A playroom storage can have a great look, even as it provides convenience and functionality. Children’s furniture comes in beautiful designs while at the same time being safe and lightweight. These properties make them perfect fixtures for use in the playroom, a place where you can encourage your children to be active and spend time there to expel their energies constructively. Since playrooms have so many toys and learning materials such as books in them, it is one if not the busiest or mot cluttered room in your home. This calls for the need for the right storage solution so everything can have a proper place and to maintain a tidy appearance.

Playroom Storage Ideas

Storage for playroom can be both versatile and functional, and there are many creative ideas that can help you achieve this. Many of these ideas also serve as design or decorating ideas that are very creative. For example, you can apply a refinishing touch of any color or design to a simple section of garden trellis. After this, you can add pegs made of wood or drawer pulls prior to hanging it on the wall. You can hang dress-up clothes, purses and hats on this innovative storage fixture. Some simple hanging coat racks is another viable option.

Boxes for Toys

Toy boxes are nothing new, in fact they have been around for a long time. As the name suggests, they are basically just boxes and do not have any compartments. They may lag in this regard, but they definitely are the storage fixture to go for if space is your primary consideration. Basically, it is a large box made of wood with a lid hinged on one (1) side. Many kinds and sizes of toys can be stored in it because of the flexibility in terms of room that it offers. It is also a very practical choice for storage space because it can have a second function. It can serve as a bench seating when the lid is closed, even though this is not the primary reason for which it was created.

Cupboards and Lockers

The danger of having wooden box lids that are actually heavy is that it may be dangerous for your children. Kids are not mindful or aware of some dangers because they are still carefree and careless at this stage. Their hands or fingers may get caught when closing the wooden toy box lid or they may not raise the lid high enough to ensure it stays up and avoid shutting it by accident.

For this reason, you may want to opt for front opening cupboards and lockers that are also good alternatives for playrooms. They may not offer the double function of providing a seating place, but they definitely serve the purpose of storing things in the playroom.

Toy caddies are similar to a toy box. However, they represent a smaller storage space than the latter. They make up for this limitation by being mobile and light enough as to make it possible for your children to carry them around by themselves during playtime or when they are cleaning up. They also have the capacity to be placed in hidden places.

Bins and Buckets for Storage

You can also opt to have plain storage buckets that you can see through and that are held by wooden frames. Although storage bins can store all kinds of toys, it is specifically recommended for storing crafts and painting stuff. They are available in many attractive colors, so get different colors if you need many units for the playroom. This way they can be decorative as well as functional.

Special Media Storage Options

Media Storage spaces are usually smaller to match the compact media storage hardware nowadays. These are the bookshelves, DVD racks, and CD storage units that store books, DVDs, and CDs. They are also referred to as specialist storage facilities. These have slots for individual disks thus minimizing the amount of space that a DVD or CD normally requires. Bookshelves on the other hand, now have units that are no longer just one-sided with only the front part being utilized. There is now what is known as columnar bookshelves that rotate, thus maximizing the space while storing different books.

Hanging Shoe Holders

Believe it or not, another great storage tool is hanging shoe holders!  These are very versatile and mobile. There are many places where they can hang depending on their style, such as by the door, on the exterior of closet doors, or on any part of the wall that has a nail. Some items that you can store in them are accessories for small dolls, small stuffed toys, race car collections, and even supplies for arts and crafts activities.

Furniture as storage

There are many furniture items which have a form of hidden storage space. One of the most common options is the bench. Some benches include a space underneath similar to a good-sized toy box to store stuff in the playroom. There are cushions on the seat as well as on the backrest to provide more comfort in contrast to the wooden toy box.