It is difficult to design your child’s bedroom in terms of the theme and color that should be used, and on top of that you will need to bring them into the design process. You will possibly make the final decision, but if you allow and empower your child to contribute ideas and show individuality he/she will most definitely learn to value the room more.

If kids had a hand in choosing or deciding what theme and decorations to use in their rooms, then they are most likely to appreciate and value it more by looking after it more lovingly. Hence, kids can be helped in many ways by getting them involved in the decorating process. Talking and communicating about the great themes is another benefit. It is a way to determine what interests them at the moment and what characters they like. As long as the decorating is within your budget then you should undertake this task because it is a perfect way for kids to express themselves.

kids bedroom design for girls Kids bedroom design for girls

Decide on which decorating ideas you will be able to do realistically after you have undergone a brainstorming session with your child. You would not want to go with your child’s idea only for them to lose interest in it quickly. To avoid this, he/she should choose something which they have been interested in for a while. A favorite character or movie is a great idea, provided you have made checks with regard to their interest level. For children’s beddings, bear in mind that you would want to get something that is flexible and durable enough to last them a few years since you would hate having to change every few weeks or months.

It is a good idea to settle for a set of kids’ beddings in a basic color as opposed to one adorned with a specific character as it will give you the flexibility to blend it with any theme of his/her choice. Moreover, plain beddings cost much less than its printed counterpart, thus giving you the opportunity to bring your money to other design needs such as accessories which are just as important. There may be fashionable themes for kids all the time, but in general there are things that boys and girls have a tendency to prefer. The former tend to be attracted to cars, football, pirates, and space themes whereas the latter usually love ponies, pink and pretty, and princesses. All of the above are simple to do and require only a little budget.

bedroom_design_for_boys Bedroom design for boys

You are then faced with the problem of how best to go about putting to fruition the designing ideas after your kid has undergone the decision process for the very same concern. You might want to draw animals and characters on the walls if you happen to be on the artistic side, but if you are short on this talent, you can settle for pictures which you can select from a vast number of choices. Do keep in mind that the room is basically still a bedroom so it is important to include practical features in it. Mind sensibility when it comes to the amount of items you stuff in your kid’s bedroom in your hopes to make it perfect for your little one. With all the love and effort you and your kid have both put into the designing process, you are certain to have created an excellent space. Your kid will surely love to spend lots of time in it and feel proud as well that he/she has assisted and contributed in the creation of this wonderful bedroom which can be enjoyed together with friends.

10 Most Popular Kids Bedroom Theme Ideas

1. Disney Princess Bedroom

One popular childhood theme that has been loved by generations past is the Disney Princess. Disney VCRs and movies will be fondly remembered by parents nowadays who viewed them as kids. But now they find themselves witnessing their little girls getting hooked on the very same fairytale world.

disney_princess_bedroom Disney princess bedroom design

It is hassle-free actually to complete a Disney-themed room because there are so many products that have this particular theme which are widely available in the market, a lot of them having great quality at equally great prices.

Setting the Tone

Wall decors as well as fabrics can be your jump-off point in setting the general theme for your kids’ bedroom. Some of the items that can serve as your beginning point or even your ending point are borders, stickers, rugs, duvets, pillows, and curtains. Use a gentle pink hue for your background against wall stickers and borders as this will enhance your selected theme.

Disney Beauty & the Beast princess theme

By purchasing from your local fabric shop sheer and opaque sparkling fabrics and then draping them gently around the room of your daughter will most definitely give added sparkle to the room.

Top Furniture Staples

As a rule all kids’ bedrooms need several essentials or basic things. Now the Disney Princess theme can provide them, and some cost lower than other makers. Take for example their toddler beds which begin from one hundred forty-nine dollars and ninety-nine cents ($149.99). These have great quality and display key Disney characters that include Snow White and Belle. They are very practical to have as they will last from eighteen (18) months to five (5) years.

A second kids’ bedroom necessity you must have is a wardrobe. For as low as twenty-nine dollars and ninety-nine cents ($29.99) you can have a Disney Princess canvas wardrobe already, and it will set off the theme for your little princess’ bedroom. The toy chest or box made of fabric costing just twelve dollars and ninety-nine cents ($12.99) is one storage provision that can be useful.

Disney Cinderella princess theme

If you are rather running on a stringent budget, the thing to do is to select just one furniture staple. The fabric toy chest for one will set off the theme by itself because it is adorned with characters and looks vivacious for just $12.99.

Those Nice Little Furniture Extras

Examples of nice little furniture extras are vanity tables, desks, chairs, and flip-out  sofas bearing the brand of Disney Princess which are also available at great prices. For example, for just twenty-nine dollars and ninety-nine cents ($29.99) you can own an inflatable sofa which is designed and meant to be a sofa bed for guests such as the princess friends of your little girl.

Disney princess design Disney princess design

On the other hand, the desk and chair set will make learning enjoyable when your small princess begins going to school.

Finishing Touches

Some extra sparkle will definitely be added and the theme will likewise be complimented by finishing touches. Clocks, mirrors, lampshades, and night lights are all available from the range.

To set off your theme, it is possible to choose just one finishing touch. The Disney Princess lampshades will complete the look while at the same time leave your little girl’s room with a cozy atmosphere.

gorgeous disney princess inspired bedroom Gorgeous Disney Princess-inspired bedroom

Cost-effective, durable, attractive, and carefully crafted are adjectives used to describe all the furniture mentioned in this article designed by Disney Princess. High cost nor fuss need not be a problem in achieving the desired theme for the room of your little princess.

2. Dora The Explorer Bedroom Theme

Dora the Explorer is a perfect choice for the theme to use in designing your little girl’s bedroom as it is a highly popular character nowadays. This specific character likewise has a cartoon version and symbolizes the love for exploration of the surrounding world as well as the love of learning new things. Together with her best friend named Boots, she discovers new places and objects all the time. A complete range of Dora beddings are just some of the items connected to bedrooms that are available with this specific theme. There are various designs and styles of blankets, comforters, pillows, and quilts. There is even a Dora Explorer toddler bed. For additional accessory to complete the look, also get a small Dora Explorer lamp to make the room an excellent bedroom for any little girl.

Dora The Explorer Bedroom theme Dora The Explorer Bedroom theme

3. SpongeBob Squarepants Bedroom Theme

On the other hand, SpongeBob Squarepants could be the solution if you happen to prefer a really bright and fun theme. It is a great theme for either a boy’s or a girl’s bedroom. Beddings showing SpongeBob as well as his under the sea friends are widely available. A great suggestion is to add in a carpet or rug in white and blue. This will make the bedroom very attractive and inviting which will definitely make your kid very happy.

spongebob bedroom theme SpongeBob bedroom theme

Turning to the internet to look for options is the best manner to begin shopping for the correct bedroom set. This will guarantee that you will acquire the best deal possible since you will be enabled to compare and contrast what is presently accessible.

Complete Spongebob bedroom theme Complete Spongebob bedroom theme

4. Horse Bedroom Theme

It is not surprising that a lot of small girls have an obsession with horses. After all, horses are sleek, tall, and fabulous animals, and it is exceptionally exhilarating to ride on one. Riding a very powerful and speedy animal can almost make you taste the freedom that comes with this experience.

horse_theme_bedroom Horse-themed bedroom

For some girls, this love of horses is a transient feeling that hovers only for some time, but for others it turns out to be an obsession that lasts for a lifetime.

Are you thinking of how to transform your little girl’s bedroom into a horse haven?  Read on for tips and suggestions in creating a horse bedroom theme that will create images of ponies dancing in her head for many, many years.

The Horse Bedding of Your Dreams

The initial step in setting the tone for your horse bedroom is to look for a horse bedding set. Think cowboys, ranches, wild mustangs, and wide open spaces if you are going for the western theme. The colors that should be in your horse beddings are beige, sage green, dark brown, and tan. Horses should be running freely as opposed to being locked up in corrals or a barn.

cowboy horse theme bedroom Horse-themed bedding

Acquiring an additional comforter set is always a good idea. This gives you variety of design and if you are sticking by the same theme, then you will be able to give your little daughter’s horse-themed bedroom a facelift every now and then instead of undergoing a major redecoration. So get a few horse bedding sets with different horse designs and acquire long-term savings in the process.

Western Walls for Your Horse Bedroom

If you have decided on having a farm theme, think about making the closet appear like a barn door by painting it to look like one. Or you can paint a corral on the walls. On the other hand if you have settled for a western theme, think of having lassos or horse shoes for decoration.

cowgirl_quilt_bedroom Horse-themed quilt

For older ones, you can use candles or scented oils that will remind your daughter of the scent of a meadow as a great addition to her horse bedroom. Another decorative option is to have blankets or pictures that depict wide open spaces. The latter can also be adorned on the wall as a unique design option instead of the usual predictable picture.

accessories for horse-themed bedroom Accessories for horse-themed bedroom

Horse Accessories – Adding the Final Touch

To complete the overall look of your horse bedroom are numerous possible accessories. Some of those that you can readily think of are light switch covers, model horses, outlet covers, and night lights (this dependent on your daughter’s age). For bedrooms with their own bathrooms, the horse theme can be expanded to them with the help of shower curtains, tissue box covers, and so forth.

5. Outer Space Bedroom Theme

Boys who love rockets, planets, galaxies, and other related matters about outer space are perfect for the outer space theme. Creating a boy’s bedroom with an outer space theme is relatively easy as there exists numerous options to make this a reality. A highly unique array of choices offering comforters and quilts filled with planets and astronauts can be accessed over the internet, owing to their wide popularity. The “Out of This World” comforter set is regarded as one of the most popular outer space designs. It is basically a classic design that features rocket ships, planets, and comets set against an outer space backdrop. The theme can be finished off with added accessories, while the bedding can function as the major focal point of the room.

outer space themed bedroom Outer space themed bedroom

A hue taken from the bedding itself, in a more muted shade or even a louder one, can be used to paint the walls, depending on the look you are trying to achieve. Medium blue or light blue are the hues most relevant to an outer space theme. For example, the walls can be painted in sky blue while the ceiling can be done in dark or navy blue. A more creative path to follow is to use the predominant color in the bedding set such as orange, for example.

idea for space bedroom Idea for space bedroom

To completely or successfully pull off an outer space theme, you can use the numerous available accessories and options which can be included in the bedroom to compliment this particular theme.

  1. You have a wide array of décor choices in the form of wallpapers, borders, and wall murals. You can use an artist to paint on the walls images of stars, planets, spaceships, and astronauts. Ready-made wall murals reflecting the same images can adorn the walls. Stick-on planets as well as glow-in-the-dark stars can decorate the walls and the ceiling. Glow in the dark shades can be used in painting the walls with planets, stars, and the moon. Still another option is to apply glitter paint on stars or simply on edges of the other images representing outer space.
  2. Another technique to depict the outer space theme is by wall art. Prints showing outer space elements such as planets can be readily bought. Or you can just cut out pictures of such images from magazines and books and then have them framed. Stock print photography can be bought from a vast array of websites on the internet for a minimum price of two dollars ($2.00) per photo. This is the path I normally take because the photos can be printed in standard frame sizes which can then hang on walls, or form small clusters on dressers or built-in storage cubicles. You can also make your very own original artwork then maybe add the name of your child to some of the images, provided you are knowledgeable enough in Adobe Photoshop or a similar program.
  3. Remember that you can also opt to have old or existing furniture painted anew to match with the new theme and bedding set. Naturally, the right color choices are those already present in the beddings, but you can be creative and use silver paint!  Orange or yellow hues may be found in planet images on the bedding; hence you can also use these shades in your current furniture.
  4. A lot of the current bedding sets have available coordinating rugs and curtains in the same theme.
  5. Suggestions for additional accessories to compliment the outer space theme are rocket ship night lights, star-shaped ceiling lighting, outer space lamps, photo frames in metallic silver, and a hanging model of the solar system attached to the ceiling, a framed print of a map of the solar system, and binoculars.
  6. I have seen one of the most beautiful and realistic outer space-themed bedrooms. The ceiling was painted black which extended up to approximately twelve (12) inches down to the walls. The edges were then treated to a good border. Painted on the surface of the ceiling were a combination of large circular stars, and there was a spatter of paint to create the illusion of distant stars. A very light tan shade was used on the walls because the customer did not like the room to be dark. There were frames hanging on the walls with images of planets, astronauts, and other outer space elements. There was a large mural depicting the moon and stars on one wall, then around it was placed a frame made of wood that mimicked a window. Painted likewise on the mural were open shutters. Mounted and pointing outwards by the window was a big telescope. Tan and olive were the colors of the plaid printed bedding, while the carpet came in tan alone. The color black was incorporated into the room via the ceiling, desk, chair and telescope. Overall, the room characterized a design that had very clean lines. An older boy will come to appreciate this color combination better, especially if you do not want to use the common and usual primary color combination.

6. Batman Theme

Using a Batman theme for your kid’s bedroom requires you to first determine if it is the Batman of the 1930’s or the Batman of the 1960’s more colorful version that you prefer. After having settled this design issue such as bedding and wallpapers, you can now go ahead to paint the walls with either dark blue or gray shades then apply Batman wallpaper border. Paint skyscrapers directly on the wall to depict Gotham City.

Batman themed bedroom Batman themed bedroom

The all important Batman symbol has to be illustrated or shown. The one showcasing the emblem in black and yellow colors is the most popularly used. Purchase posters of Batman movies and have them framed to hang on the walls. Joker from Tim Burton’s story is by far the best example.

superb Batman-inspired bedroom design Superb Batman-inspired bedroom design

If on the other hand, you are more into individual prints of Batman himself, then you should look for posters from the Batman movie “Batman Returns”. The internet is a rich source of Batman costumes and replica weapons used in the various Batman movies.

idea batman bedroom Idea for Batman bedroom

7. Sports Theme

Most boys just love sports and it does not matter which one. Of course there are those who may prefer one sport over others while to some it may not matter what type of sport so long as it encompasses the world of sports. Therefore, using this theme or anything related to sports is one path to take into sealing their happiness.

Sports theme bedroom Sports theme bedroom idea

The age of your beloved little boy at the time you decide to do this designing job will dictate how you design his room. In general, it is good to do this designing job with your son’s bedroom from the age of five (5) onwards. Not only will he already be able to appreciate the accents and accessories that have something to do with sports, it is also very practical because it can stick for 10-15 years forward eliminating the need for you to redecorate during that period of time.

Choose a particular sport as your primary sports theme if you are certain that it is loved by the boy for whom you are doing the designing.

baseball theme design Baseball-themed design

For example, concentrate on football as the primary theme in his bedroom if it happens to be his favorite sport. However, if it is basketball that he prefers, you naturally have to go with that for the theme of his bedroom. It is possible that the child may not have formed an opinion of what his favorite sport is, more so if he is too young to do so. In cases such as these, incorporating a little bit of the more common sports into the bedroom is the safest route to take at this point. From here, you will be able to progress into putting more emphasis from one sport to another as your child grows.

Below are a few basic suggestions on how to transform your little boy’s bedroom into a beautiful one using sports as the major theme:

  1. Have a bedding set with a design that is at least related to sports. You can take it one step at a time by initially purchasing extra pillows in the shape of footballs, soccer balls, or basketballs if you prefer. Or you can purchase a whole set consisting of bed sheets, pillow shams, and a comforter. There are beddings that have prints showcasing particular sports, whereas there are also those that show various sports.
  2. Include an area rug. One easy technique to make your boy’s bedroom into a sports-themed room is to throw one (1) or two (2) area rugs on the floor. Different designs depicting sports are available such as those which mimic a basketball court or a mini football or soccer field.
  3. New lamps or shades. As table lamps, wall lamps, and floor lamps bearing sports themes are popular among grown men as well, they are widely available making them easy to spot and purchase. You have the option to use current lamps for cost-effectiveness and simply purchase new shades with the sports theme.
  4. Sports decals, posters, or pictures. Sports decals and stickers clinging all around the walls in the room are especially appreciated by very young boys. All you need to do is put into place simple cling decals which can be re-arranged easily even by very young kids. The alternative is to apply a border with a sports theme. If your boy is old enough to be in love with a particular sport or to idolize an athlete, then using photos or posters for wall treatment is another smart technique to decorate the walls in his room.

sports bedroom idea Sports bedroom idea

8. Pirate Theme Bedroom

Ahoy! Your boy will be elated with a pirate-themed bedroom. Think of treasure chests, treasure maps, palm trees, cannons, sharks, parrots, the open sea, gold coins, whales, skulls, sailboats, swords, crossbones, and seagulls. These decorative items can be incorporated into his bedroom in a number of ways.

Pirate quilts, comforters, and bedding sets are widely available in the market today. The internet can show you many choices showcasing adorable pirate bedding, coordinating sheets, pirate curtains, rugs, and wall art.

Allow me to recommend getting only the bedding initially, then using it as a basis for choosing the wall color. White can be the color for the walls which will be a basic background for murals, decals, and artwork. Another option is to paint the walls with a rich ocean blue, sky blue then dot it with white clouds. There can be two (2) colors or shades of blue:  a darker blue by the bottom section can symbolize the ocean, whereas the lighter blue on the upper section can symbolize the sky above. Sunken treasure chests, sharks, gold coins, fishes, seagulls, and a tiny island can be painted in between.

bedroom idea pirate Bedroom idea – Pirate

A Few Creative Ideas for a Pirate Theme Room

  1. Paint a mural consisting of a seascape on the wall. This can be done by shades of blue to depict the sky and the water. Ships, seagulls, an island all in the distance can be added. An alternative is to purchase a mural showcasing a seascape and directly apply it to the wall. The said mural can appear in its original look, or you have an option to cut it into a circular shape. A border following the edge of the circular cut-out can be painted to achieve a view similar to that of a porthole. Out in the market is pirate wallpaper or borders that you can buy. Painting a sunken pirate ship on the wall as a mural is a likewise good option. To compliment these design options, you can have for window treatment flags that are tattered.
  2. Bedding sets can be complimented with pirate wall art which is also available in the market. One alternative though is to cut out pictures from books and magazines you have browsed and then have them framed. The walls can be decorated with these, or they can be placed on top of dressers and shelves with proper arrangement.
  3. You will make a strong statement by painting a black lampshade with a huge X mark on it with the use of acrylic paint. Or get a navy blue one and on the surface paint as an alternative, images of a skull as well as crossbones. If you want to make your very own treasure chest, simply transform a wooden toy box into one by adding or painting chains on it. You can even add spackle paint or attach sandpaper to the surface to create a rough texture.
  4. Make a treasure map. You can do this on plain white curtains using paint specifically made for cloth. Or you can make one by painting it on the wall, on paper bags, or simply on paper. Island theme decorative items can be bought. Examples of these are palm trees, parrots, Jolly Roger flags, and others. You will find an abundance of these objects especially on Halloween celebrations.
  5. Another creative idea is to stick fake gold coins onto walls, dressers, lampshades, or treasure chests. As you know, a treasure chest is very useful in that it can store your child’s toys. For added emphasis, attach a little lock on it to complete the theme.
  6. Other decorative items or pirate accessories you can add to the room are lamps, throw cushions, and area rugs. Images that you can paint on dressers which represent the pirate theme are parrots, pirates, skulls, and a crossbones’ flag.

pirate wall decals

9. Dinosaur Theme Bedrooms

Many small boys just love the dinosaur theme for their bedrooms, and it is actually one of the most preferred by this age group. Below are a few tips and suggestions for the dinosaur theme bedroom that you want to create which will be a big help to you in coming up with a unique room with this particular theme. It can be a lot of fun to undertake the process of decorating your son’s bedroom if you do it together with him. Relevant data such as information about them including their habitat can be researched by both of you. For example, there are several kinds of dinosaurs, and you and your child must decide which ones will go into the room. Will it perhaps be the Pterodactyl or the Tyrannosaurus kind?  Would you like the habitat to be a desert or do you prefer the jungle?

Dinosaur Theme Bedroom Dinosaur themed bedroom design

As mentioned above, I rather think it is more beneficial to begin with what bedding set to use rather than considering which color should be painted on the walls. It is my practice to base the wall color on the bedding colors. There are a variety of good options that can be used for this theme. The colors that come with the dinosaur comforter sets and quilts are many and diverse. The colors green, blue, or tan is those which are often found in these beddings, but there are also others with various earth tones. Many different kinds of dinosaurs against a jungle backdrop are shown on the beddings.

You can either get beddings which have images of dinosaurs on the sheets as design, or you can have plain beddings but compliment them with throw cushions with dinosaur prints on them. Following either path will give you the desired result. As mentioned previously, the usual colors associated with this theme are green, blue, or tan, but if your beddings reflect a different range of colors then they should be your basis for choosing other design elements. From experience, I have learned that going with a neutral shade such as tan is perfect as it enables you to redecorate the room sometime in the future. Colors that are alive and bring life to the room can just be added in the form of throw pillows, wall borders, beddings, and wall art.

dinosaur bedroom idea Dinosaur bedroom idea

Dinosaur Theme Bedroom Tips

  1. You can add wallpaper with a dinosaur theme after you have painted the walls. Additional elements that you can add onto the walls are murals, wall stencils, or jungle images that are hand-painted and include plants that look pre-historic. Flying Pterodactyls, T-Rex, and Triceratops can be added in the midst of rich foliage. Wallpaper murals or stick on wall decals are alternatives if painting is not possible. You can create an illusion of a window by placing a wooden frame around a dinosaur scene which you can either paint or buy as a wall mural. Craft shops have silk jungle vines which can be hung from the ceiling down.
  2. Stuffed animals in the form of dinosaurs can adorn many places in the room, and pillows can be placed on the bed or even on the floor. Stackable dinosaur bins, stools, dino lighting fixtures and lamps, beddings, dinosaur headboards, picture frames, and sheets are examples of the many decorative accessories bearing this theme and which are available in the market.
  3. Although dino prints and artwork come in a wide array, it is simple enough to make them. You can turn to books and magazines, cut out pictures to frame, and hang them on the walls. You can also place them on dressers and bookcases as an arrangement in small clusters. The internet is a rich source of cheap photo stock images with the dinosaur theme. All kinds of dinosaurs can be produced by artists from vector images which can then be easily printed and eventually framed. In Adobe Photoshop, you will be able to adjust the colors, combine many images, add the name of your child to them, and so forth.
  4. Walls can be decorated with dinosaur footprints stamped on them. I have seen dinosaur theme bedrooms where parents and children undertook a paper mache project. Wads of newspaper are used to create big shapes of bones, and then paper mache is done over the top of the form. A bone white color is then painted on the dried form.
  5. Coordinating sheets, beautiful dinosaur area rugs, and curtains accompany many bedding sets with the dino theme. Dinosaur figures in molded plastic look good when displayed on dressers and bookshelves. To achieve a jungle effect, plants can be added all around the room. Additional elements could be an archeologist’s hat, dino skeleton models, books, and magazines. If you are fortunate to have a dinosaur museum near you, go and take pictures of your whole family to display in the room. Dinosaur magnets on a chalkboard will also look good.

dinosaur bedroom design Dinosaur bedroom design

10. NASCAR Theme Bedroom

Most boys would prefer their room redecorated with a racing theme, as NASCAR is a big deal for many children. You might have watched “Extreme Makeover:  Home Edition” creating rooms with a similar theme. I bet you wished your little boy could have the same thing. Though it may be impossible for you to create the same great accessories done by professional carpenters on the show, there are many various and cheap ideas for you to use in making a race track with the car décor in your child’s room.

NASCAR_theme_bedroom NASCAR themed bedroom

Any bedroom with a car theme will look best if there is a race car bed as the bed is the center of any bedroom. Well and good if you can afford one. But if not, don’t despair because with a bit of creativity any bed can be transformed into a car. You can use a cheap bed frame that you can get from a thrift shop as a base. Use a red or bright blue color which is both race car colors to paint the bed. Racing stripes can be added on the sides of the bed. Go to a junkyard to look for wheels, a steering wheel, or anything else related to racing that you can think of for a shot of realism. If you allow your child to help you build the bed, he will regard it as one of his most prized possessions even if it cost very little. His friends will likewise rave about how cool it is.

Next thing to do is to transform the remainder of the room into an auto garage or a racetrack. You can create a night stand by placing a finished piece of plywood or fiberboard onto a stack of tires. A workbench can serve as a desk. Images of spectators can be painted on the walls, or you can buy cheap racks of tools from flea markets or garage sales and hang them. Needless to say the said tools have to be right for the age of your child. You can also utilize your ceiling fan if there is one by painting the blades with bright racing colors, or checkered black and white that resembles a racing flag. Match it with beddings and window valances in the same checked black and white patterns for maximum results.

NASCAR_bedroom_idea NASCAR bedroom design idea

It only requires a bit of genius to do a car theme bedroom for your son. It is fortunate that there are so many products available in this theme, but you can opt to come up with your own design and elements. Your son will not mind especially if he helped you decorate. On the contrary he will be very satisfied with the final result and very proud at that too!