Having a Moroccan themed room is a popular choice today in homes with a modern style. It is a chance to use more dramatic colors in jewel tones, different rich fabrics, more exciting and different patterns. You can create an exotic bedroom to escape into that takes you away from your worries and daily grind. By using Moroccan styled accessories, bedding and furniture you can set the perfect atmosphere for your Moroccan-inspired bedroom. Here are some tips on how to start the project and some things to include in your design.

How To Achieve The Moroccan Bedroom Look

Choice of wall color

moroccan-bedroom-theme Moroccan themed bedroom design

Your paint color options are actually quite wide so choose something that inspires you. Moroccan decor can include greens, reds, blues, yellows and even pinks on the walls using colors like cinnamon, sand or other earthy tones to offset them. Make sure you think about other areas that will have color in them like the bedding. Moroccan style bedding can either match the color you have chosen for the walls, or it can offset it. Many designers for example when creating a Moroccan themed bedroom recommend spice colors, turmeric yellow, saffron, cinnamon and so on.

Soft furnishings

As well as choosing bedding that enhances the African theme, also opt to have a lot of cushions or pillows, not just on the bed, they could be scattered on the floor too if you have the room. Choose Moroccan patterns and fabrics, or even something like embroidered silk to enhance the exotic and unique style of the room. Rugs too would be a lovely addition to the room, either authentic or decorative, to add warmth and softness to the room. Another touch might be to add a decorative canopy or netting over your bed.

moroccan-bedroom Lots of cushions and pillows

Exotic lighting

Lighting is a key factor in any room, so when creating a Moroccan themed room you need to include lighting in your planning. If you have a generous budget considers importing authentic Moroccan lamps, or candle lanterns. If you cannot afford the genuine thing there are plenty of lanterns and lamps that are Moroccan inspired and more affordable. There are a variety of options for you to choose from, candles are commonly used in lighting fixtures, on side tables or drawers. But if you would prefer there are electrical options too, it is just the movement of the candle as it flickers does enhance the exotic and romantic setting of a Moroccan bedroom. The flame creates a shadow effect through the pattern of the lantern into the ceiling or walls adding some mystery. You can also use scented candles so that it is not just visually stimulating but also teases the other senses.

moroccan-lighting Lighting needed to achieve that Moroccan look

Furniture tips

Again depending on your budget you can import genuine pieces or purchase cheaper pieces that are copies or in the style of African furniture. Tables, headboards, wardrobes, chests and chairs should be in heavy wood or wrought iron ideally. Ornate decorations are common and metal items are usually sturdy and thick. Specific details to look for on Moroccan imports include brass or mother of pearl detailing, bright colors, screens that are intricately carved.

moroccan-furniture Type of furniture needed

If you are set on having an exotic Moroccan themed bedroom but are unsure of some details or need further inspiration, there are a variety of books on Moroccan decor you can turn to, or look in some design magazines. Also one way of getting those imports you like without paying is to put them on your wedding, birthday or Christmas wish list! Budget does not have to be a deciding factor on whether you can or cannot have a Moroccan themed bedroom, just use some imagination.