There are some DIY projects that need a lot of skill and special equipment. Installing replacement vinyl windows, you will be glad to hear, is not one of them. This is a job that can be done with basic tools, without the need of hiring and paying for costly specialists. It actually appears to more complex than it is but as long as you can measure accurately the window installation will be simple. But before you start any practical work make sure you have properly evaluated the window you have now. Check there is no rot and that it is correctly squared. If either if those things are a problem, if you do not have experience with window structuring and framing, it is best to call an expert to re-frame the window opening for you. Once you are sure you have a good shaped frame free of rot you can start installing windows.

Factors To Consider When Installing Replacement Windows

First of all make sure your measurements are accurate, do not round up or down, be specific. You will need to make a note of the interior width of each frame, running from one side to the other, and the interior height, sill to top. Double or triple check your numbers to make sure your measurements are 100% correct. You can now order the replacement vinyl window you need.

vinyl-windows Vinyl window

In most cases your measurements will match with a standard size window that is already made. Just tell them what measurements you have and they will talk with you about what manufacturer you can have, and what features you want. Prices will depend on what you choose, make sure you get Low E glass that is insulated and that it matches with the rest of your windows. If you want something different, now might be the right time to change them all!

When your replacement vinyl windows have arrived and you have nothing broken and the measurements match you are now ready to install. The first time you do this it will probably take you around half a day to complete one window. But once you know what you are doing any further windows will be a bit quicker. This is not a job you should rush, take your time to ensure that each window is properly installed. You will be working from the inside of the house so make sure to clear room around the area so you have access to your tools and have room to work.

replace-vinyl-window Repairmen replacing window

Steps to install replacement vinyl windows

You will need pliers, insulation, the new windows, a screwdriver and caulking.

  1. You need to get the inside stops off by prying them and then place to one side for now. Use your pliers to take out the nails from the trim, pulling through it to leave a better finish.
  2. Take out the lower window sash and the parting stop. This trim could break but that is okay as you will not be re-using this one.
  3. Now take out the sash at the top, and the springs and sash liners. If there are weights and pulleys take these out and use the fibreglass insulation to stuff into the pockets. The yellow insulation that is often used around electric pipe tape works well here.
  4. Now take the vinyl unit and push it in. It is important you check that it is against the outside stop as tightly as possible. With your new window should be some mounting screws included. Use them on the sides now.
  5. Take any required vinyl trim pieces and install them, then caulk along the edging to finish it off. Now all you have to do is take the inside parting stop and re-install it.

Your windows are now in and look great. What is more? You saved money on the installation and can take pride in the work you accomplished yourself. Your energy bills will also be less with new windows installed.