A home is where the heart and mind lives and making the right environment is essential for a lovely and cozy home. You might not be an expert in perfecting the interior arrangement and design of your home and sometimes consulting a professional becomes essential. With development of modern information technology and design techniques there are various options that you will be able to look for to suit your need. Common designs and patterns are widely available in the internet and magazines form where you can derive some ideas on how your home should look. Colors and furniture can be chosen to match the theme and plan of the interior.

General Interior Design Tips

modern_design-12 Furniture forms the main part of any interior and making a wise decision on it is a good investment. The priority is to look for the theme that you are interested in and the color of the paint. As most people may be inexperienced on designing the interior of the whole house, a wise approach would be to start off with a room which you feel comfortable with as a starting point. Focus on a single room at a time so that you will be able to do a neat job on each room. A calculation of the floor area and the dimensions of the room is needed to plan the room design. This becomes helpful when you want to draw out a picture of how you want to arrange the accessories and essentials in a room. Moreover, having a well-planned space utilization will save you the trouble of reorganizing and remodeling the room. Interior designers approaches in a professional manner by providing you with various options to choose from and even suggest the best arrangement. Here are few points that every interior designer considers before going for the final design.


Choosing the Right Color Combination

Colors form a major element in our daily life and so does in our living space. Choosing the right color and combinations of it will enhance the look of the house and also provide an appealing and comfortable feel of a house. As with any themes, home owners would prefer a serene and calm color for a bedroom and attractive war shade for the living room. Colors also reflects our mood and even shapes it too. So having the right color will add in the energy that you need in a house.


Filling up the empty walls

The walls will look dull if no decors are added. There are a lot of space to display your taste of art and crafts. With respect to the room design and theme of the design various wall decorative can be chosen to furnish the empty space.  This will not only ornate the room but will bring in the elegance that a room needs.

Flooring Plan

A large part of a room is on display in the form of the floor. Decorating the floor will add in a sense of completeness. Certain flooring materials like tiles, marbles etc. can be used in bathrooms and wood or wooden print vinyl flooring is ideal for living rooms.


The Bedroom Plan

Most of us desires to have a perfect bedroom because it is the place where we recharge ourselves for the next day. The bedroom should be relaxing and serene where you ca put away all your worries and take a break from all the errands of the day.


Keeping the doors and windows at its best will make your bedroom trouble free. The nee UPVC doors and windows is a good choice in case you want to have a durable and weather resistant door along with great aesthetics value.

As interior designing needs an intricate study of the room and chalking out possible arrangements of furniture and accessories it becomes a time consuming and brain taxing job. The professional interior designers will do the best job for you. You will probably save some money if the designing and planning part is outsourced to a professional. The job you find difficult will be done in a perfect way by them as they have got relevant experience in the field.

As with every room the bedroom should be in tune with the rest of the decors in the house. You may want to avoid anything that will interrupt with your restful sleep from your bedroom. If that is the case, it is wise to keep your laptops and other electronic items out of the room as they are frequently seen associated with disturbed sleep cycle.


For the furniture in the bedroom, consider a bed that looks luxurious and cozy. The color of the accessories around the room should have a calm and relaxing feel. There is no hard and fast rule for setting the furniture, the only thing is the arrangement should evoke a rejuvenating and relaxing environment in the room.

Bedrooms are associated with heavy textiles and clothes that are seasonal. For example in the winter you may need heavy quilt and in summer you do not want the comfort of a soft luxurious quilt. Therefore, it is good to have a good storage space in the room that is made inconspicuous. You can design some storage closet that is under the bed.

Make sure that the windows are designed in such a way that it allows natural light to drench the room. At the same time the color of the walls in the bedroom should not reflect a lot of light, use a color that is warm. The corners that are not bathed by sunlight may be artificially lit with light fixtures.


Adding in some natural plants will augment the sense of harmony in the room and it is well-described in Feng Shui. The closets that are fitted in the room will make your room free of stray clothes and other items. Always research before you design your bedroom as designs vary with time and also with budget. You may not want to change the design very often and at the same time may not want to spend a fortune on decorating your bedroom.

Bathroom Design

zen-style-bathroom The bathroom is the least visited by guests and lies in a closed corner and you guessed it right, it is always the most neglected part of the house. If you consider the furniture and accessories that are required by other rooms, you may realize that a bathroom can be decorated with the bare minimal accessories. Bathrooms can be designed in a practical and yet attractive manner. As there are a number of toiletries that are normally present in the bathroom an ample storage space is best designed to accommodate all of this and make the space organized and clutter free.

A bathroom that is designed in line with luxurious hotels are commonly seen in many homes these days. This kind of bathroom is well lit along, marble floored and fitted with tiles that makes it so attractively neat and clean. You may install a large mirror that will virtually make the space larger.  As with many hotels, beautiful wallpapers and some attractive design elements can be added.

Design of the bathroom depends upon the type of user and the number of people using it. For example you may want to have a separate guest bathroom that is different from your own. The design of both depends upon the home owner. A master bathroom must have all the essential elements of such a room whereas the guests should feel a sense of relaxation in the guest bathroom.


Materials that should be used in the bathroom should be durable and not fall for damage due to humidity as water is the main component of a bathroom. Vinyl tiles can be used in bathroom where many people have access to instead of the traditional ceramic tiles. Vinyl will be much more durable and will not break easily like with ceramic tiles. Cabinets made of steel or wood should be thoroughly checked for their quality as wood naturally swells in high humid environment and iron may rust in such situation.

Modern bathrooms are fitted with showers and bath tubs. There are variety of designs to choose from and also numerous materials are used in fabricating the bath tubs. As for example, fiberglass bath tubs may be light weight but they are prone to wear and tear and gets scratched very often. Old style cast iron or marble may provide the durability and elegance but are heavy on the pocket. Considering all such plus and minus points, acrylic is best considered for such a bath tub.


While fitting the shower it should be taken care that it is fitted according to the height of the occupant of the house.

The Living Room Design

The living room becomes the prime focus point of all rooms in a house. It is not only the space that you and your family get to enjoy some relaxing moment, but also an area where guests of the house arrives. Therefore, as the living room is the most important room you may want to have this area properly designed and planned. Hiring a professional will do the job justice to the type of job such as living room design.


In a modern home the accessories in a dining room represents luxury. The dining sets is an important component of any living room. Furniture and other decors should be able to blend well with such a set and not look like they for different patterns or designs ideas. Preference for bright colors is advisable since it tends to give the room a livelier look. However, make sure that the colors complement each other well. Some shades such as lemon, white, etc. is ideal for living room. It not only adds in the comfort feel but also gives your room a look of abundance in space. Always avoid dark colors as it will make the room appear smaller and will not reflect light.

The Brightness Factor

Make the living room comfortably bright so that the area is ideal for family gathering and activities. You may consider choosing light colors for the purpose and accessories such as draperies can be chosen with some bright color flower patterns or with monotones of light shades. Decorate the room with artificial or natural flowers which has naturally light colors to brighten up the corners of the house. A well decorated and maintained room will not only set the mood for activities with family but will also make your visitors remember the visit for a long time. Discover more top living room colors that you can employ for your home.


The Reflection

Mirrors work magic on smaller room. Almost every interior designer will suggest the use of mirrors for small rooms. This will make your room appear bigger than usual as it generates an illusion of open space beyond it due to its reflection. On the other hand, the reflection from the mirror will add in natural light into your room.

Doing the Floor

Floors are a major factor to be considered in any room. It is as more important than any of the other parts of a house and in fact it is much more important to have a beautiful floor to complement all your room décor. Design of the floor depends upon the budget or the home owner but it should be elegant in its look. You may consider trying wooden floor that will complement with most of the interior design or ceramic tiles and mosaic will also work out good.  Make sure you provide ample walking space around the room.

The Lighting

Without lighting a room is as good as not having any sensible décor. Plan a source of light which may be from the natural source such as windows or from other electrical source like fluorescent bulbs.


Kitchen Design Ideas

There are varieties of kitchen designs that are available today. Starting from the cabinets or drawers or storage and even furniture of the kitchen there are numerous options that you can have a perfect combination. Kitchen is the most versatile area that can be given a totally different look by changing just a component in the design. Since there are numerous options available with the design it is better to have a thorough survey and research before finally coming to a conclusion.


Cabinets of a kitchen is the most important aspect as they are the most conspicuous component in the cooking area. Cabinets comes in a wide range of assortment. The most important thing is to estimate the size of the area that the cabinets should occupy. Cabinets can be placed under the counter or touching the ceiling. Consider using a lot of drawers as it helps you keep more organized than shelves. Keep some storage space for the cleaning materials such as brooms and mops. There are varieties of door designs for the cabinets. The open glass front doors are ideal for display of luxurious china wares. The doors can be flat panel, raised of recessed as it may suit you. The color of the cabinets should be chosen on such a way that it compliments or blends with the wall color of the room. Lighter colors will always make your kitchen look more spacious and will certainly give a clean look.


Apart from the cabinets the counter tops are the most visible aspect in a kitchen. Durable and easy to clean counter tops are good choice. Granite is the most widely used counter tops these days but there are variety of options such as laminates, ceramic tiles, or stainless steel. Materials used for fabrication of the counter tops should go well with the kind of cabinets that you want to install. An island in the kitchen can be another option in case you have a large floor space. It will add in the look of luxury and will provide you with a lot of storage space underneath it.


Flooring for the kitchen is as important as any other room in your house. Wooden floors, tiles, or laminates can be chosen for the purpose. Even tiles and ceramics can work out good as far as the floor color and the kitchen cabinets complement each other. Sometimes a contrast of darker floor and light cabinet system works out good. Check for combinations that suits best for the kind of settings that you have.