative available because of the cheap cost and the ease with which they are maintained.

Hanging Room Divider

Having hanging room dividers that are particularly designed for your home is better. Following are some room dividers from which you can select depending on your preference.


Thinner panels of room dividers also known as screens are for sure naturally attractive. They are considered as ornamental or decorative room dividers due to their mixture of colors and innovative or creative designs.

room divider screen

Screen Room Divider

By hanging it from the ceiling with the use of a track, a screen can function as a hanging room divider. This allows flexibility and movement in any direction you wish.

The larger screens usually function as a division in between bathrooms and bedrooms or other rooms. But the smaller ones are utilized by some people mainly as a design element owing to their classy appeal, more so when they are placed in the living room.

room divider panels 88 Room divider panels


Modern Divider

Like blinds, the great thing about screens is that they can be pulled up when they are not necessary.


For glossy, well-designed, and sophisticated room dividers, there are the stylish panels that you can go with. They have similarities with curtains and also do not take up a lot of space. Hard resources or materials such as wood, vinyl, and plastic are usually used to build them.

glossy panel divider

Glossy design

A track can be used to hang a panel from the ceiling to serve as a hanging room divider. These usually are set or built to have the ability to be swung in two (2) directions when the need arises. Panels are similar to the sliding room dividers, but they differ in that the former can hang from the ceiling whereas the latter cannot. There are also many different beautiful designs and styles of panels.

People who prefer to have complete privacy choose panel hanging room dividers to be installed in their bedrooms or living rooms. They look a lot better than blinds, although they may look similar to each other.


Curtains are one of the cheapest hanging room dividers around. Since they are made of cloth, you have a wide selection of colors, patterns, and designs to choose from.

white curtain room divider

White curtains

Curtains allow you to be flexible in terms of being able to have from their vast selection whatever matches your home interior. If you are lucky to have a big room, you can install a hanging curtain rod and fit some curtains sectioned into two (2). Sheers and draperies can be added to enhance the overall look.

curtain bedroom divider

Curtain as Divider

The length of drapes are full, hence when they serve as curtain room dividers they make the room appear larger than it actually is. They provide a Victorian appeal or character to a room that is very classy.

Another kind of curtain room divider is beaded curtains. They section or segregate the space. Overall, selecting curtains for hanging partitions is a wise decision as they are both attractive and easy to maintain. More on using curtains as room divider.


room divider blinds

Using Blinds

Another kind of hanging room divider is vertical blinds. They are becoming more fashionable and popular as time goes by because of their features. It is easy to retract them and there is less or very little noise when this is done. You should choose this kind of hanging room divider if your room has a high ceiling. If you wish to add a unique touch, then hang wooden frames from the roof where potted plants can be placed. This would be quite an innovation and represents an uncommon manner of utilizing room dividers.