If you have a kitchen that is set in a modern style then you definitely need cabinets. Cabinets are parts and parcel of all kitchens where you can neatly store all the kitchen items to make it look tidy and arranged. Getting the right cabinet design for your kitchen is important when you want to consider the aesthetics as well as functionality. As modern engineering advances life has become much easier. You need not depend upon a carpenter to install a kitchen cabinet any more. What you have to do is make a thorough planning of what ant which type of cabinet is required and then choose from a local outlet, the type of design that you prefer. Installing is easy and ca be done all by yourself. Determine the color, size and design as well as the material that you want for the cabinet before hastily getting one for your kitchen.

Metal Kitchen Cabinets

The metal cabinets were famous during the 1930’s and two decades after. It was a choice for most home owners as they were functional and looked modern. The material and the design of the metal cabinet is what made it so famous about. Maintenance was easy and it was light on the pocket. The cabinets could be kept as ever new for many years. The cabinets were painted originally in white which could be custom painted according to the interior of any kitchen. And the best part of the kitchen cabinet is that you can change the color of it whenever you feel like or if it gets worn out without spending much. What you might need for the job is a simple spray paint and then you have a whole new look of the cabinet.

The ever new and possibility of change of color are the features that makes a metal kitchen cabinet a choice for many home owners now a days. Its economical and affordable nature is another deciding factor. As many new homes or houses that are being renovated are designed along with a retro type of kitchen the type of cabinet is becoming famous again. The retro kitchen of modern times are a combination of the style of modern kitchen and the functionality of a retro kitchen. The metal cabinets which were painted white provided a clean look to the kitchen when fitted on the walls of modern style kitchen. It further added to the aesthetics of the whole design by incorporating a light and bright outlook of the kitchen.

The modern modification of a metal cabinet can be seen with many kitchens and not only with the retro styles. Metal cabinets are available in a wide array of choice such as stainless steel or may be painted with different colors to suit your interior room color. As was in the mid of the 19th century the metal cabinets still remains one of the most affordable and functional type of kitchen cabinets available for your use.

Stainless Steel Cabinets

Modern kitchen does not demand cabinets that are heavy and thick but sleek and functional. The stainless steel cabinets fits perfectly with modern kitchen designs and are durable to provide you the look for many years to come. The new trend of stainless kitchen cabinets have originated from large hotel kitchens where they are used for their easy maintenance and easy clean feature. Large kitchens of hotels and restaurants could be kept spotlessly clean and hygienic due to this cabinet systems.

Apart from being functional and sleek to fit in a modern kitchen, the stainless steel kitchen cabinets are also environment friendly as they do not have any synthetic components in them. These type of cabinets d not have joints that are easy home for little creatures like cockroaches that dwell in most kitchen and provides you with a hygienic environment.

The kitchen cabinets made of stainless steel can be sometimes a high budget work. Homeowners have a wide array of options from which they can choose from in order to save some money on the cabinets as well as add some authentic and classy look to your kitchen.There are cabinets with wooden doors which are elegant to look at. Even installation of stainless steel drawers in wooden frame cabinets can be done. This kind of options can be a better one from opting for cabinets made entirely made of stainless steel.

Apart from being a money saving option, the combination of stainless steel and wood is a preferred decorative idea that many interior designer use. Steel is a kind of material that blends with any color and any style perfectly. Whether it be granite counter tops or wood the stainless steel cabinets will always be a perfect match. Even better, the counter tops can be fitted with stainless steel so that it provide you the flawless and spotless cleanliness that a counter top should have in a modern kitchen.

If a mixture of steel and wood for the cabinet does not sound mesmerizing then you have another option of a combination of wooden cabinets and stainless steel ones for your kitchen. Probably your lower cabinets can be made of wood and upper ones of steel. And if you love to have a wooden texture for your stainless steel cabinets then it is best done by professionals. The beauty of this cabinet is that you have a wooden texture and the functionality of a steel cabinet.

Kitchen is a place associated with humidity. It becomes more profound when you have a house near the beach. To protect your precious investment it is best to have a clear transparent laminated cover to prevent against unwanted corrosion.

The Ecofriendly Bamboo Cabinets

Having an ecofriendly home is more of a design to flaunt. If your house is made on a tropical theme or you prefer having eco-friendly materials for your interiors then bamboo kitchen cabinets are the best. Bamboo have become very popular these days and are considered an alternative to wood in most cases. For decades the material has been put to use for flooring and decorative. Newly, it has found a special place in kitchen interiors.

Guessing what is Bamboo?

Well, bamboo belongs to the family of grass. It is a tall sturdy grass that grows really fast as compared to most trees. It has a high fiber content which makes it withstand a lot of pressure. Its flexible and sturdy property is what it makes last longer than many wooden furnishing. Scientifically it is proved that bamboo is much stronger than oak wood. More about bamboo and why use it.

Bamboo is easy to work with. It has a natural color which is light and tinge of yellow, similar to what we call blonde. They can be painted with many colors making it ideal for furniture and cabinets.

Some FAQs about Bamboo Cabinets.

There are always good and there are always bad with all things. So does the bamboo cabinets. The fibrous nature of bamboo makes it produce more splinters as compared to wooden cabinets. This can be prevented though by properly polishing and painting it.

The advantage of using bamboo as material for cabinet lies with the fact that bamboo is more fibrous compared to wood. Each and every fiber of bamboo is straight and long, contributing to overall strength of the material. As for the woods the fiber are not that sturdy and straight as in bamboo.

Pros and cons are properly weighed before selecting the material. The durability and strength is all that counts whereas the cons are minimal as compared to the pros.

The bamboo kitchen cabinet is one good eco-friendly option as with wooden cabinets. It provides a fresh new look that is unconventional. The bamboo kitchen cabinet will fit perfectly with any exotic style and at the same time gives you strength and durability a cabinet should have.

Oak Kitchen Cabinets

The look of a wooden cabinet is always grand and unique. And when it comes to hardwood like oak, the cabinets presents itself as a style statement with any type of kitchen. Being one of the richly available species of trees in North America, oak woods are a common sight as furnishing material in many homes. Oak woods are durable and remains sturdy even after many years of service. The porous nature of the wood helps in absorbing unwanted stains and keeps the surface as smooth as ever without losing its natural pattern that provides an elegant finish.

Apart from giving the natural color as a decorative pattern it can be painted with colors to match the interior design and themes of your kitchen. As with many wooden furniture the oak cabinets fits well with many kitchen themes like modern, rustic, conventional or a simple country style. The durability of oak wood is what makes it a perfect choice for kitchen.

Although kitchen cabinets made of oak wood can weather with time and the color of the cabinet may change to a much darker shade due to prolonged use and exposure to direct sunlight many home owners still prefers it. This is because the factors which are good weighs much heavier than those minor changes that can be seen with prolonged use.

Maple Kitchen Cabinets

When kitchen cabinets are concerned Maple is no less in demand than the Oak. The Maple cabinets are preferred choice for many as it presents a smooth classy finish that looks sturdy and durable. The porous nature of Oak is not seen in case of Maple. It offers a variety of naturally available shades like honey to cinnamon. Or it can be artificially stained to look darker and give it a classier and finish look. Maple woods can be finished and polished to mimic hardwoods of mahogany and cherry.

As wooden cabinets are natural looking designs and has patterns that is so warm it can fit in into many kitchen designs without needing any further modifications in color and layout. This makes the Maple cabinets a friendly option for home owners who wants a fresh look of their kitchen. Being sturdy and durable and yet light-weight the Maple wood cabinets can withstand the daily routine that every kitchen has.

The look of the kitchen cabinets will not change even after a long duration of use or exposure to direct sunlight.

Painted Kitchen Cabinets

If you have a kitchen that is already designed and painted with the color of your choice then you will surely love to have a cabinet that will match and augment the look of your kitchen. The painted kitchen cabinets comes handy in such situations. The cabinets can be purchased as ready made with the desired color or can be painted at home if you want to save some little money.

Kitchen cabinets plays a very important role in the overall look of a kitchen. It is because the empty walls are fitted with cabinets so that the space can be efficiently utilized. Bold and bright colors are always good to lighten up dark kitchen. While choosing materials for the cabinets make sure that paints will stick easily on the surface. This will ease and reduce the cost of painting and will become a factor in promoting durability to the cabinets. High-gloss or semi-gloss type of paints are best suited for such cabinets.

Color and paint of the kitchen cabinets depends on your choice and the interior design of the room. A black color can go well with modern kitchen while other warm colors like yellow will be good for kitchen that provides an inviting look. You can become more adventurous and creative on the choice of colors and can even try stripes of different colors. Design ideas of painted kitchen cabinets depends on your choice of color and the creativity that is within you.

Some effects and designs of painted cabinets that you can try are: Crackle effect for an old style kitchen, splattered look can be provided by using a paint color that is lighter than the base color. Some pattern of wearing out like dents and scratches done carefully can give a totally new and innovative look to the cabinets. But make sure the designs are not overdone and looks awkward.

After painting the cabinets you might want to add a little more design so that it looks more decorated and beautiful. If you are not sure of your artistic skills then you can look for stencils that are available in many designs in your local store. It makes putting designs and patterns much simpler and gives a professional touch. Little mistakes here and there are all fine until it is totally out of the line and requires a makeover.

Painting kitchen cabinets can be another way of saving those extra money that you might have to spend in getting new ones. Painting them provides a fresh new look as well as a sense of satisfaction when doing it yourself. It is a quick and easy makeover that anyone can afford and can be carried out anytime of the year provided you have the time from your daily schedule. It not only provide you with a fresh new look but also gives your other rooms a sense of renovation.