As summertime nears, outdoor living happens more often. It is therefore time to check if your outdoor lighting is updated. Take note that there is a difference between placing many solar lights to create a blaze that will emphasize a walkway or a garden bed, and installing the proper soft lighting to come up with a comfortable ambience that promotes an air of relaxation for an enjoyable dinner on your patio or lounging outdoors.

Lighting for Home Patio

Patio-Lighting If you are one of the more fortunate ones who have a patio at home, you can definitely make it more beautiful at dusk time when the sun begins to set and natural light slowly fades. Candles, lamps fit for patios, or other lighting fixtures can be lit up during this time. Make sure to give your patio a soft and inviting glow by keeping the lighting warm. Avoid using natural bulbs as these have the tendency to exude a bluish shade. Additionally, they can appear bright, cold, and harsh. It is highly recommended that you use a light with the same wattage bulb but with a tone that is warmer but will also provide enough lighting over dinner with family and friends, as well as also achieve the right ambience.

Mason Jar Light Fixture

There are other lighting options you can choose from. Candles are fun to use. They can be enclosed in glass to protect the flames from winds. There are also Mason jars that are very good for holding the candles. Feel free to experiment such as putting together some or many candles that could provide warm lighting to a specific area or serve as a focal point.


Hanging Outdoor Lantern

To break up the line of a long covered patio, you may opt to install with the help of your electrician, a hanging outdoor lantern. This design object does not only provide lighting, it can also serve to decorate your patio even during daytime. A rustic design object complete with bronze finishing and hammered glass can achieve a feeling similar to visiting a great castle, if placed in the right spot in your patio. Wall lights that look attractive can also definitely contribute to your patio’s design and ambience.

Using a table lamp and placing it on an end table is another lighting option that brings the inside comfort of your home, outdoors. Install an electrical GFI outlet for outdoor use and make sure it is safe for use. A cozy alternative are floor lamps. Still, there are switches that allow you to adjust the brightness or dimness of your lights depending on the occasion and your mood.

This does not mean you have to use all the lighting options above to create a perfect patio. Just decide which types will work best for your patio and your personal preference. To accomplish this, simply turn on existing patio lights when it’s night and observe factors such as visibility and mood. From there you can determine what and how much is needed to be improved and/or adjusted to make your patio your perfect haven.