Selecting the best shades for your home is one big trouble. With advent of modern technology almost each and every shade that you have in mind is available in the market for your selection. The question is which shade will look best with the theme that you have planned. Some house owner desires to have a single color throughout the entire room. Getting the best color painted with the size and location of the room requires a good planning and research. Some points that will guide you through the selection process are given in the article.

Color Schemes for a monochromatic look

Sample enough shades

Get some sample color cards or refer online for shades of colors that are available with the paint manufacturer. There are wide range of shades that you can choose from now a days. While doing so you should keep in mind the color that you love to have the most. Because if you are in a haste and selected a color for the entire space of your room you may end up not liking it at the end. Think of a color that you think will suit best in the room. Avoid flashy colors like red and orange for monochromatic rooms. Since you are going to have other accessories based on the color of the room it is best advised to take a wise decision before choosing the right shade.

Add some interest

Introduction of some visual interest is always an added advantage. Some textures will add some elegance and décor that a monochromatic room demands. Take the idea into consideration while discussing with your interior designer before painting.

Some tips on introducing textures into your room are – Throw in some pillows that has textured covers. You can use silk, linen, cotton, velvet etc. the purpose. Some other accessories made of natural materials like jute, coir fiber etc. can be incorporated. Other decorative like colored ceramics, natural stones that are little unique, glass designs or porcelain are all in the list.

Make it liberal

You already have a monochromatic room and adding more of the same color will make the room look dull and uninviting. It is visually appealing to break the monotony without disturbing the main theme of the room. Adding accessories of natural colors are best for this kind of approach. Wooden furniture, natural stone tiles, colorful light fixtures are all a part of the elements that can efficiently do the job. The better part is that adding these accessories will not break the integrity of the room.

Introduce Neutral Color to the Room

White is kind of a shade that will go well with any other color. Pairing some neutral colors apart from the regular color matching scheme will definitely breathe in life to your room. However, make sure the neutral color does not become the main focus of the room but rather augment the look of the main shade. As for example if you have blue color painted all around the room and have matching blue furniture then a rug with white and blue stripes can be added. The trim of the room can also be painted white to work up some magic.

Mix up some shades

You can do a thorough research on the type of paint that you can have if you already have a furnished room. The best way is to gather some sample paint of shades that you love most from the paint store. Sample few shades and see if that will match the accessories and furniture that you already have in place. It is always best to avoid giving your room a monochromatic tone, in terms of having all the items in the room having a single color. Make it little different from the color of furniture that you have. Mixing of colors always provides a sense of interest and add in some sort of energy to a room. You may choose fabrics and other items that will be different in color from the room color but goes well with it.

Throw in the Light

Bringing in natural light into the room is always good for the occupant. This becomes more a necessity in a monochromatic room where often the room becomes darker due to lack of different shades. If there is an option of adding in more windows then it is well and fine, but most home owners won’t want a complete alteration of the house for just changing a room color or may be it just doesn’t suit the pocket. So there are smarter options, what about some large mirrors or artificial light that has natural tones. Adding in mirrors will occupy those empty space and will also reflect light to illuminate the room better.

Some other options like a skylight or tubular light that fits naturally into an architectural design can also be looked into. Adding in plenty of illuminating elements in the room with proper location and desired illumination capacity is another option that you have. For adding those fittings it will be good to advise a lighting professional. Because once you do it yourself there might be flaws that needs correction that is not frequently possible.

Having a monochromatic room can be an experience that is well taken with. After all the suggestions you will surely have a loving cozy room. Minor changes to the interior designs and accessories and bringing in natural light and elements can change the overall look of a monochromatic room.