Marilyn Monroe is such a celebrity that is unforgettable by millions. Her style of dressing, fashion statement, her heart winning beauty or her sweet voice keeps her alive in the mind of people even after decades of her untimely death. Many people have immortalized her through their apparels and fashion, yet some die-hard fans wants to design a bedroom based on her. It may be because people still adore her as a sexy celebrity or because of her social position as a devoted civil right activist and that she believed in equality for all human races.

Marilyn Monroe Bedroom Theme

If you are one of the great fans and want a bedroom designed based on Marilyn Monroe theme, you should stick to this article that will tell you all the required designs that will make your dream come alive. You need not run around trying to find the right tips from anywhere.


To create the right theme, wall markers and stickers will play a big role in your Marilyn Monroe bedroom. Using wall stickers are a better option for children since their taste keeps changing with time and stickers can be removed or erased whenever desired.

marilyn bedroom decal

For older kids wall decals are a preferred option. The wall decals, unlike the stickers are elegant and designed with lots of details. You can still add the figures of the celebrity to make it more pronounced as a theme.

Let us now look at few tricks to design your bedroom with a theme based on Marilyn Monroe, the beautiful unforgettable beauty.


If putting on the wall decals makes you worry because it is the first time you are doing it, remember there is always a first time for everything. Just relax and look for some explanatory videos on the web through which you will get detailed instructions for the job.

Putting a black wall decal to a white one will definitely add to the look of your room, although applying it on a colourful wall can be done without a hint of failure. Inserting such decals will augment the perception of viewers.

marilyn bedroom design

You can create her image as a centrepiece of the wall after considering some intricate parts of the room. If you desire understated elegance you can find a place to paint her image around a bookcase or a corner where you do your reading.

Various items based on the celebrity can be installed and added into the room, like sculptures or posters, pictures, lamp, bed and pillow linen with her picture and even curtains. All this accessories can be easily found in many furniture outlets and can be even bought online.

marilyn-monroe-chair All this installations should bring about a feeling of being with the celebrity herself, in your room. It is not so easy a task and not so difficult as well. If you are a big fan of the sexy Marilyn Monroe, the incredible celebrity then it is not such a difficult task to design such a bedroom. The ideas will just sprout if you love the actress.