When looking for bedding in a modern style it does not just have to be about looking great. You can get beautiful bedding that is durable, practical and all for a reasonable price, if you know where to look. Even if you want a modern luxury style it does not have to wipe out your budget. In the modern world today there is far less time for ‘homemaking’ as it used to be. People need furnishings to fit into their modern and busy lifestyle, be easy to wash and get back on the bed. Here are some choices for you to consider based on comfort and how easy the bedding is to care for.

Bedding Options For That Modern Look


dwell-bedding Modern bedding from Dwell

There are a variety of materials modern bedding can come in, 100% Egyptian cotton, blends, bamboo for example. Most designers have a selection of styles in various materials to choose from. One range that is popular because of her use of bright colors, and patterns in a modern style is Dwell from the designer Christine Lemieux. It was started in 1999 because she saw a gap in modern styled bedding that had until then mostly avoided using bright colors, graphics and patterns. Colors you can find in the Dwell line include butter yellow, charcoal, lime, ocean blue and chocolate. Patterns include bold striping, trellis, awning stripes and other various width striping, cubing and dots. She uses solid and border sheets to create a modern look that owners can mix and match with in their bedroom.


Amenity uses 400 thread count in 100% cotton for pillow shams and the duvet and has various luxury modern bedding to choose from. One particular design is the Twig design where solid coco or blue peacock background highlights the graphic of a large tree. Very classy and modern. If you are looking for modern bedding sets for your kids, check out Batman bedding here:



Another beautiful modern design is Drift which sets a dandelion head graphic on the background of either cocoa or tan. There is also the Amenity Leaf design which has large leaf graphics also in front of solid colors. For both of these options the pillow shams are in the solid color the same as the duvet backgrounds. They create a modern focal point in the bedroom in an elegant way, bringing attention to the bold clean lines on the modern bedding. They do not make the room feel cluttered or too busy which can sometimes happen with bedding that has patterns or graphics on it.


Nygard International Home Bedding also has bedding that is modern in appearance, affordable and easy to clean. It uses a type of faux suede called ‘urban suede’ which is created by combining 3% spandex with 97% cotton. It is soft, luxurious but also machine washable so you do not have to try and fit a trip to the dry cleaners into your busy schedule. The urban suede is used on a big square of black and cocoa and presents as a lovely modern bedding set. When the bed is made the blocks of color create a styled and bold statement as it divides the bed into quarters. It is high quality too.

Nygard Nygard bedding

Western Bedding

If you are looking for bedding in a modern style that creates a feeling of Zen then take a look at what Western Bedding has created. Using black and white designs the bedding set is very striking on each side with a black and white graphic and then a solid black geometric jacquard. The material of the duvet is a blend of 50% polyester and cotton. The pillow shams have details of cording and they and the sheets consist of 220 thread count pure cotton. There is texture in the bed skirt too. Decorative pillows that would look good on this set would be ones with sharp geometric appliqu├ęs and buttons.

bedding-by-western Western bedding set

Other tips

It is vital if creating a modern look in the bedroom that you create a look that is uncluttered particularly if you use geometric designs and bold colors. Do not mix old with new, antiques do not mix with modern bedding. Keep other items in the room organized and to a minimum. If you are looking at replacing your bed waterbeds and platform beds look great in modern styled bedding. If you have a two toned color bedding set use those colors to guide your choice of accessories, adding a hint of bold color in small places. For example if you use the black and white set from Western Bedding, have some black and white accessories on display but then throw in a bright red pillow on the bed, or have a red lamp. It creates a visually stunning effect and you will have a bright modern bedroom you are happy to enter and escape to.