Futon refers to traditional Japanese bedding which is pliable and can be stored away after use. These are flat padded mattresses with a cloth exterior stuffed with cotton or wool. The western adaptation of a futon is placed on a configurable metal or wooden frame, which folds in the middle to act as a couch and flattens for bed, thus fulfilling the dual purpose of a bed and a couch.

IKEA provides you with futon bunk beds which save space and make your room resourceful for other activities. Utilize your futon as a bed to sleep in at night and during the day it could function as a couch. They are unexpectedly economical at the same time they look grand.

Futon bunk bed

Futon Bunk Bed Frames

From a wide range of frames for your futon bunk bed, you can pick one which is most suitable to you. The metallic frames have an exclusive, individualistic appearance and are available in many different colors to choose from. You might also prefer a wooden framed bed which comes in thousands of styles. Many favor these as the planks are wider and nearer together, supporting the mattress better. These are also more comfortable due to its slat supports. But at the end it’s all about preferences.

IKEA futon bunk bed hack

The bottom futon can be unfolded and lay flat to be used as a bed. Some of these beds need room for movement while unfolding the futon flat, so they need to be localized five to six inches aside to the wall. Therefore try searching for “wall huggers” that can be placed against a wall allowing the futon to lay flat. Hence, the conversion from a couch to a bed will become smooth and easy, more so if you have to do it every day.

Futon bed double as sofa

The futon has to be really comfy if you are using it as a real bed to sleep on every night. Comfort is essential especially for a good night’s sleep, so spending a bit more should not be a problem. Futons stuffed only with cotton are cumbersome and need extra care. Cotton and polyester is lighter and can be shifted easily. They are absolutely comfortable and maintain loft longer. Cotton and foam futons do not sag and are soft and comfy. Inner spring mattresses offer the comfort of a regular mattress but are a little more expensive.

Futons Double as Couch

Futons are used as both a couch and a bed so it receives a fairly good amount of traffic. Use futon covers to save your mattresses from any wearing and spilling. You should know that all bunk beds have a durable cover already, which can be used as bed covering.  But you can always try covers in different colors and patterns to give a newer look to your mattresses as well.

Futon bed that can be converted to a couch

If you are living in a small space apartment then IKEA bunk bed is just the thing you need. The choice of using it as a couch and a bed supports various standards of living. It is ideal for a college going kid or a teenager. It is not only functional but also very impressive.


The futon used in Japan is directly laid on the floor. These futons have gained popularity mainly in parts of the US where living space is small. The dual functionality of transforming it into a bed or a couch with a choice of placing it on a metallic or on a wooden frame has made futon very trendy and a favorite among people with a certain lifestyle. These are best used in guest rooms to make the most of the space available to you.