Have you ever wondered if you can have the beautiful landscape that you adore? You may be busy running around on your daily schedule that kept you away from mundane activities that relaxes your mind. And if you can find the relaxation spot at your backyard with a beautifully sculptured landscape it will be just perfect. You can definitely have your own sweet time and also have your own beautiful landscape with all the design ideas listed with this article. So read through and find which suits you the best.

9 Top Design Ideas

A Garden Filled With Sweet Scent!

Forget all those dump at the backyard and imagine a pretty garden filled with sweet scent of jasmine, well if you do not like jasmine are roses fine? Your backyard can be turned into a beautifully landscaped spot with sweet fragrance of flowers. It won’t cost you heaven for the little change that will bring you so much fun.


If you have a large area that can be landscaped to make it more attractive then you can add in the trees and shrubs. A hedge at your backyard will make the area more attractive and natural. It is preferable to having wooden or concrete fencing as it fits in with lots of landscaping ideas. The hedges will not only provide a naturally elegant look but also will provide you the privacy that you deserve. However, this kind of plan requires a higher budget than usual although it may create a much more desirable look.

Attract the Butterflies

A garden becomes livelier with the beautiful winged inhabitants, the butterflies. They are such creatures that are always attractive and reminds us of the glorious childhood. Attracting butterflies is not a tough job though. Some plants are natural attractants of butterflies like oregano and marigolds. Planning a butterfly garden does not cost much and also does not require a large space.

Vertical Garden

What about a vertical garden that will convert your dull empty and unornamented wall into a picturesque and attractive work of art. A vertical garden is a perfect idea that will bring in the look and life into your backyard landscape. You can splash the wall with different flower colors throughout the year.

You can buy some Spanish style flower pot holders from any store. It will hold firmly any plastic or terracotta flower pots or baskets. Vertical gardens are more common with Spanish theme landscape so having Spanish flower’s pot holders will add to the overall look of the garden by bringing in a Mediterranean look. The flower’s pot holders are common in narrow alleys of contemporary Southern Spain.

Garden of Feng Shui Theme

The principles of feng shui can be seen in any type Chinese gardens. The feng shui themed garden will most likely have two very important components – the mountain called Shan and water called Shui. This two structures drives in the energy that most Chinese garden has.

Incorporation of mountain structure in the landscape is a representation of energy that brings good health, harmony and stability. The strong, sturdy and formidable nature of the mountain is a sign of positive energy. Since you cannot have a mountain in your backyard it can be represented by an elevated spot or boulders.

The Elegant Japanese Garden

Remember the koi fish pond in Farmville? That is a Japanese water decorative garden. For this type of landscape you need a thorough planning as Japanese landscape demands perfection. Materials that ca be used for the purpose need to be identified as an initial step. Some of the materials that can be used are bamboo screens, weather-beaten woods and stone walls that re elevated. Even beautiful bonsai trees will be an attraction.

Foliage Garden

As the name suggests, a foliage garden is a garden filled with greeneries and without flowers. If it is a garden we have flowers in our mind. A garden is often associated with flowers of different kinds like roses, dahlia etc. Leaves seems to play a minor role in the literal meaning of a garden. However, it is not only the flowers that can add the desired hues the leaves can do magic. The truth is that planting decorative foliage can be an attractive alternative to a flower garden.

A Small Open Backyard

If you want a little open space to enjoy at your backyard then a patio backyard can be looked into. There are different types of patios that can be incorporated into a backyard design. It can be kept open or enclosed or placed just outside the house or a patio that is linked with the inside of the house. In an open patio the outdoor space is utilized efficiently with furniture and other accessories whereas a closed patio is surrounded by glass frames or sliding doors. The patio that is connected to the house and placed right outside the house is a feasible arrangement that will give you a recreational space as well as connectivity to the main house.

Garden with Water Fountains

Adding a water body into your garden will be a refreshing choice that will bring in lot of attention and make the scene livelier. The refreshing sound of bubbling water is soothing to the mind and spirit and can suddenly lift your tempo.

There may be many designs of decors featuring water but one cannot beat the old and most sought after fountain that remains a classic till date. There are many designs and sizes to choose from so that it fits the kind of space that you have at your backyard.

Apart from the traditional large fountain structure that we could see in old buildings the modern version of fountains comes in assortment of size and design that one can imagine. The fountain can be placed in any place wherever you wish to place, may be a wall or tucked in a corner of the patio. However, to choose the right size and design of a fountain you have to be very careful of the kind of space and decors that your garden has.

There are lots of attractive designs that you would love to have but be practical in choosing the right one. A water fountain is to enhance the overall look of the garden and not simply another entity that can be placed and forgotten. It is the central eye-catcher in a garden décor so be wise in your choice. Think of features like requirement of light or rate of water flow when you weigh the pros and cons of a design.

If you choose to install a fountain then you will definitely need a pump to circulate water from the collecting pond to the fountain. Take into consideration about different aspects like flow rate and the power or output of the pump. You may want to consider a pump that makes less noise so that a calm environment is maintained around your garden.

Make sure a power line is fitted with a professional electrician and made inconspicuous because you might not want a tangling piece of wire running all the way from your house to the fountain to supply the pump.

Features of the pump such as an inbuilt filter can be advantageous when you do not want any muddy water in your fountain or if there are chances of clogging of the pump then it is best to install the pump along with a skimmer box. This is to make the pump last long and ensure a long duration of service in beautifying your garden.

And if you do not want much trouble in selecting each and every piece of the water fountain that you have so lovingly planned then go for a complete package. This will make your life easier and there is no tension of fitting and unfitting components of the fountain.

A water fountain is a beautiful décor in your garden but requires regular maintenance. De-silting of the collection pond need to be carried out to prevent clogging of the pump and prevent unwanted algal growth. It is best to keep the pump running for some time during the day so that the pump functions well. Leaves from nearby trees and plants should be kept away from the vicinity of the pump Water circulation is required to keep away organisms that are habitual in stagnant water. This will not only help you to keep your fountain clean but will also provide a hygienic environment in your garden.