There are lots of themes associated with interior design of your home. Just choosing any of it may not be a perfect fit for your family. It needs a thorough research, time, money and a quality of creativity so that you get what you want for a comfortable living. There are numerous designs which are popular and in good demand. But does it reflect your personality?

Having a well-set and designed room should represent the kind of person you are and not any other person that was involved in the design. Although you may have the entire plan of how you room should look like, consulting a professional designer and decorator is a must. This is to ensure that your ideas are materialized and not their intrusion of personality in your design. Talk to your decorator about your likes and dislikes to help him imagine the components that you desire to be incorporated in the décor. Make sure not to let the designer overpower your ideas and make your room reflect his attitude, it is your room and is your personal niche.

Let us see what all designs can be a basic plan for your interiors.

Contemporary Design

As the name suggests, the contemporary room design is a design which is accompanied with a clean and smooth feel which is made to a great place to live in. It is based on modern lifestyle and will definitely ensure a modern outlook of your room.

Furniture associated with the contemporary style is of sleek and slender in nature. This is made with space saving and functionality ideas in mind. The materials used may be steel, iron or wood but always with a smooth and fine finish. Antique type furniture which is bulky and heavy is best kept away from this design idea. There are a variety of furniture that you can choose fro to have a perfect blend as long as it suits your idea and the overall look.

For the windows in a contemporary interior design it is best provided with a clean and uncluttered look that fits the theme. If protection from harsh sunlight is required then simple blinds made of bamboo or wood can be looked for. If you prefer to use textiles for the purpose then a lightly textured curtain can be a good choice. Always keep yourself away from putting in lots of design that are unnecessary, as this will only make a room that looks overdone and crowded.

For added interest and to make the design livelier some color of bold tones can be introduced along with the dull neutral colors associated with contemporary interior ideas. These colors can be used in accessories like lamps, artworks and carpets. Adding in some wall decors like artwork or paintings should be carefully chosen to match the other designs. Colors associated with the paintings can be checked for its ability to match with the other shades in the room. All the accessories should have a modern outlook and not an antique type.

Lighting has always given a dramatic effect on any type of location and visual perception. There are many means of illuminating your room. You can choose from the regular track lighting, recessed lighting or standalone lamps but make sure the elegant ceiling light is avoided in this design. Select lighting materials with simple yet modern finish with bold shades of color. You can use ascent lamps without many colors or simple ones made from wood or steel but with minimal engravings or decors.

Having a contemporary room design is almost effortless. It won’t cost you heaven either. The design which can be carried out on a low budget with minimal accessories and decors are a preferred choice for many. The items required for the room is available in many stores with minimal price or can be bought from a second hand market. What is considered less decorative is best suited for the type of design.

Renaissance Interior Design

With the Renaissance of Europe from 14th to 17th century came a new form of architectural design. Works of arts and culture developed to a different level within this period which is also known as birth of humanism.

Renaissance in its own term brought about a vast change in the outlook of lifestyle and the freedom one can enjoy. It brought along with it combination of new and old ideas that stimulated social and intellectual awareness. Along with the transformation of various ideas, there was a change in religious belief too. The orthodox and religious nature of the European society became more secular in thinking. Some of the outstanding developments in the history of the world took place during this period. In fact this period brought about a change in course of history. Discovery of America by Columbus, Modernization of printing press by Gutenberg, statement of earth’s path around the sun and Da Vinci and Michelangelo’s new art form originated during the renaissance.

The Renaissance period houses were representative of architectural designs derived from Greece and Rome buildings. The buildings were based on strict geometrical similarity and shapes. The interiors of the rooms were rich in colors. Walls were more like a work of art. Large and formidable paintings that were so elegantly painted were hung off the walls or even the empty space or the entire wall was converted into an attractive and beautiful art work.

The Renaissance period which has its origin in Italy and its associated interior accessories are based on materials that were prevalent in the country. As for instance walnut wood is a primarily used material for furniture and cabinetry in Italy. The furniture associated with this period demands elaborate wood carvings. Another distinguishing feature is that the furnishing consists of a cassoni, which is a kind of chest that a bride brings along as a wedding gift containing the amount of money that solemnized a marriage. It is also known as a marriage chest which is an indispensable component associated with a dowry. It may be costly and hard to afford for many families but still remained the most loved and required piece of furnishing in every marriage. It is another feature that distinguishes the social strata during those times. The cost factor of the cassoni decides its affordability and in turn the rich and noble ones had a grand solid wooden chest whereas the lesser grand ones were bought by families of lower income group.

Apart from the cassoni there are other furniture pieces associated with Renaissance interior décor that designates the social status of a person or family. Chairs were considered an entity affordable by the rich. The poor could only afford stools with three legs with no decors and made of wood. And moreover, people having elaborately decorated and carved grand looking chairs in their interiors of the house were most probably nobles or rich people. Figures of demons and unnatural looking figurines form a part of decorative structures in the interior design of the renaissance period. They may not have any religious importance but some believed that it is to keep away demons. Most of them are just built for fun though.

As the Renaissance period brought about many forms of art, the furniture associated with this period also seems to be embodied with intricate carvings of animals and human forms. The essence of this period is widely seen in many interior designs all around the world.

Modern Interior Design

A modern interior has an arrangement that gives a spacious and uncluttered look. It is associated with minimal accessories and seen best with modern electronic items. It is not so hard to design a modern interior, just imagine things that are modern and unique that you want to have around. Choice of furniture is limited and not much need to be looked around for the purpose.

A modern design has surfaces that are bare and undecorated unlike the old houses. It usually has wide and open living space drenched with natural sunlight. Modern design also does not mean a complex set up where you do not find any natural elements in the room. A very modern concept of using eco-friendly furnishing and decorative is a well taken concept by many people. An eco-friendly modern home can be beautifully designed with naturally available materials.

As spacious interior and an overflowing daylight is the main requirement in a modern interior design, doors and windows need to be placed in a good orientation to sunlight. Sliding doors and elements like solar tubes can be fitted to allow inflow of natural air. Floors that are uncluttered and wide central space for multiple utilities are associated with modern interiors.

Unlike old world themed interior designs, the modern interiors demands a kind of modern finish not only with the furniture but also with the accessories associated. Various items furbished from natural materials like cotton, paper, wood, stone and even ceramic tiles can be included. Modern art paintings can be elegantly hung to cover up the empty space of the walls. Or even better, you can blow up a family photo and use as a beautiful wall hanging. If photos or paintings do not suit your choice then try some intricate handicraft products that can be used as wall décor, but make sure it goes well with the entire set up.

For the choice of color of paint for your walls you may try shades that are cool and not too bold. Various colors are available for you to choose from. Almost every color that you can imagine can be created and painted on your walls, let it be blue-gray or soft earth or even monotones like orange, lime green or red and their combination. Some interesting designs like wall papers or combination of matching colors will give a bold statement of your room.

Ethnic Interior Design

If the design is inspired by themes from all around the world then it is kind of a Global Interior Design. It can be based on various places that are unique in their way of life and the way ethnic groups dwell in their humble homes. The Ethnic Design is a way to get associated with places and people that you want to be associated with.


There might be various colours associated with many traditional interior designs. Like the Arabian style demands rich colors and fabrics, the African interior design is set with earthy tones and accessories that are of natural materials. The best way to keep it simple and yet stick to the ethnic design style is to keep the walls bare and painted with crisp white. You can add colorful accessories to it like cushion covers and upholstery that will generate an enhanced look of the theme.


There are a wide range of traditional patterns pertaining to different regions and cultures around the world. Few of the well-known and desirable patterns are those of Asian, African or Indian. Designs which are handcrafted and traditional are unique works of art that will certainly catch your attention. The unique patterns associated with the traditional design is much different in reality than in photographs, therefore in order to have a real feel of the fabrics and design it is best to acquire some authentic fabrics with patterns. After getting the real life feel you can start working on various combinations of those or simply depend on one pattern for the décor.


Accessories form a major part of interior ideas based on ethnic style. You may try something that is unique and has a strong connection with an ethnic group of the world. A highly decorative mirror framed in brass is perfect for bedroom or for the bathroom. Fabrics with bold prints can be tried. The best accessory will be pieces of art and crafts collected from diverse cultures around the world.


In the ethnic style furnishing, the furniture is made in such a way that they have minimal height above the ground. Imagine the Japanese tea table, they are low set and you can go for a floor cushion that will comfortably match the height of the table. You may think of modifying the furniture that you already have by giving it a new look.

Eclectic Style

The eclectic style is a combination of various interior ideas from different source and giving a new look. The style is a mixture of various art forms and can be inspired by any interior style. The components such as painting, architecture, music etc. can all influence an eclectic style interior.

This interior style is good for those who get so confused by a theme based design. Most of the tie home owners are not able to decide on a particular interior design idea. In this style some bits and pieces of one style are mixed with a part of another therefore one can select parts of designs that they like. The liberal idea of the eclectic style comes from the fact that there are always parts of a theme based interior design that is outstanding and at the same time some pieces may be dull. So the best parts of each design can be combined and given a new and authentic look. It can have a mixture of various art forms from different decades. It requires a keen eye of observation and profound sense of creativity to bring out such a design. Some of the basic ideas that can be kept in mind while selecting an eclectic style interiors are listed in this article.

Choice of color

Choosing a color for the interior is one hard job. Eclectic style demands a mixture of colors but mixing colors and getting the right combination needs professional advice or a high degree of creativity. The best and wisest thing to do is to paint your walls with a soft and neutral color so that it takes the color combination and forms of accessories that will be installed latter in the room.


Remember that it is the eclectic style. So, there is no restriction on what and what not to choose on furniture. The only thing that should be kept in mind is that it should fall in line with all the other accessories that are in the room.


Choice of fabrics can be plain or textured. Instead of selecting varieties of fabrics that may ultimately not match with the interior the best way is to set a color scheme and buy fabrics that sets well with the overall look of the room.

Accessories and Decors

For display materials of the eclectic interior design room you can select any form of shapes and carvings. It can be geometric which represents modern design or may be antique kind.


Since the eclectic style is a combination of styles derived from many sources it requires a proper finishing so that the parts and pieces of each design are merged and formed as one exotic and unique interior design idea. Getting a good finish requires careful planning and intelligent execution.

Traditional Style

A traditional home interior design consists of a wide range of decors and accessories. This type of interior style needs a lot of attention by the designer on each and every item. Major components associated with an interior design such as lighting, wall decors and color, furniture etc. contribute the most in making a beautiful finish. Not only the designs and patterns of decors are important but the placement and combination of items plays an important role.

A traditional design can have various themes. It can be based on a modern outlook or a combination of various themes. A wide range of designs are offered as choice to the house owner from which he can choose the best that suits his personality and lifestyle. The dweller of the house would always like to show the world his taste of style which will represent a part of his life. A designer on the other hand should be able to transform the intricate ideas that the home owner has, into an innovative and customized design.

Most often a client may not be able to choose the right design. In such a situation it is a wise step to provide support in the form of magazines and pictures of various designs so that the client will have a brief idea of what might look best in their house. This has many positive points as an interior designer. It provides a sense of professionalism in supporting and encouraging your client and on the other hand it simplifies your work.

Designing and decorating a room depends a lot on the type of lifestyle and person the client is. Some may want open space for entertaining guests while few may demand a comfortable and cozy space to spend time with family.

If the type of traditional theme design is decided upon by the client and the designer, the next step is to select a shade that the theme will be best suited. The best choice of color does not lie in the beauty of the color but the compatibility that a color has on the type of design.

If you ask a home owner to choose a color for the walls, most of them will choose their favorite color. However favorite color may or may not match the design and the interior that the room has. Therefore, it can be a good process to get the client to know what colors are available that will merge well with the decors so well. Select a color that will best blend with all other décor in the room even though the client may not like it. After everything is set, your client will eventually start appreciating the colors that are combined.

A friendly and helpful approach in presenting and helping with your client’s preference is a better approach than going with an attitude of knowing everything in the genre. Clients are not professionals like all designers, they may have different things in their mind that are jumbled up. You may help them streamline their thoughts by presenting them with design photographs and illustrations based on your experience. There are limitless resources that you can use, like magazines and online sources.

If you have decided upon the traditional interior design and are still skeptical on which color to choose for the walls then you need to have a cool head and select an appropriate one. It is more tedious a task when the flooring also need to be done in accordance with the wall color. But first, go for the wall color and then after everything is ready and set you may change the floor design.

Although there are a lot of designs of floors available you should always keep in mind about the requirement of the client. If your client have children at home then it is good to have a floor that is flat and easily washable. It can always be complimented with rugs for added look and elegance. Recreational rooms are the most often used space in a house and presents a threat to cleanliness, if children are at home. Therefore, rugs as a part of the interior design can be easily cleaned or replaced unlike carpets which are heavy and not easily maintained.

For the windows, you may want some draperies that will augment the design. If the room is dark then do not use heavy curtains as it will block natural light. The same goes for rooms that are small and crowded. Since traditional design is associated with furniture that is short in stature the windows can be made to look taller by camouflaging them with curtains that run from the windows to the floors.

While decorating the window you should always pay attention to the exterior look of the window as much as the interior view. There are varieties of draperies and accessories that will fit any traditional home interior design windows. Check with the location of the window in the house. If it requires some extra treatment to present some privacy to your client then it may require some extra treatment. If all the arrangement with the windows is complete then you may choose to decorate your wall with the accessories like wall hanging.

If the periphery of the room is all set and nicely done then it is time to set the furniture. As with any other room decors the furniture in a room should be set in such a manner that there is ample space for walking as well as it does not look too cluttered in the room. The best ideas of placing them in the right place will come from proper planning and some creative thinking.

After placing the furniture it is time to fill up the empty space of the room with some attractive decors. Do not over accessorize the room and give a cluttered look. Keep it simple and functional.

While buying accessories for your room, look for pieces that are unique and distinct. It should draw your visitor’s attention and be able to start a conversation. You may ask the house owner about their taste and if they want to put something they want.

The best outcome of any interior design though comes from proper selection of each and every component of the room. This remains true for traditional design too.

Victorian Style

During the industrial revolution the prosperity of the people increased as well as their lifestyle. This led to the formation of new design ideas of homes and interiors, mainly belonging to the middle class families. The middle class started using many types of furniture and accessories that were previously considered lavish and reserved for rich upper class families. The modern concept of Victorian interior design is derived from this period and still remains one of the most elegant and preferred design as it represents a cozy and comfortable living environment.

Some architectural designs that are strongly associated with Victorian design are cornicing, ceilings and arches, carvings, moldings and bas relief. It even reflects designs that are derived and associated with nature. Such design ideas can be seamlessly introduced into your room which will ultimately give you a rewarding experience.

The houses of Victorian era have flooring made of hardwood which is naturally dark in color. The floor may be accessorized with rugs to further give an authentic look. If hardwood flooring is too expensive for you then there are laminates made of vinyl or other materials that can be astonishingly real as natural hardwood.

Industrial revolution also brought about pollution, this made the dwellers in the industrial era to paint their walls with darker colors that will not get easily stained. There were few homes that used light color paints though. The choice of colors was also limited as there were very less number of palettes available. However, new colors and combination emerged in the latter part of the era. So if you have a room that is to be designed in the Victorian manner you may choose bold colors like gold, red or dark green.

Apart from paints wallpaper can be used to decorate the walls. Floral prints were most common during the industrial revolution along with shades of red, green and blue. This kind of floral or leaf prints or natural themed wall papers can be used in all rooms.

If you watch old movies of those times, you may notice that the furniture is covered with fabrics that perfectly match the wallpaper design. You can choose from fabrics or textiles like couple sheer, damask, velvet or brocade. The fabrics may be heavily embroidered to give an authentic look.

For the furniture woods like mahogany, walnut, rosewood and teak are the most suitable material. Elaborate carvings were prominent and widely used and can be seen on table legs, chairs and bed posts. Buying old and antique piece may be heavy on your pocket so buy something that can be modified to look like Victorian style furniture. The lighting is always elaborate and vibrant so that the beauty of the walls is reflected. Decorated lighting system like the chandelier which is a sign of luxury is often used.

Victorian style rooms are always heavily decorated and accessorized. You can always see walls stacked with varieties of books or some accessories from other cultures that is decorative and attractive. Fireplace are always heavily decorated and made elaborately. The windows can be decorated with heavy draperies. And the walls are often decorated with a collection of art from various themes.

Accessories are most important feature of a Victorian interior design. Rugs of oriental origin, gold and silver candle stands and heavy antique clocks are a few accessories that will add an authentic look to your design. The pillows and fabrics of the room should be heavily embroidered and vibrant color. For added elegance other accessories like china dishes, oriental vases etc. can be certainly incorporated into your room.