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Many designs for home offices are an embodiment of both functionality as well as beauty. As you know, the level of functionality for an office has to be high so as to promote both functions as well as retain a high degree of organization. At the same time a home office must exude warmth and an inviting air to elicit from you good feelings or the willingness to actually spend your time in it. While they exist for the purpose they were intended, they also have to blend into the overall look of your home. Both practicality and creativity are combined to create the right design for a home office. Think of functionality as a foremost consideration in the first stages of designing your home office, and then apply your creativity later on to make it your very own personal space.


Those having a big home office have more design options to select from compared to homeowners having smaller home offices. You can choose the office furniture of your preference in terms of both functionality and the design it offers. For example, you might buy a table that has a lot of drawers for storage and a big workspace, or you might go for a particular office table for the mere style that it has. If you want a heavy and big table made of wood, make sure you have an available area for it. Match it with a big comfortable chair that has a similar design or one that will blend with the table of your choice. You must also consider if it is you who will solely use the desk and chair. Because if other members of your household or family will use the set, then it is advisable to purchase a chair with an adjustable height for flexibility. Filing cabinets are a common fixture in home offices as well. But gone are the days when they came in boring and basic metallic colors. Nowadays, they are available in rich wood finishes. If your home office is spacious, this means that you have more freedom to play with the space. You don’t have to get cabinets that will occupy most of the wall to maximize the space available. So you can opt for lower filing cabinets that have three (3) drawers. This will leave a portion of the wall behind it vacant so you can decorate the top of the filing cabinet with pictures and other decorative materials. Big home offices also provide you with more options for wall colors. Deep rich hues or lighter neutral shades are good choices for your walls that can serve as a backdrop for picture frames and framed credentials such as diplomas that you can hang on the walls. Lastly, be sure lighting is sufficient to prevent your eyes from being strained due to inadequate lighting.

small-home-office Unfortunately, many homeowners have only small home offices. When this is the case, the primary consideration in designing one should be functionality because being an office; it must first and foremost be conducive for work. But at the same time, there must still be several ideas for its creative design. If your space is really just equal to the minimum, then it may not be possible for you to fit in a filing cabinet. You can still have storage space for your files and documents though by firstly selecting an office table that is compatible with your office space. The same table has to have a drawer or drawers with locks so it can function as a filing cabinet. A trick to make your small home office appear bigger is to utilize the corners in your office. Choose a corner table for this purpose; it will consume less floor area. Do not paint your walls with a dark shade as this will contribute to making your office look smaller. Rather, choose light or neutral hues for your walls to get the opposite effect which is to make your office look bigger. You can stamp this personal space of yours a.k.a. your home office with personal pictures, diplomas, certificates, and other items.

One vacant full room is sometimes not available to be converted into a home office. Oftentimes a home office has to be built within one room which usually happens to be the family room. When this is the case, simply isolate an area to one side of the room or in a corner for your home office. The type of office table that you will need for this kind of predicament or arrangement is a fold away desk that when closed up will look similar to an armoire or a cupboard with shelves. This type of desk is the perfect furniture for a small home office within a room because it can double as another piece of furniture that is still useful, eats up less room, and doesn’t look out of place.

Ultimately, the final design for your home office will be a blend of functionality and your personal style. Keep in mind both your needs or requirements for a home office as well as the size of the room when designing one. Stamp it with small touches that are personalized to give it a homey feel. Ensure the correct brightness or lighting to make your home office conducive for working and reading.


3 Factors That You Must Consider When Designing Your Home Office

Following are the three (3) needed factors to ensure that your home office functions fully to help you in achieving your best for the success of your business.

1)  The location of your home office

The location of your home office within your home is a crucial factor to its effectiveness and to the preservation of the privacy of family members. Whether it’s a new thing for them because you just transferred or it is your first time to set up a home office, or you are just shifting locations, it must not be an intrusion into the privacy of household members. The needs and habits of the people living in your home must be given consideration.

Take for instance, what will happen to your home office and the surroundings should your daughter or son hold a party at home. This leads to an urgent concern on whether your home office is located within another room such as a living room where the party could be held. Or is it safely and conveniently tucked away in a separate room with separate office furniture and color combinations to match?

2)  The future growth of your business

Let’s say the home business that you had started goes on to become a successful venture such that it is time for an expansion. You might want to ask yourself if during the planning stages or conceptualization of your new business, is there a need to anticipate or prepare for a possible expansion?  And what could possibly be the type or kind of expansion that you foresee?

Take for instance will there be a need for more employees?  Or will it probably still be you alone, while the expansion will be in terms of additional or more able computers?  Keeping in mind a possible expansion plan in the future is a smart design strategy for your home office.

3)  The home office design theme

It is not uncommon to surmise or to think that because your home office is in your home, that you should give it the same design as your home interior. It is definitely one option. But you could also choose a totally different theme from the one in your home. The best alternative is either one, so long as it is what you prefer and what you think is ideal for your working space.


For instance, your home interior could be an oriental style while your home office appears like something from outer space. This is justifiable in the sense that only you can know what actually works best for yourself.

The three (3) factors I have just touched on are only a partial guide to forming or creating a home design that spells success. I simply attempted to assist you on how to think of ideas or solutions in designing your home office.

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