There is absolutely no dearth in the type of medicine cabinets you can choose from, there are classy models for your spanking new bathroom as well as for those old guest bathroom cabinets which you want to replace.

There are overabundant choices for the lighting, door and mirror styles of your medicine cabinets. For optimal illumination, medicine cabinets also have some kind of a built in lighting. You may choose from a side light to a spot light or even go for a simple lighting from the top. The doors of medicine cabinets are mostly mirrored. These are available in a plethora of choices, you can go for a simple one or opt for a more intricate frame with attractive etches and beveled edges. To work perfectly well for both left and right handed people, these doors are sometimes reversible.


Medicine Cabinet Types

Essentially there are three different varieties of medicine cabinets, namely surface mounted unit, fully recessed unit and semi recessed unit.  Surface mounted units are easy to install but the back is flush to the wall, have mounting screws, and are visible and disturbing. You hang them exactly in the way you hang a painting on the wall. It does not require sheetrock cutting or framing of any kind. You will find a whole range of sizes and styles of these cabinets.

surface-mounted-unit Surface mounted

fully-recessed-unit Fully recessed unit

semi-recessed-cabinet Semi-recessed cabinet

On the other hand fully recessed medicine cabinets only have the door protruding with the body hidden inside the wall. These are placed between two studs, so if it larger than the gap between these studs then the studs have to be trimmed as well. Recessed units look elegant but require a lot of work while installing them. They require rerouting of plumbing and electrical and even the cutting of sheetrock. In spite of the hard work required for its installation, there is no doubt that these give your bathroom that chic and elegant look.

Semi-recessed parts are installed in the same way as the fully recessed units; the only difference is that these are not flush along the wall. Actually, these are the deepest kind, the doors of which protrude away from the sheetrock. Standard cabinets are nearly four inch deep while the semi recessed cabinets run eight inches deep. This lets it offer more storage space for you.

Buyer’s Guide

Medicine cabinets are not just a mere storage space for all your stuff but it has a great deal more than that to it. It the most vital furniture in your bathroom. You start your day by brushing the teeth in front of the mirror and probably end your day by stowing aside your grooming requisites. Knowing the fact that medicine cabinets are really significant to every bathroom, it is essential to choose the right cabinet unit according to your requirements. Here a buyer’s guide to assist and direct you before you head for a final purchase.


Medicine cabinets are a focal point to every bathroom as it is placed exactly over the basin. Every time you enter the bathroom to wash your hands, it is exceedingly likely that you’ll look at yourself on the cabinet mirror. Not only your family members but also your guests will be using it, so it is really important that you purchase a cabinet which is not just a mere storage unit but also looks attractive.

You will obviously want to look for a cabinet which offers you a good storage option. However big the storage area, it will never be sufficient for all bathroom essentials. Adding to that if you share the bathroom with a lot of family members then it is always better to have additional storage space for the everyday prerequisites. You will find a variety of medicine cabinets with a range of shelves in it where you can neatly and safely store that stuff which you want to stock away.


One thing that you should give a considerable amount of thought, before buying your medicine cabinet, is whether or not it will fix easily on your wall. Medicine cabinets are commonly placed above the basin area, so ensure that it possesses all the required fittings so that you can install them with ease, on the wall over your sink. Medicine cabinets are placed above the basin so that you get to store and later access all those essentials which are directly linked to the use of your basin, like brushing your teeth, shaving, washing your hands, etc.

It is highly beneficial to get a medicine cabinet with a mirrored door, in case you are installing it above your basin. It is convenient to have mirrors in your bathroom as you wish to use it every time you wish to groom up. Also mirrors in small bathrooms create an illusion of a brighter and bigger area.

After you have made up your mind about which cabinet you want to buy, it is vital to look at other aspects of cabinets. Talking about the type of door for medicine cabinets, you can opt to get ones with a sliding door or those which open from the front. You should remember to consider the availability of space in your bathroom so that the doors of your cabinet open with ease without being restricted by the limited size of your bathroom.


In-built lighting facility for your medicine cabinets is another aspect worth considering. This feature in your cabinet will make all the items stored in it clearly visible. You can easily search for things inside it with the help of lighted interiors.

Wooden finish cabinets are still a favorite. But just in case you style your bathroom with some modern décor then wooden cabinets may not match the overall theme and will appear to look overwhelming with other contemporary bathroom furniture and accessories. Keep in mind the décor and theme of your bathroom and work accordingly.

Your budget and the kind of installation work preferred plays the decisive role in selecting your cabinet. Whichever cabinet you buy, ultimately it will provide your bathroom with additional storage and elegance.