For many people the laundry room is a part of their house they only go into when they have to and therefore it is not a place they have decorated with much thought. But considering the amount of time you have to spend there it makes sense to put some thought into its layout and design to make it a place more pleasant to be in, and to make the chore of laundry go easier. For most homes the laundry room is sparse, plainly decorated with little color. This article offers some ideas to brighten up the room and make it more aesthetically pleasing as well as some more practical advice on organization. In just one weekend you can have a laundry room that is greatly improved and more fun to have to enter.

neat-laundry-room Neat & tidy laundry room

Ideas On How To Design The Laundry Room

Wall color

Unless you live in a very big house, most laundry rooms are small in size so the color you use in there is quite important. Dark colors will make it feel too enclosed and suffocating and will actually also make your clothing appear more drab than it really is too! An easy and low cost way to lift the room is to paint it in light shades or bright colors. It will make it feel more open and more cheerful. Primary colors such as green or blue may suit bolder tastes, or pastel tones with soft yellow trim for those who want something softer.

pleasant-wall-color Pleasant wall color will light up the area

Lighting is important

If it is possible find a way to let some sunlight into the room. Even when scrubbing a stain out of a shirt over your sink, if you are bathed in sunlight it is hard to stay grumpy. Choose window furnishings that fit in with the rest of the decor or something neutral and light. If sunlight is not possible make sure the area is well lit with electrical lighting. You need to be able to check clothing for stains before it becomes too dried in to remove. Something like track lighting might be a good choice. Another great option to consider is having sensor lighting installed. You often have your hands full with dirty washing going into the room, or clean washing coming out, so having lighting that turns on when you enter and off when you leaves would men no more having to juggle things to free up a hand.

sunlight-laundry-area Let the sunlight into the room

Make it a fun place

There are several fun ways you can decorate the laundry room to make it more interesting and unique.

1)    Along one wall have a clothes line on which you can hang odd socks, a range of outfits your kids have outgrown from baby up, vintage clothing found at thrift stores. You could even find the old fashioned wooden pegs to hang them up with.

2)    Put up a message board or cork-board where you track family activities, leave notes for each other, have each others schedules up, have a list of chores up.

3)    If you like vintage items but the old baby clothing is not your thing how about finding some vintage metal signs to put up. You can get them from antique stores, thrift shops, fairs and even eBay.

4)    If you or someone in your family is arty how about creating a mural on the walls. It can be in whatever theme you want and gives you something to enjoy and look at while you fold clothes.

Practical tips

The best flooring, especially if the room is upstairs, is tile. Easy to clean and can handle some water drips without warping or getting mouldy. If you want something to soften the room you could always get a rug, it would add some color and give a place for the family pet to lie down! Put liner with a lip under the washer to catch any splashes from when the water drains.

laundry-room-floor Sample flooring

If the room is a good size or you are in the process of converting a small room into a laundry room and you have some sewing skills, think about having a small sewing machine put in. Often you may notice tears that need repair, seams that need strengthening, when doing laundry and you then have to put the clothes to one side to take care of elsewhere. If you have your sewing set up here you can get it done straight away then just add the clothing to the rest of the clean clothes waiting to be put away. You can also keep all of your threads, buttons and so on in this room.

Make sure you have a lot of storage in your laundry room, shelving, cabinets and so on. Often homeowners underestimate how much they need in this room. Getting cabinets that go all the way to the ceiling means added storage space as well as not having to try to dust the top of cabinets now and then when cleaning the room.

perfect-example Organized & neat!

A lot of people skip ironing nowadays, hanging up clothing when it is washed, or they pay to have someone do it for them. But it is always useful to be able to have the option to iron if you need or dare we say, want to! Have an ironing board stored in a cupboard on one of the walls that can then be pulled out and then put away again out of sight until next needed. It also gives you some ‘counter’ space for putting piles of clothes on should you need it.