For most people the dream of having a big bed to sink into at night can only be a possibility if you have a very large bedroom to fit it in. But in fact while a larger room does make it this easier to do, having a small bedroom does not necessarily rule out your ideal big bed if you are willing to do some reorganization. Here are some ideas on re-arranging your furniture to fit a big bed in your bedroom if space is a bit tight.

big bed small bedroom

How To Fit In That Big Bed

Do you need the additional furniture in the room?

One thing to consider is whether all of the furniture in your bedroom is really necessary or whether some of it can be moved elsewhere. For example book cases, or shelving for accessories while nice are not an essential in that room. These things can be kept elsewhere to free up some space for your big bed. Even small bedrooms can have large beds if you take a minimalist approach with your other furniture!


Think about what you really need there and what can either be stored in a different manner or moved completely to a different room. Yes you need somewhere to put your clothes, so a closet and a set of drawers can stay. A bed side table to hold your clock and possibly a lamp are also going to take up little room so can stay.  A desk or stool or comfy chair though are more luxuries that can be re-considered until you either switch to a smaller bed or get a larger room!

Can you rearrange things to give you the room you need for your big bed?

Take this chance to re-organize things better so that you can save space. Things you use daily should be within reach, out of season clothing can be stored at the back of the closet or even elsewhere. Be neater! Keeping things where they need to go, folding and putting away clothing, organizing accessories are all things you can change that will give you more room. Use the corners of the room, move furniture around. Since the big bed is your focus, plan where that is going to go and have the rest of the furniture arranged around it.


Make Use of Vertical Space

Don’t forget to use the vertical space in your room. Many people overlook this opportunity. Rather than taking up floor space with storage units, create shelving that goes up the walls. If you need a study area as well as a big bed in the room consider something like a Murphy bed or a loft bed. There are various sizes and styles to suit everybody and you can gain storage as well as a place to work. This is a great solution if you have nowhere else to create a work station that you need. Check out our guide on how to build your own Murphy bed. You can even combine your Murphy bed with some DIY cabinets for more functionality to your Murphy bed.

Murphy bed for small bedroom

The fact is a big bed in a smaller room will make that space feel smaller and you will need to think about the rest of the furniture. However it does not rule out having a big bed if that is something you really want to have.