Just as maximalism which is also a trendy approach, Swedish or otherwise known as Scandinavian design style has for its main objective getting the most out of little. Informality and elegance co-exist in this particular style, successfully marrying both in so doing. Swedish patterns and colors are also a strong influence in this approach. The best visual appeal is achieved by gathering together a collection of different and interesting stuff all of which may initially appear as a disorderly mass of various colors. Light and air which are two (2) factors of the Scandinavian type of climate highly influence this design. A very special attitude to Swedish or Scandinavian interior design and furnishings has been formed as a result of Swedish environmental factors such as depressing winters, early dawns and the lack of natural sunlight. Bright, light and gloss elements replaced anything that was dark and heavy. The tiny and rare rays of sunlight are reflected and thus maximized by whitish walls, floors, and furniture. In so doing, a more happy, joyful, and positive home atmosphere is acquired even as the winter afternoons are in their darkest.

scandinavian bedroom modern white Modern white Scandinavian bedroom design

Bedroom Layout

Light and easy structures and lines, simplicity, and loads of ergonomics and naturalism are the basis of Swedish or Scandinavian style. The walls are adorned with many forms of art as well as pictures. These elicit the effect of merging everything, meaning all the surroundings, into a single “painting” that breathes of harmony. Importance is also given to all accessories being beautiful or aesthetic just as they are functional.

small scandinavian bedroom Small Scandinavian bedroom


Whitish, ivory, mint cream, ghost white, and light blue are some of the colors that represent brightness and light. These are the colors you will encounter in Swedish or Scandinavian furnishings, walls, beddings, and accessories. Other colors that would fit the spectrum are rose or misty rose, pale yellow, lavender blush, grayish, and light khaki. Occasionally there could also be shades of red and green.

Simple white design

Blue with all its nuances is especially popular just as white is. The reason being that it is associated with the clear and deep blue sky even when the weather is grayish and gloomy outside. Seashell, golden and even red goes easily with blue. Red is becoming increasingly popular in Swedish or Scandinavian design. Carpets, bed covers, patterned bed linens, and paintings are things where red is often included or found. The same color is also found frequently in flowered materials such as bed runs, bed covers, and cushions.

Amazing Scandinavian Bedroom Design Amazing Scandinavian bedroom design ideas


Straight but slanting lines are usually the thing. Details and accessories would usually contain this interesting duet. Poshed, waxed, with the bottom a little bit narrowed down are the characteristics common among the legs of the bedroom furniture including wardrobe, chairs, armchairs, and cabinets. But roundish or squarish could be the case at times. Simple, straight, clean lines are evident in beds. Wood is light when it is used; in fact the bed board is usually soft. Attached to either the ceiling or to the wall just above the bed board are bed hangings usually in white batiste.

elegant cozy white bedroom Elegant cozy white bedroom

The main element of Swedish or Scandinavian design is a proper settee. They oftentimes occupy narrow spaces. They would normally have legs totaling six (6) and backs that are not too soft, with many small cushions completing this furniture fixture.


Most likely than not, all bedding fabrics would be natural. The bedding materials most often used is cotton and linen. Patterned or even flowered with small flowers, checked or plain colors are the range of texture varieties. White would most likely be one (1) of the two (2) colors that colored fabrics usually consist of.

super white bedroom design Scandinavian style – super white bedroom design

Wood color is usually white or anything light. Swedish or Scandinavian design style for the bedroom or other parts of the house is usually complimented by the use of light pinewood, alder, or birch wood.


lovely scandinavian design Lovely Scandinavian design

Swedish or Scandinavian architecture consists of high ceilings, niches, huge glass windows, traditional stoves, and hard wooded floors. Walls like floors are usually bright such as pale white. An open, light, and spacious space is what designers are aiming for in designing a Swedish or Scandinavian-inspired style of home or space.