Having a nice and decorated living room is a dream for every home owner. And if it can be done without much expenses, like do it yourself, then it becomes even better. You can always make some changes and keep planning for new ideas in your spare time. And to derive the ideas you need to look for designs that are published online or search for some tips from experts. This article will deal with some common points that a home owner need to know while decorating and designing a living room.

Living Room Decor Tips

You should have a good picture of how the living room should look like when it is finally done. It keeps you more organized and focused on what you are doing and what was the plan before. A fair idea of materials that are required need to be established before finally starting with the work. This needs an elaborate study of the room shape and space that are available with you. You may want to look for different designs that are already published by interior designers.


After going through the publications and photographs, make a collection of the pictures of different designs so that you can refer them and make changes if necessary. As there are numerous options possible with interior designs, at first you may be confused with what to choose and what not to. The best thing to do in such situation is get a grasp of what appeals to you the first.


Furniture are heart and soul of a room and selecting a set that will complement the room and its design is a good time and monetary investment. Chart out the floor plan first and decide where to keep those furniture. Settings that are poorly planned and ill-arranged will make the room equally look bad as cluttered look. Designing with a style in mind would help you a lot in getting the design right. Check out our top 5 style guide for living room for some of the most popular design styles.

Decorating the doors by draping it with curtains will augment the look of the room. Otherwise you may find that something is always missing no matter what you do without the right curtain. Make a wise decision ad spend some time on deciding on the best curtain that you can put your hands on. The rule is to choose a color that will match the walls and the furniture. Another aspect is the floor that need to be kept in accordance with the other designs. Wooden floors works best but if that is very costly for you then you may try putting in a carpet that is a shade darker than the walls.


Remember a living room is an area for family activities and providing the adequate space for such gathering is essential. Do not put in a lot of unnecessary furniture, keep it to the bare minimum and that is required. You can always put in some small decors that are attractive and yet do not occupy much space, like it can stand in a corner that is unutilized and still adds to the look of the whole setting.

Many interior designers prefers adding in a little life to the room by placing some natural plants. As is described in many Feng Shui books, bringing in potted flowers adds energy to the space. Paintings that complement the room design idea can be hung on the empty space of the walls. It becomes even more a story to tell to others when you have done it yourself or have bought from an exotic vacation.


Some Common Mistakes

Few points to consider before you plunge in for the job and make some mistakes are:

  • While buying accessories and furniture make it simple and keep to the plan of making you room spacious and uncluttered. Adding in a lot of accessories that do not contribute to the look of the room are useless and a waste of money. Instead of going for less expensive and low quality but abundant items it is best to go for a moderate and durable materials that will serve the purpose for a long time. The rule of thumb while selecting accessories and furniture is that it should match with the design ideas. And before buying anything you have to think down with a calm mind and make a decision that will be complemented by your friends and family.
  • As discussed above, space is important for the living room. So, to decide on what to put in and what to keep out you need to have a good floor plan. Draw out the dimension of the room and place the furniture dimension on the chart and see how much space is available. Randomly placed furniture will only spoil the space utilization and the overall finish of the décor. Try arranging the furniture in different orientations to see which suits best. Do not stick to a single plan or else you might not see other better options.
  • Once you have decided on a design plan of the living room you need to stick to it. There might be instances when one is tempted to buy an exotic furniture but doesn’t go well with the overall look. Now you cannot change the décor to suit your furniture or the furniture cannot be changed to suit the décor. Therefore, be decisive and don’t get tempted with offers and beautiful designs that may not suit the interior decoration plan. It is as good as not planning the room at all and you will lose time and money in such situation.
  • Keep a focal point that is unique and do not clutter with many strong and attractive items. This will make the uniqueness of the focal points deter each other. Keep the best that suits the room.


Making sure that such mistakes are avoided. It may sound insignificant to the ear but when it is visually applied this common mistakes makes a disaster of the whole design. By keeping yourself away from such minor mistakes you can ensure that you have a beautiful living room that is appreciated by all and you need not have to regret the decision that you made to make your house beautiful. Avoiding mistakes is as important as a thorough plan of the room.