Homes nowadays consider porches as popular rooms. The reason for this is that there is a current trend where more and more people relax and enjoy in the warmth of the sun and amidst fresh air all found outdoors. There are other uses for porches: guests can be entertained in this place, small parties or cookouts are perfect as well or just mere rest to unwind after a day of hard work. They can be situated at the front of your home or at the back. Wherever it may be is not important because there are bound to be people who will enjoy this space one time or another. Beauty and safety are valuable features of a porch, so do add porch railings to ensure that you have both. Although in the beginning they were primarily installed on porches to serve as a protective boundary both in as well as around a home, their aesthetic value cannot be ignored. There are various styles that comprise railing designs, and there are a variety of materials from which they are made of that you can choose from. These materials include wood, iron, vinyl, or wrought iron and there are certain qualities and advantages incorporated into each of these materials.

Types Of Porch Railing


A highly popular choice because of its durability and practical feature are vinyl railings. They are so durable that they can actually last for a lifetime. They are also very practical to have as they don’t need any maintenance. They have protection against all weather conditions and they also are available in many colors that can match any exterior design. There are many various porch constructions that fit well with vinyl porch railings.


Wood has never lost its appeal and is widely accepted as a major contributor to the aesthetic value of any home. It certainly gives a home an added aura of beauty and richness. Because it can be carved and therefore have the shape of any design, it has become the top preference among homeowners and home decorators. Another reason is because wood is abundant in North America. Wood railing parts for example, are very practical to have since posts, balusters, and top and bottom rails do not cost much to purchase and are easily available. These factors provide ease to homeowners insofar as coming up with their very own designs of their railings are concerned. Both your home’s interior and exterior portions acquire a more balanced look as well as a heightened style sense with the addition of these railings being made of wood. Mere nails and screws are required to install them, and it is not difficult at all to combine them with other accessories.

Wrought Iron

Although wrought iron will most probably cost more than its wood or vinyl counterpart, it is likewise one of the favorites among the various railing options. The disadvantage of having this option is that it entails more maintenance so that rust and decay do not settle in.


It is wrong to assume that building permits are not called for in setting up railings. The truth is the situation is dependent on the location of the building or establishment where they are to be installed. The safest way to go is to communicate with the Office for your local building permits and find out if there are any applications that you need to file for any permits and how to process them.


Basic applications or installation procedures are luckily possible for many railing options are available for the porch. A general know-how about construction and power tools is essential to enable you to build your own railings. However, carved wood and wrought iron may be too much for you to handle. In these cases, you might be better off hiring the services of a professional contractor.

There are a variety of design options for porch railings. Ultimately, the style you finally decide on will depend on the style of your home itself and your personal taste. Vinyl is definitely the one to go for if your priority is to have a railing that is cost effective, will last the longest, and can provide the most number of color options. On the contrary, you should choose wooden railings if your home has a rustic design.

Customized Porch Railing

Here are some ideas you can use to bring more customization to your project.

Mixing and Matching

As a rule, you do not necessarily have to have just one kind of composite material for your railing for the whole structure. This type of tunnel vision can just end this instant. Remember that this is your own patio we are talking about. You should have the freedom to design it as you please. What you just have to abide by are the following two (2) rules:  One is to ensure that building codes are met and the other is to ensure the safety of the structure. After abiding by these two (2) standards, your options actually become limitless. Having black caps together with posts with wood color is allowed. Even if your combinations or ideas do not turn out quite as well as you had intended, just remember that beauty is subjective.

Play With Patterns

Luckily, a welcome benefit from customizing your railing is that you won’t have the unsightly holes that have been pre-drilled on the vinyl kind. This allows you to freely design a custom picket pattern with it. You can forget as well about the notion that a picket needs even spacing because it doesn’t necessarily have to be that way. You do need to ensure that you have just enough to make the rails safe, but aside from this basic requirement there is no other that will hinder you from being creative. Toying or experimenting with these patterns has resulted in the creation of some of the finest designs in the industry. The whole appearance is bound to have a cohesiveness about it for as long as a level of internal consistency to the pattern is maintained.

Shop Manufacturers

A sole producer for all aspects of decking is usually preferred by majority of homeowners because it is simpler this way, everything smoothly fits together and clashes are not bound to happen. However, this arrangement lacks excitement. Aside from this, the overall impact could be overwhelming to the vision because there is a predominant material in your patio. Change it and mix things up to make the design more exciting!  Why not have one producer provide you with the floorboards while another supplies you with composite porch railing. This alternative will surely provide a customized look that is very unique.