If you intend to give your kids a playroom, then you will need some ideas for designing playrooms which can be very helpful to you.

Contrary to the common notion that kids’ playrooms are solely for play, these rooms can actually exist for other purposes as well. Being basically their room, you would want to consider their personalities and taste preferences in decorating it.

Ideas for Children’s Playrooms

Children-Playroom It takes time and lots of planning to create a perfect children’s playroom, but it will bring joy to your children and quiet rest time to you. Your efforts will pay off and it will be worth the time and money that you would have invested in the project. To entice your children in spending lots of time playing in the playroom, you need only to follow a formula. It does not mean you will have to spend a big amount of money to do this. There are a number of innovative ways to make this a reality without costing you much. Choose the right kids’ furniture first and foremost, then search for fun stuff offered at lowered prices in garage sales, flea markets or thrift shops, then go ahead and decorate the playroom in a way that will get your kids super excited and happy to spend a lot of time in it.

Themes for Playrooms

The first thing to do is to make a list of your children’s hobbies including everything that they love doing. Consider these questions: Do your children like painting, playing music, drawing, doing puppet shows, solving puzzles, playing board games, engaging in sports, playing video games, watching TV, etc.?  These questions will guide you in completing the task of decorating the playroom.


Next, make a list of things or items that you need to avail that also match the hobbies or interests of your children. These are the things that will allow them to pursue or engage in their favorite hobbies and activities. For example, if your children like doing puppet shows then you need to look for a puppet theater and a few puppets. You can also improvise in this regard by replacing the puppet theater with a cardboard box. If on the other hand, puzzles and games are what get your children going, then list down board games and puzzles. Still, if it is video games that appeal to your children, then consider investing in a TV set and a game console. It could be that sports is the top interest, so include in your list items such as a dart board, an over the door nerf basketball hoop, pool table, or ping pong table. It all depends on the available space. Children who are musically inclined will appreciate a guitar, bongo drums, or a karaoke machine.

Kids playroom furniture

After eliminating the hobby list and matching play items requirement from the design process, the next thing you should consider is the comfort of the children. The first task is to determine the size of the room. Having a big room will allow you to set up a number of play stations around. This is in reality the best and ideal way to create a perfect playroom. It will definitely encourage and entice your children to play a lot. You can assign one (1) corner for art activities, another for musical instruments, another for reading, and still another for puppet shows and entertaining, and so on. However if you are constrained by a small space, you have to depend more on your creativity in setting up a few play areas or stations that combine several hobbies or activities.


Keep this important reminder in mind!  Children only play with things or toys that they can see. This simply means that you need to make an extra effort to arrange the items and furniture in the playroom in a way that everything will be easily visible to them.

Remember that you are also considering the children’s comfort; therefore you have to make the room a comfortable place for them. This means that if they enjoy reading, it is advisable to put a comfortable chair and maybe a reading lamp as well if the space can accommodate these items. The reading and art area can be combined so that only one (1) table and chair set for kids will be required. For these hobbies you will need shelves for the art supplies and the reading materials. This set-up with the table and chair set presents a double function.


Next, for a playroom that has a TV set installed in it, some form of seating will be required. If adults such as yourself plan on spending some time with your kids in this room, then place chairs or a couch which can comfortably seat you and/or your husband. However, if you plan on keeping the playroom for the exclusive use of your children you can place some kids’ lounge chairs in it. You may also want to have additional chairs to accommodate some friends or cousins of your kids.

Next thing you should give attention to is the storage space you will surely need for some stuff in the playroom. Ideally, there should be at least one (1) storage unit for every play station in a playroom. Open shelves are highly recommended, as these allow kids to see their toys and other stuff. They can also easily store away the play items, all they have to do is pick up the pieces and place them in this type of storage space. Dark storage bins are not advisable because children cannot see their toys and stuff inside. The saying “out of sight, out of mind” does not only apply to adults, it is also applicable to children. Kids have to see their toys in order for them to remember or sustain interest in these items.


After figuring out the kinds of kids’ furniture as well as the themes you need per play station, Thrift Shops, Garage Sales, and Flea Markets……Here You Come!

It is time for you to go shopping for the items in your list after having planned the set-up of the playroom, what and where to situate the children’s furniture, and other things concerning the playroom. If you had planned to create play stations for music, art, games, and reading, it would be easier and more practical if you grouped the items for purchase into the mentioned categories. Go ahead and visit garage stores, flea markets, and thrift shops to avail of items in your shopping list at lowered prices.

Get smart and begin creating a playroom when your child’s birthday is happening soon. You can send out a wish list of your child to relatives and friends for his birthday. This way you will be able to accumulate toys that your child will surely appreciate at no extra cost at all. The excitement at opening the gifts and discovering what is inside the boxes and gift bags will create a special bond between your child and these toys. The presents he/she shall receive will be more meaningful to your child and he/she will probably want to play with these more than any other toy.


Final Step in Creating the ideal Playroom for Your Children

This final step may sound like a joke to you, but rest assured that it really works!  Go to the center of the playroom and stand there for awhile. Next, close your eyes and imagine every play space or station individually. Visualize all the fun games, toys, and supplies that you may have bought or accumulated as presents your child received from his/her birthday. Group these items into categories that correspond to each play station. At this point, picture the best way to display or arrange the items in a manner that is inviting to your children and will elicit the urge to play. Perhaps you visualize pegs on the wall with puppets hanging from them, or on a tree stand. Or clear bins storing art supplies which they can readily and easily see through to stir interest and awareness of where the painting materials are kept. Or musical instruments held by pegs on the wall, or stored in open shelves to provide easy access for your children. Or a reading chair situated right beside a bookshelf. The perfect playroom also depends on the right arrangement of games, toys, and supplies within the room.


Some Final Thoughts

Keep in mind that in creating your children’s playroom, it is essential to put yourself in their shoes. Plan the design of the room in such a way that playtime will be enjoyable, effortless, and convenient. Everything has to be within easy access for your children. Include a provision so certain activities such as artwork, reading time, musical activities, puppet shows, and playing games can be conducive. Examples are an art table, a rock n roll stage, a reading chair, a puppet theater, a game table, etc. Remember that children have very active imaginations. They also love playing endlessly. As a parent, you can hone your children’s talents by setting the tone of their playroom as a venue to spark imagination, encourage fun hobbies, and inspire musical talents. In this manner, you will also be able to help your children develop into thriving adults. Evolving into independent and well-developed adults later in life will give you peace of mind.

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