A dedicated area in your home is needed if you have a business that is home-based. In order to achieve and maintain efficiency for your business and maximize your work abilities, a properly designated area in your house to work in is essential. This contributes to the overall success of your home-based business. Your business will not be a success in the long-term by simply “making do”. For anyone who ever wants to work at home, it is a major task to decide on the best space in your home in which to locate your home office.

General Guidelines for a Good Home Office Layout

To have a home office, you have to take a good look and consider what part of your home can be converted into one. Think what option will entail the least amount of cost and fuss in so doing. This might mean considering what room can more readily be converted into such. Whatever you do, one thing is for sure. You can’t have kids running wild around you if you want to focus on your work, so settle for a room that will not mix work with family issues.

home office layout wall Typical home office layout – facing the wall

You have to consider how you are going to layout the office itself once you have decided on the actual location of your home office. Consider how big your desk is going to be and where you want to situate it within your office. Where are you going to place the filing cabinet if you even decide to be using one?  You can try sketching or drawing a rough draft of your plans on how you would like your home office to look like once the work is completed.

home office layout ideas Home office layout idea

The desk is one of the major pieces of furniture in any home office. It is one furniture unit that you cannot simply hope to work with the room by sort of leaving it to chance. Correct height must be an element of your prospective office desk (one that has an adjustable height is more expensive), and your office supplies and equipment must be accommodated by it. It is also ideal if extra space is left after the desk if filled with the necessary contents aforementioned. Take special care that your office phone is placed in a part of the office that is not cluttered.

After setting up your computer, there must be enough free workspace on your desk where you can write and lay documents. To maximize the working environment on your office desk, you would want to place your computer over to one side of it. This way, space is maximized while you still gain free and easy access to your computer. Straining over across your desk to reach anything is the last thing you would want to do.

Traditional home office design

Your chair is yet another major part of your home office. Make sure that you invest in something that is comfortable to settle in at worst for long periods of time ensuring that it won’t be a cause for pain, especially since you are bound to be stuck in it for many hours each day. To promote the correct and healthy posture for proper sitting as well as to allow you to comfortably sit, it is highly important for your body style and height to match whichever office chair you decide on.

The lighting in your home office is the last but certainly not the least factor that you need to give attention to. In creating your home office, good lighting is just as important an aspect as is anything else. Since it saves on electricity bills and also contributes to your good mental state while working, use natural light as much as it is possible. However, a table lamp or a floor lamp that can properly illuminate your entire desk is a sufficient lighting option for those early mornings or dark evenings when you have to work in your home office. Bear in mind that eye strain can be quickly damaging.

Modern office with downlight Modern office with downlight

A good desk, a good chair, a decent computer system, and proper lighting are the basic things that you should focus on in creating your home office. The actual and total expense you will encounter in setting up your home office is not as bad as you may first think.

Corner home office design

For you to be able to work comfortably and for your work productivity to increase, here are some of the practical tips that you can use for your home office:

  • The glare from the wrong placement of your computer screen can hurt your eyes, hence do not arrange your computer in such a way that the monitor is facing the window.
  • Position the biggest or tallest furniture in your home office at a location that is farthest from the door or point of entry. This will maximize the appearance of the room, making it look bigger that it’s actual size.
  • So you need only to use one (1) single chair when going from one (1) task to another, position your writing desk and computer desk either in an L-shaped angle or formation or back-to-back with two (2) feet in-between.
  • Shadows have to be minimized on your desk, so if your job requires the use of a drafting or drawing table then take precautions. If you are a right-handed person, there should be a window to the left of the drawing or drafting table, while the window should be to the right of the said table if you are left-handed.
  • Cabinets keep things accessible but not in the way of your work. For this reason, you should get storage cabinets (either wall-mounted or built-in on your work desk) and filing cabinets where documents, additional office supplies, books, and manuals can be kept.
  • It is necessary to have a window in your home office to let the air in so the room can have proper ventilation, but if this is not possible an air conditioner has to be installed.
  • Bundle wires and cords after having sorted them. To hide unsightly wires, there are good spots behind work stations and office cabinets.
  • Opt for a laptop and a cordless or wireless phone if you are irritated or fed up with wires and cords and simply want to be mobile in and out of your home office.
  • To ensure that you will not forget anything important, post or write down notes. Place a good old-fashioned corkboard or blackboard, or even a white board where you can see them well.
  • You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how fresh oxygen can decrease the stress of working all day long, so be sure to place real plants in your home office.
  • The color blue which promotes imaginativeness and progressiveness is a popular choice that you can opt to have since the color choice for your home office can also be important. On the other hand, white and cream tones for the walls are likewise highly popular, owing to the fact that the neutral colors of black, brown, and grey will most likely apply to most home office furniture.