When it is time to update the decor in a room budget can be a large factor. It is quite easy to spend a lot of money but with some planning and some tricks decorating a room on a budget is a breeze! So if you want to decorate or freshen up a room with no to very low cost be prepared for some hard work, get ready to use your imagination, and make sure you have some time.

Decorating a room on a budget

If it is your living room that needs some work and you do not want to spend money on it strip the room of all knickknacks, clean it really good using shampoo on the carpet, polish the furniture, clean the windows and skirting boards. Every nook and cranny until it is gleaming. Now look at the main pieces of furniture and see if you can re-arrange them. Then gradually bring back what you removed. But take your time over each aspect and consider what you can do to improve on it, change it, update it.

decorate-bedroom Bedroom decorated with budget in mind

Window Treatments

Starting with your window treatments first of all do they need cleaning? Did you have several layers there before that you can simplify back to basics. Once they are clean and dry hang them out in a different way, have them pulled back if they used to hang straight, gather the pleating at the top differently, you can just use long seamstress pins, you do not need to know how to sew. You could also use a different tie or scarf to hold them.

simple-window-treatment Simple window treatment

Pictures that were once hung could be moved around or swapped for different ones in the house. It is okay to take some things out and keep them out so you create a feeling of more space. Group photos and accessories differently. Make sure as you bring back in the smaller items they are all clean and sparkly too. Another easy trick that has quite an impact is to simply change the wattage of light bulbs you use in lamps or overhead lighting. Shop around your own home, you probably have many things that would look great in the main room that are elsewhere.

pictures-on-wall Pictures on wall can make a lot of difference

If you have a small budget consider changing small details like replacing lamp shades, getting new curtains, adding a new throw or small rug. These are all things that can have a dramatic impact on a room without costing a fortune. Change the color or pattern to something more modern, instead of a picture put up a new mirror. Add some candles, get a new plant or use some dried flowers around the room. A nice lighting option is to use halogen lights in the floor as a way to highlight something in the room, like an antique table or plant. Safety does not have to be a concern as they do have features in place in case they fall over.

Moderate budget

If your budget is more moderate for decorating a room consider a fresh coat of paint on the walls. Take this chance to make a noticeable change but one that still works with your furnishings. Perhaps go lighter if your walls are dark for example. If your furniture is well used stick to soft colors as anything too bright would make it look shabby. You can also buy new slipcovers for your couch and chairs and architectural details can be stained or painted on your decor according to your style. Another great option is to re-purpose items, either something you own or something you buy from a warehouse. Take a door and turn it into some shelves.

dining-room-decoration Dining room decoration

Decorating a room does not require a lot of money. Look at your options, experiment with moving things around. Try to look at the room with a fresh set of eyes and let the ideas flow! Enjoy the process and the hard work will definitely be worth it.