For those of you who have a personal love for rustic styles, the following decorating ideas will help immensely on designing your every room of the house. Be it the bedroom, dining room, living room or the bathroom, rustic design will reinvent your home in an exclusive and innovative way.


Bedroom is the ideal room to get started with designing the rustic way. Getting a rustic bed will be the foremost step. There are an array of rustic bed designs to choose from ranging from very simple designs, woodsy designs and very detailed designs. The size of the bed is to be considered as it is the main piece of furniture and the prime attention of the bedroom. A big bed would occupy most of the space available in the room and make it look small and confining and on the other hand a small- sized bed will not be compatible with the other accessories in the room. Now that you have decided on a suitable rustic bed the next step is to select for the right furniture suiting the size and the style of the bed or else it will look off-beat. Further, the decoration is to be taken up to match with the bed and the furniture. A fun wilderness lamp or a rustic picture for instance, will definitely complete the look of the entire room.

Rustic bedroom design

Dining Room

Designing the dining room in the rustic way is a lot easier because there are innumerable rustic dining table designs available. A simple design made of pine log will give a very simple look otherwise a hickory furniture can also be opted if you want a little more chic design to enhance the rustic look. After deciding on the design of the dining table you can start looking for other accessories. A table runner and place mats with stylish patterns can be put to match with your dinnerware. Solid colors on the patterns tend to make the look of the kitchen mess free. Other accessories include Rustic Décor signs, kitchen towels, and knickknacks that will complete the rustic kitchen look.

Rustic dining room theme

Living Room

Now comes the living room of the house which is quite easy to decorate in a rustic style. A hearth or a fireplace will be the main attraction of the living room, you can fit in a log mantle and put a log futon set having a rustic futon cover or just have a divan or couch with rustic designs. The draperies should be of solid and bold colored fabrics of simple designs which will make the living room warm and cozy.

Rustic living room design


The kitchen can be designed beautifully in a rustic way and one principle to follow is to keep the components as one theme. The first choice of many will be wood and therefore make sure that the table, cabinets and the shelves are all made of wood. You can also try the Tuscan style furniture with shades of orange, red, gold and olive green.  Compliment the components with vintage kitchen accessories for the perfect appearance. Rustic style is best characterized when warm colors are used for the interior designs of the kitchen. The colors include shades of red, orange and gold which will make the kitchen warm and they have that countryside bounty feeling. The floorings of the kitchen can be either painted with hard wood or metallic copper shades for that Mediterranean touch. Hang some pictures on the walls that speak of the rustic design.



Bathrooms can also be wonderfully designed although there is not much space. Adding few rustic decoration accessories will spice up the look. All you have to do is install a rustic log bathroom vanity made of just wood and finished with wooden logs for a rustic look. The vanities can be further designed to stand out by having a solid wood top which is to be polished with a clear liquid glass to withstand the user’s demands. Finally, enhance the rustic vanity with interesting accessories such as rustic towels, soap dispensers, shower curtains and some pictures.



When it comes to the floor types in rustic décor, pine planking is the most preferred one. The next flooring style gaining much popularity is the state floors which are easily accessorized with a beautiful rug or a faux fur to finish the look. But there are no boundaries to the home owners’ desires and they can always follow what they actually wish for to add to the above tips.


Accessories help in complimenting the bigger piece of furniture in a rustic décor and there are an indefinite numbers of rustic stuffs to choose from. These are usually made of hard, dark woods, plagues, and candle holders which appeal the originality of the rustic décor.  Finally, you will be overjoyed at the outcome how the accessories fulfill your rustic dreams and all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the view.


If you have ample time and money, rustic decorating can prove quite a fun if you do it yourself and your own way. You can choose the woods by making a trip to the forests along with some interested friends. Also the accessories can be picked up from visits to local markets or exotic places. You just have to keep your creative ideas open to unite all the ingredients together.