Designing Bedroom On A Budget

Make your bedroom a peaceful and warm place that you would love to retire after a tiring day by redecorating it. A bedroom should vibrate harmony to rest not only your mind but soul too and it should be kept as high priority area for redecoration. Redesigning your bedroom comes very easily and the cost can be kept minimal with new renovating methods.

Use Software To Help In Designing

With today’s technology savvy era, things are made simpler such as redesigning your bedroom with the home design software. The software has special features and programs installed that helps in making a plan layout of the bedroom considering the existing area of the bedroom and recreating a new and improved one. The highlighted feature of the software is that it prevents waste of money and space by utilizing the available area for suitable furniture and accessories. What more can you ask for, this software has the uniqueness that it select the color pattern appropriate for the entire room and can even choose the color the curtains. The home design software comes very handy for those of you gearing up to redecorate your bedroom without even hiring a professional for the job.



Choosing the right set of color of paints for your bedroom walls is the next important task. Many web sites offer ideas with an array of color combinations to suit your style and the design of the room. Otherwise you can also go hunting for paint stores and choose your favorite color of paints. The choice of color combination should be such that it is supposed to soothe your senses and exert a vibe of positive energy. Neutral colors do not dwindle away as bright ones do and is more economically feasible in the long run. You can make colors play the trick by combining a solid color with accents creating a rather new look than the traditional plain appearance.


The Bed

The bed is one piece of furniture that will require a good investment as it is the resting place for you to relax your body and mind. A comfortable bed is the spotlight of a perfect bedroom and while redecorating your bedroom the main focus should be given to it. You can either change just the mattress to a cozy one or recreate a canopy – style bed by attaching material right from the ceiling down. And if you have a flare for sewing, spare duvet covers can be tailored by sewing bed linens together and putting buttons for joining the sheets.



A stylish headboard will further change the look of your bed. A second hand headboard can be purchased from car boot sales. If you have free time to spare, the headboard can be designed effortlessly by yourself using an old door by scrubbing the dirt off with sand paper and painting with a matching color to your bed.

After a day’s labor you would surely find serenity in the ambience of your bedroom. It is a place where you can recharge and reload for the next day. So keep it as relaxing as possible to add productivity and energy into life. You have worked enough in your office and you need not bring in the files to the bedroom too or else your bedroom will become another work place. Make sure you keep all the work files away and out of sight in your bedroom. Dedicate the room only to relaxation and bliss. Keep the room clutter free and organized with the help of small storage accessories like duvet bags, card board boxes or small cabinets that can be neatly tucked under your bed and out of sight.


An addition of mirrors can greatly enhance the look of your bedroom and bring in some sort of energy into it. You can place a well-maintained mirror which can be oval or rectangular in shape and can be used for dressing up or putting a nice make-up or set your hair right before going out. Mirrors can be framed with wood that will add in the elegance in the room. If you cannot afford a large mirror that is properly framed, then a small one will do the job. Fix the mirror on the wall neatly in a decorative manner.



To add in the look of opulence and luxury, a throw rug can be used for the décor. But before buying one makes sure your bedroom has enough space for the same. Your local store will have rugs that are expensive looking but available in a cheap price. You may also consider the size and color as well as the pattern of the rug to match up with the room.

A small bookshelf that is not overloaded like a reading room or a library may be installed in the room. It can really add the luxurious and sophisticated feel of the room. Small books that can be read before bed may be displayed on it. And to make it blend into the room décor, paint it to suit the wall color.


Another accessory that can be added if you have space is a mantelpiece. It can augment the look of the room and can be used for display of various decorative items like photographs, pictures, mementoes, etc. It is a décor that can be easily installed and available in various sizes and shapes to suit your room.


A bedroom should have the best lighting arrangement in a house. Apart from the illumination from the ceilings you may consider adding in some lamps that can be independent and elegant. Use advantage of natural light to the fullest by drawing up the curtains and blinds whenever it is advisable to allow healthy natural sunlight into the room. If the natural light source is limited then you may enhance it by installing mirrors which reflects light to make the room brighter.


Making your room more beautiful and attractive is not so tough and need not spent a lot on extra decors. You need not spend more money on designer furniture of high class decorative. Personalizing the décor and making the room as comfortable as it can be is the main objective of the article.