Has limited space in your bedroom? Consider IKEA Murphy bed as this special bed is the perfect space saver. It is easy to install and use, just like any other IKEA products. Now that we know how beneficial this product is, what exactly is a Murphy bed? This innovative product is actually a bed that can be properly kept and hidden out of sight when not in use. This can be done either vertically or horizontally, it could be hidden behind cabinets, and it clears your floor area to make it bigger and more available for other uses or furniture. It is perfect to place in a guest room as well as college room. They are a very practical choice for one-room flats, as well as kids’ rooms to give them more play space. It is actually comprised of other IKEA furniture items combined to create a fabulous Murphy bed.



You can achieve a clean, flowing, and hassle-free feeling for your room by having an IKEA Murphy bed. A room that has more floor space with beautifully designed cabinets by its walls gives off a light and airy aura. You have the option to use the open space for multi-purposes. During the day your foldable bed stays hidden behind these cabinets so you can have the space it vacated for your kids’ games, your hobbies, etc. When it’s time for bed, simply open the cabinet and take out the Murphy bed so you can have a comfortable good sleep.

This is an excellent choice for college students renting rooms or apartments. Since they are not earning their own money yet and have to depend on their parents or on a limited scholarship, the IKEA Murphy bed is a great solution due to its affordable price. Senior citizens who usually have small apartments will also benefit from having a Murphy bed in that this will widen their room during daytime at the same time lending to it a new feel.


So don’t forget to consider a Murphy bed from IKEA which will allow your kids to enjoy a more spacious room in the day time, or alternate it with a table so you can make crafts or engage in other hobbies. This type of bed is surely your best choice. A hack kit of which you can easily purchase will guide you on what IKEA furniture to purchase so that with these, you can assemble or create an IKEA Murphy bed.

A great cabinet option where you can hide your bed is with IKEA’s Pax wardrobe cabinet system. The size is big enough to accommodate hiding or storing behind it a queen-sized bed. It’s easy enough to assemble them. Both the cabinets and the bed will only require one (1) afternoon to put together. And you will not be needing much to accomplish this. Basic tools and an average capacity to understand simple directions are all that’s needed. Before setting out to begin the assembly, double-check all the parts that should be included in your purchase and make sure that everything you need is there. This will avoid feelings of disappointment at not being able to finish the task you set out to do. It will also save you the effort of going back to the store due an incomplete package.


Build Material

  • Murphy bed kit is available here.

I recommend that everyone install a Murphy bed from IKEA today. It is a very innovative, practical, and highly functional way to maximize your space.

IKEA Murphy bed plans

Plans for IKEA Murphy bed are not common, but some branches offer them for as low as eight dollars ($8) and use IKEA furniture parts.

The plan price of $8 as well as the cost of the parts is both good prices. With this low cost, you can have a Murphy bed that saves a lot of space while being easy on the pocket at the same time. You incidentally have options with regards to the finishing and the style that you want because IKEA provides furniture that can be customized according to your preference.


Murphy bed defined

Simply put, it is a bed that you can fold down when you need it then fold up and tuck away from sight behind cabinets. If children will be the ones using them, you can buy either the twin size or the full size for kids. But if it is meant to be used by adults, then your can have the queen size which is great for guest rooms and for your own use. IKEA Murphy bed plans can offer you a sleep or rest with a higher comfort level compared to the regular foldable sofa beds. An Murphy bed can fit and feel great in many types of rooms such as apartments, college dorms, and guest rooms. There are those who prefer to place it in a kid’s room because when not in use, the extra space can function as an additional play area for the children. It also helps that when it is safely tucked away, children are prevented from jumping on it which will make it last longer and avoid accidents like falling off the bed.

Why use IKEA Murphy bed plans?

As already mentioned above, the primary reason for preferring an IKEA Murphy bed plan is to maximize an otherwise limited space that you have. The bed is smartly hidden from sight behind cabinets, thus opening up the space for other activities or purposes. More floor space allows the room to exude a clutter-free, clean, and crisp aura. It also allows you to move more freely. It is especially handy for guests who sleep-over once in a while only like on weekends. If you don’t want a permanent guest room, then utilize the Murphy bed so you can simply transform your room into something else when your guests have left.

IKEA Pax Wardrobe Closet System

If you would rather have something other than the Moddi Murphy bed, then you have the option to use IKEA’s wardrobe cabinets to set up an IKEA Murphy bed. You will have some amount of storage in the cabinets in addition to an ample space to store your Murphy bed for when you it needs to be tucked away.


What type of mattress to use

You have the flexibility to choose the type or kind of mattress that you want, however not using or choosing one that has a thickness of more than eleven (11) inches is highly advised. You have the freedom to choose the level of firmness or softness you may be looking for. Doing this enables you to have a Murphy bed that is especially customized to your needs.

Because of the numerous options or choices that is allowed or available in having a customized IKEA Murphy bed plan, you are guaranteed the satisfaction of getting exactly what you are looking for.